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  1. Exhaust installed today. Sounds good inside the cab, but outside it lacks. I think it needs a few heat cycles before it opens up.
  2. My exhaust was back ordered, now is getting delivered on Tuesday, will install by next Saturday. Please let us know if the CAI changes the exhaust note. Interested to hear your results.
  3. Thanks for all the updates, I ordered mine, should be delivered Wednesday. Got a project for the weekend!
  4. I turned up my home audio system this evening to give it a listen. At idle, it sounds great, very smooth deep sounding. During acceleration sounds like it quiets down a little bit. On deceleration, love popping of the unburnt fuel, sounds awesome. Think I am going to order it. Before I do, any more thoughts on the sound as it breaks-in?
  5. A very special option I order with an extra 2 tenths of a liter... Or just a typo LOL...
  6. My GM floor liners fit perfect on the front and dead peddle. On the rear, had to cut to size to fit with the storage box under the seat. Cutting was easy enough as there were instructions indicating where to cut on the underside of the rear interlocking mats.
  7. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this. I am very close to ordering. Stock is way too quiet.
  8. If I understand correctly, the vehicle does not send any lamp signals to the 7pin/4pin trailer plugs unless a trailer is attached. This will impact the way you install the Putco Blade light bar. The harness won't work. If you find differently, please let me know.
  9. I did my first mod and at first it was a failure. I purchased the Putco Blade Light Bar for under the tailgate. It comes with a harness that looks like the picture below. I plugged it in it didn't work. I took out my volt meter and tested and tested. The only conclusion that I could make was that unless a trailer is hooked to the vehicle, the computer will not send the Lamp Signals to the harness/plug connector. I took the vehicle to my friends Car Audio store and he came to the same conclusion. Had to hard-wire it for it to work.
  10. GM Customer service was helpful. My truck has been stuck 3 hours away in Dixiana (Columbia) SC since 10/24. Hopefully it will get moving soon...
  11. Mine completed on 10/12, was told delivery would be on 10/25. Still no delivery as of today. Hoping it comes in this week. Exciting times...
  12. My TPW was 10/08/18, got a call yesterday (10/13) that it was completed this past week and already on the dealer's web site "in-transit" with VIN number. Should be available for pick-up in two weeks.
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