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  1. It’s all good. What’s your PayPal information, so I can send you the payment. I will take them.
  2. Aloha, Located in Deltona, Florida Up for sale are my Oem mirrors from my 2014 Silverado 1500. The are power with defrost, non fold in. Will fit from 2014 to 2018 Silverado and Sierra Price is included with shipping within the 48 states, but willing to ship out of the country. I will need your country, city and zip code to get a quote. Price is $185 shipped
  3. Aloha, Is the price for both the red and brown case? Thanks
  4. With a 4 or 6” lift you should be fine with towing your boat. The tracking helps with preventing axle warp and gives you more stability while towing.
  5. Aloha, You wrote a lot and I will just address the key questions. I went with the zone lift 6.5 and have had no problems. I did small adjustments to get her to a 8.5”. As for UCA, it depends on how bad your front angles are. I choose to go with Cognito UCA, because my truck isn’t a road princess. Bds makes zone lift kits. I did the add leaf, to prevent my truck from having the rack. McGaughys kits allow you to go from 7 to 9 inch in lift. Both kits are solid and just because you buy a expensive kit, doesn’t it make it good. I did add the rear wheel adapter to correct the stance and went with Bora 2”. I am running LRG with zero offset. 35x12.50x20. I went with a bds traction bar, because I tow my toys around. My truck setup Picture before I put my Oem tow mirrors on.
  6. Aloha, Thanks did the same thing over the weekend. I put in kicker 6x9 in the front and 6 3/4 in the rear. Added my door harness and Rzy cables along with my Elite catch can and my bds traction bars. Did you go Oem for the mirrors? Her all done. She needs to be washed. Next step is to add a sub and crossovers.
  7. What are you selling them for? Thanks
  8. Still available? If so, let me know. PayPal ready.
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