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  1. I had same problem with mice in cabin filter... I took wiper cowl off and built a mesh metal screen to go over outlet to filter. There is nothing from the factory for protection from anything. I had leaves,pine needles, acorns and mice nest... no problems since
  2. I did 5% on all side windows and did whole windshield at 35%. It's darkkkkkkkk. But looks good. Nighttime driving is not to bad.
  3. The mice are coming in from under the windshield cowl. Take your windshield wipers arms off and remove the plastic cowl under the wipers. There are a few plastic clips and disconnect washer hose and radio antenna. Once that is removed on the passenger side there will be a plastic access panel that is siliconed on. Remove that also. There is no protection to keep rodents out of cabin air filter. Once you are in there u will see what I am talking about. I had a nest in my filter twice. Today I made a screen out of galvanized metal today and used aluminum hvac tape to secure it. I should keep them out now. I know it sucks to have to do this to a new truck but it is poorly designed with no protection. Hope this helps
  4. Hi I live in northern Connecticut. My wife has a white Toyota 4 runner. It is loaded with these spots. I also have friends with vehicles with same issues. We all take very good care of our vehicles. I notice it more in the winter than the summer months. I have read a lot bout the rail dust and so on. I'm thinking it is caused by the highway dept snow plow blades. We have a lot of chip sealed roads and it eats up plow blades quick. I work for the ct dot and notice an orange rust colored film on a lot of the roads we plow. Just a thought I wanted to bring up
  5. Nav Map Update

    Google maps on cell phone hooked to blue tooth. Simple as that
  6. what the hell are these?

    Tell u what. Not a chance in hell I'm ****in hooking my kids car seat to that damn thing Just saying
  7. Hi I own a 2015 3500 crew cab sb 6.0. I have noticed the same. Always after I leave work. I have oversized tires so I thought it was that. I'm glad I am not the only person that has noticed it. It was not doing it for a long time here and there. And nothing for a few months but did it just last week to me twice in a Mike Long stretch of Rd. I have not pursued anything with dealer because I feel like I won't get anywhere with them.
  8. Hammer down light em up!!!!
  9. Identify this aftermarket bumper

    Damn cattle pusher
  10. Anyone with window vent visors?

    HD same problem with mine cracking. I don't like how the sand and dirt scratches the glass when rolling windows up and down
  11. Rancho 4" installed!!!

    What color is your truck? It is very sharp looking.
  12. I have one. It's waste of money. Makes alot of noise. That's with a chip and exhaust. Putting stock air box back in

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