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  1. I have the same setup. Makes the truck look more cleaner.
  2. Just used this method and it worked. I too did my cabin filter and the screen went out. I started the truck and moved the wires around. Screen came back on. Thanks
  3. Up for sale are my Crew cab Go Rhino Dominator D4 Dual-Step Black. I had them on my truck for a year. Normal wear and tear, no rust. Only reason for selling, going with a different look. Here is a link for the setup for sale. http://www.gorhino.com/DOMINATOR-D4 $300 obo. Located in Deltona Florida. Willing to ship on your expense. PayPal accepted.
  4. For sale are from my OEM Silverado 1500 Z71 from 2014. 4wd Front Spindle for both sides for $145 and Rear stock Blocks with U bolts for $30 Steel UCA stock no damage. The Cognito is not included, but you will receive both stock UCA. $100 Procomp level kit 2.5 $75. Items will fit 2007 to 2017 Silverado and Sierra, may fit other years, but please confirm. I lifted my truck and changed out all suspension parts. All parts have no damage. PayPal accepted and please provide zip code for shipping price.
  5. What is the lowest you are willing to take for the catch can? Thanks
  6. RC 5in knuckle kit ?

    It really depends on your preference. I and my brother have black rims, due to easy maintenance. If you don’t mind polishing and cleaning your rims on a regular basis. Nice color truck by the way. They have some website that allow you to choose rims and Place them on your truck, prior to purchasing them.
  7. RC 5in knuckle kit ?

    Hello, what size tires do you plan to run with? We put a 5” ruff country lift on my brothers 2015 1500 Silverado and he has 33x12.50x20, the rims are 20x12’s. He had rubbing issues at full lock and we did minor trimming to the back slash guard and removed the front valance, to correct rubbing. You need more lift, depending on your tire size. Here is a photos right after we did the lift.
  8. You may need some trimming. My brother has a similar offset with 20x12 rims and had to remove the lower lance and still rub on full lock. He lifted his truck, so doesn’t have that much of a issue now. He has a 2014 1500, which is the same as a 2014. GL.
  9. Rugged liner

    Do you have more photos? Thanks
  10. I had stock, but changed them shortly after with 20x9 rims. Didn’t look right with a 7.75 lift.
  11. WTB: Retractable running boards

    Pretty dope. I like the rear end back up. I think I will still go with amp research.
  12. I went with Cognito UCA to correct my angles. I too have Zone lift.
  13. No you don’t need an alignment. If you add a lift or leveling kit. Yes you would, but just not for replacement of all four corners. You are fine.
  14. Need Help with 4-5in lift

    We just did a 5” RC lift on my brothers truck. He has 20’s with 33s. I will take photos of his truck tomorrow for you. I would suggest a Bds or Zone lift. Here are some photos during lifting it. His truck next to mines at stock height with level kit. I have a Zone lift set at 7.75 on 20s Finished lifting. We plasti dip all his chrome after
  15. If you still have them at the end of the month, I will pick them up. I will be in NJ.

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