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  1. I have a Sierra all terrain grill off a black 2015 Sierra for sale. Asking 225 plus shipping. It was taken off at about 10000 miles- no obvious dings or scratches.
  2. I currently have a upper passenger side ball join that is bad- 2.5" rough country level lift is installed and I'm sure this is the main reason- only 29k miles on truck. Deciding between going ahead and replacing both uppers with OEM alumnium- ball joints are non serviceable. Or replacing them with moog steel control arms with ball joints. - would having a steel Upper and Alumnium lower cause any issues? It seems lowers on the alumnium arms are serviceable.
  3. I'm at 26k miles and having the same problem. Deciding on whether to do control arms but ball joints are deff shot. 2.5 level on mine. Curious what the diff is between the ball joints you posted and these https://www.summitracing.com/parts/mog-k500007/overview/year/2014/make/gmc/model/sierra-1500 Also I haven't been able to find just uppers- most come with control arm?
  4. Has anything been done about using the repin method and getting the turn signals to work correctly? At this point even if you have an 14/15 SLT is it worth it to just pay for the harness and have them working correctly? Nothings been said here for a bit.
  5. Hey MVI does this change the interface from the 2015 look to the 2016 when you do the upgrade as well? Thanks!
  6. I've been doing the same- looking at rigid (250 or so after you buy the adapters) or something else- I have led bulbs now and while they look good the rigids have a much better look and are way brighter
  7. Tjay are you running a tune to get rid of the v4 mode? Or are you just dealing with the drone from removing the flapper? Love the new 16' fog lights. Deff a step up.
  8. I painted my chrome window molding a few months back and have had issue with the dead molding wanting to seat ever since. The front snapped straight back down. The rear refuses to seat. Has anyone else Had this issue? And what did you do to make these stupid things stay down. Thanks!
  9. I got mine off easy no broken clips and painted. They look great but has anyone had issues getting the back ones to clip back down? Fronts went straight back down both rears refuse.
  10. Back window is included in the "preferred package" i believe. Along with the heated steering wheel and such.
  11. My themes are only on the Silverado... They didnt put it on the Sierra for whatever reason Gm came up with
  12. usually those running 295 or 305 are running a 18" or a shorter tire. Im running 275 no rubbing it would be getting close w/ 295 pending on tire. You may have non or just a tiny bit
  13. Here's mine so far. RC 2.5" level/Lift 20" XD mavericks w/ 275/60/20 KO2's removed assist steps HIDS on front w/ LED fogs LED reverse/license plate lights tinted windows. Need to figure out what I'm going to do as far as a sub and shell probably be done/]\
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