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  1. I’ve noticed this issue a while back but now it’s a bit noticeable. Mine is only in reverse, I seen the TSB which states to replace 1. Vacuum Pump 2. Vacuum Line between the booster and the pump 3. Brake Booster 4. Master Cylinder 5. Vacuum Pump Belt especially if you find oil in the system. Also another to program the brake control module with new software. But is any of this covered under any special warranty? My truck 46k miles and out of bumper to bumper warranty.
  2. My question is can I use this on my 6speed transmission???
  3. I also had cheap RC 2.5 leveling lift kit and after a week took them off. I’m going with Bilsteins 5100 front and back. Fronts at Max settings.
  4. I know this thread is a bit old but I had my truck worked on for warranty. Injectors 2 & 8 were replaced. Today the engine light was flashing then went away. Pulled the codes and got a P0308 8 misfire. My truck is completely stock exept for the Borla ATAK cat back exhaust system. That’s all I got and maintenance wise I take care of it. 30k miles on it now and yes still under warranty.
  5. Refinance it! First I hate dealing with finance people because when you try to finance with them, they play around with different loans and play around with the interests rates, I have an 800 score. Years ago for a Toyota 4Runner using a credit union I got it for 1.9% and my 2016 Chevy using GM/ the finance guy and I agree eventually with Bank Of America at 2.02% which I was still not happy with that bs but I took it. It was late night and I didn't have time to get things situated with the credit union I use. Before going with BOA the A-hole picked another one with a higher interest rate and I almost walked out, told him no, I have a excellent credit and if you can’t do better then that I’m leaving and not buying anything. Then he somehow found BOA with a way lower interest rate in his computer which he could have done in the begin but no, he wanted to see how dumb I was first. Probably dumb because honestly if I had more time I should have gotten things ready with my credit union first and never made a deal with their finance/ BOA. Refinance with a credit union and you might get 1.9% which a few do offer.
  6. I got a magnet drain plug for my 2016 5.3 C5 Corvette LS1 LS6 Magnetic Oil Drain Plug NEO Magnet Fits: All 97 through 04 Corvettes https://www.amazon.com/dp/B015F2HO3S/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_lknKBbFVE01Y0
  7. Too loud?! I have the Borka ATAK and to me personally it’s not loud enough but I’m happy with it. From the S-Type and touring the ATAK is the loudest of the 3 available from Borla.
  8. The dryer should have been replaced period. I’m sure you know why and all the reasons. Doesn’t matter if it’s automotive HVAC, residential or even commercial HVAC, if you open the system up you replace the dryer. But like tbarn stated, you do as instructed or what GM service info tells you to replace and flag only. I don’t blame the tech but I would bitch at GM customer service care.
  9. The dealership replaced the seat adjuster assembly and that took care of my problem.
  10. Not sure if I updated but my dealership replaced my fuel tank last tear and fixed all my issues. No more pump trigger going off now
  11. I’ve heard of the GM borla but didn’t know Corsa also made one for GM. I installed Borla ATAK on mines and love it. If you are paying attention you can tell when it’s in v4 vs V8 but it’s not a big deal. It’s bearly noticeable like very little why I said if you are paying attention you will pick up on it. From what borla states the Touring and S-Type don’t drone and the ATAK is very faint in my opinion
  12. Finally got the seat adjuster assembly installed in my truck today and no more seat movement! Hope it last because other have stated it comes back again.
  13. Update! They install new motor mounts per a TSB and it has helped a lot, I don’t feel the shudder no more.
  14. I spoke to one guy yesterday, a friend of a friend and he owns a 2014 Chevy with 105,000 miles and no engine issues yet. The only issue he had is the AC lines and AC condenser took a shit. I have a 2016 and hope It make it past 100k and so on.
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