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  1. I avoid any diesel fuel that has a biodiesel percentage of 10 % or higher. Would prefer 0%, but doubt that is readily available at this point. I always add diesel injector cleaner, which cleans and lubes the injectors. When towing a Cetane booster is added. Danger, danger Will Robinson. When in Oregon watch the gas station attendants like a hawk. I had to stop one of them from putting gasoline in my truck. I have heard numerous stories about others that have had the same experience. I actually prefer to fill my truck myself, but it is legal to do so, but most of them have a hissing fit when you do.
  2. I have had my 5th wheel tell me that my trailer was not connected when we first plug it in, but after cycling the key we can usually get it to acknowledge that it is there. Sometimes we have to wiggle it and then it will "find" it. One way to tell if it really knows that the trailer is connected is to hit your trailer brake mechanism to see if the trailer brakes respond. If they don't then you have a real problem. That is a problem that I don't want to have going down the road towing a 5th wheel. For the record, the engine brakes on these trucks are an amazing feature. I have been on downhill runs for 20-30 miles where I only had to touch the brakes around 10 times to slow her down and that was only because I sped up through a straightaway. Whoever invented that is a genius. It is fun when men are drooling over my truck at our campsite.
  3. I haven't seen that article from Trailer Life I will have to look for it. We are planning a trip to Alaska in the next year or two. We are slowly upgrading everything in preparation for that trip. We have already purchased 6 new RV tires (4 on the trailer and 2 spares to rotate into the mix. ) We will be buying an additional spare wheel and tire so that we will have 6 tires for my truck. ( We are hoping to find one used wheel at a boneyard)
  4. We considered a tank/toolbox option, but the toolbox was too small and the fuel side was too big. We need a decently sized toolbox for all the tool and equipment that we want with us when towing. Extra fuel is an absolute necessity IMHO when towing a 5th wheel. While you might lose some mileage hauling that extra weight around, it gives you options to buy better quality diesel fuel while not having to pay exorbitant fuel prices. Since our 5th wheel is 13'6 in height, a lot of the stations cannot accommodate that height. I do not want to have to disconnect to refuel.
  5. It was around $ 1,200 for the tank and then another $400 to have it installed.
  6. Right after we purchased my truck we had a 57 gallon Titian Fuel Tank installed. We tow a 35-foot 5th wheel. This allows us to tow for extended periods of time without having to refuel. A few days ago I was able to fuel up at the Costco in Medford Oregon and made it all the way home to Fresno CA. on one tank. When we refueled there were still 5 gallons left. This route included crossing the Siskiyous and the Northern Sierra mountains at Lake Shasta. Love that we don't have to refuel while towing unless we want to.
  7. I have never used my 4 G Wifi or Onstar for an emergency situation. Has anyone tried to use either system to get an emergency message or 911 call while out in the boonies without a cell signal? We are now pulling a 5th wheel and plan on going to Alaska and other desolate locations and would like to know if these systems will or can work. Thank you for any information.
  8. You are fine. Perhaps a great solution to your problem is to buy a small travel trailer. You can load that up with the baby gear, clothes and food items. beach stuff can go either the trailer or in the bed of the truck. Then there will be plenty of room for people and dogs in the cab.
  9. I went from a 2015 1500 DC to a 2016 2500 Duramax. I wished that I had started with the Duramax. We needed a new TT and had to eat it selling my 1500 right at the 2 years mark. The diesel is sweet pulling the new trailer. We live in CA and tow in the mountains all the time. Since the duramax is a CC and is my DD, it is a pain to park. But I swear that it gets better milage in city driving than my 1500 did. But pulling my old trailer with the 1500 and pulling the new trailer that is 3 x heavier with the duramax there is no contest. The Duramax is amazing.
  10. I just returned from a long trip pulling my 5th wheel. I was getting over 12 mpg while towing while on the flat. It was getting around 8-9 going up I-80 to Donner Summit. I have been getting over 22 mpg without towing and around 18 mpg in city driving. This beast has better city mileage than my 2015 1500 got. I am so impressed. I was so expecting that I was going to be pulling around a giant gas hog, just so that we could pull a 5th wheel. I am beyond pleased. And it is not even broke in yet. I can't wait until it is completely broke in to see what kind of mileage it will get. It is still a pain to park in most small space parking lots, but I am living with it.
  11. Oh no! That reminds me I need to set up my dash cam. Had a guy today decide that he was going to try to pass me and then cut me off by my running down the bike lane. He was in a Nissan type sedan. Really? a mid-sized sedan challenging a 2500 that has the right of way? His brain must be very small.
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