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  1. Changed front hub and bearings.
  2. My truck as it sits. 20x10 rims with zero offset. 35x12.50x20 toyo mt.
  3. My lift is set at 7.75 so, I contacted Bilstein and they referred me to these models for my truck. Hope it helps.
  4. FS: Chrome tow hooks '07-'18

    Do you still have them for sale? Thanks
  5. Elite Engineering Catch Can $75+ ship

    Which model is this, do you have a part number? Thanks
  6. Have you looked into Zone lift? Bds makes them. I purchased their 6.5 and did Bilstein adjustable front with the extended travel rears. Also, added the rear add leaf spring kit and Cognito UCA. Rides better than stock. I do about 50/50 on and Offroad with no issues.
  7. I went with Cognito and love them. Help with my DD and Offroad riding. Got a used set off of a member on our site for $350. I have seen them on eBay used for around $400. I have a 2014 Silverado 1500 with front Bilstein set at 1.25 and also running Bilstein in the rear. Steel UCA is what is on my truck. I put a lift kit on, so it rides much better than stock.
  8. Yes, that’s what we both have. 60/40. Here is when he was putting them on.
  9. Never been in a older model, but I did have my foam changed out to have more comfort.
  10. Also, 07 and up are all the same seats. My brother has a 2014 and put a used set of katzkin on from a 2008. Just FYI.
  11. Got you. If you are looking for a basic color, there are a lot of people selling used sets. It sounds like that maybe the only way to go. Have you tried Ebay, Craigslist, of Facebook market? To see if anyone is selling?
  12. Aftermarket bumpers

    Got you. Thanks.
  13. I would say call the company and confirm? I got for my crew cab.

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