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  1. MAXTRAX Recovery Boards - A MUST HAVE Offroad Item!

    32725. Thanks
  2. MAXTRAX Recovery Boards - A MUST HAVE Offroad Item!

    How much is the black setup? Thanks
  3. Silverado Sierra Swing case for 2014-2018

    Item has been sold. Thanks
  4. Silverado Sierra Swing case for 2014-2018

    Just sent you another pm and provided you my contact number. Thanks
  5. Silverado Sierra Swing case for 2014-2018

    Just sent you a quote. Thanks
  6. Silverado Sierra Swing case for 2014-2018

    I have a Bakflip mx4
  7. Up for sale is my swing case with two keys. It was on my truck for a year and a half. Loved this setup, but due to my bed extender, I cant use it anymore. Case was under my bed cover and has no damage. Comes with mounting brackets and hard ware. Located in Deltona, FL. Price is $130 obo. I can ship if needed, but I will split the shipping cost. I will need you zip code for prices.
  8. Up for sale are my complete Bilstein strut with spring kit. They have around 8k miles on them. Only reason for selling, I got a great deal on fox complete coil overs with reservoir. They are still in my truck and will be taking off this weekend. I have them set at 1.25” for my lift. If you need the Zone spacers, I am also selling those too. There is no damage. Once off I can provide more photos. Will fit the following years 2007 - 2018 Located in Deltona, Florida. Willing to ship if needed. Price are as followed. $450 for the complete pair $70 for Zone 6.5 strut spacers. Mahalo
  9. Not sure where y'all are located, but they charge $550 to $700 for the same work. Can't see paying $1600.
  10. No problem and thanks. Yes, it is much easier to keep clean.
  11. I love it. I got the whole package done for $240, military discount.
  12. We did plasti dip it, but I changed mines out to rhino line. Went with front and back rhino.
  13. Thanks. Just read it and it makes sense. I am curious to see how the sales will be on the new body styles. I will see how the later models will show, but definitely keeping my 2014.

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