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  1. No problem and thanks. Yes, it is much easier to keep clean.
  2. I love it. I got the whole package done for $240, military discount.
  3. We did plasti dip it, but I changed mines out to rhino line. Went with front and back rhino.
  4. Thanks. Just read it and it makes sense. I am curious to see how the sales will be on the new body styles. I will see how the later models will show, but definitely keeping my 2014.
  5. ISO CAI 2014 Silverado 5.3

    It is half the price and comparable performance as a cai. You can go with a aftermarket air filter and a air box modification. I did mines and love it. It is just a thought to put out there for you. eBay has pretty good deals.
  6. ISO CAI 2014 Silverado 5.3

    Have you thought about a airaid jr?
  7. Elite Oil Catch Can

    Did you have any issues with this setup? Are you firm on your price? Thanks
  8. Can you show where you connected the hoses to your truck? I am thinking about buying a dual setup. Thanks
  9. SOLD 2014-2019 Helwig Sway Bars

    Hello, do you have photos of the setup? Thanks
  10. Helping my brother sale his crew cab sub system. You will get a 2000 watt amp, Two 10inch subs and a crew cab box. Had it on his truck for less than a year. No damage. Will fit 2014 -2015, May fit other years, but please confirm. $250 plus shipping. Located in Deltona, Florida.
  11. Helping my brother sale his light Bar setup. He just sold his truck. Light bar is a 30 inch dual light behind the grill setup. Comes with all hardware and brackets. Had it on his truck for less than a year. No burnt bulbs and has normal wear and tear. No damage. Will fit 2014 -2018. $220 shipped. Located in Deltona, Florida. The link below is the exact setup. I have this same setup on my truck and love it. https://www.roughcountry.com/chevy-1500-pickup-30in-led-grille-kit-70624.html His setup on the truck.
  12. FS : AMP bed extender HD

    Hello, is it still for sale? Thanks
  13. I have the same setup. Makes the truck look more cleaner.

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