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  1. I just peeled 5% off the doors after driving at night it was to dark to see people and cars. i have decided 15 is the darkest i want to go on the doors and no tint on the very back because it caused and odd reflection and the defroster can be damaged years down the road when removing tint from it. I currently need a peel and restick on one of my cars back glass and all the tint installers said i can get it off the defroster but i wont guarantee all the wires will still function.
  2. just an update from me. I drove the truck all day around town today and only had 1 instance of a harder down shift while turning into a parking lot. i am going out on a limb here but it seems i had the problem after dealer reprogrammed but after driving it all day it seemed to re learn or resolve the issue on its own. if I notice it happening again I will update but it was definitely hitting hard the day i got it back from dealer and not today so.... i'm not sure
  3. I noticed before the post. I drove the truck 1000k interstate so that doesnt count then i drove the truck maybe 4 times and a total of about 200 miles. and did not notice the hard shift until after i had the recalls done. maybe i just didn't notice them , maybe that was the first time it happened its just hard to say with out having more time behind the wheel.
  4. I have only owned 14 slt about 3 weeks I drove about 11 hours then off and on for a day or two and never noticed harsh downshift until today. The last time I had it out was to do some reprogramming for recalls. the first thing that came to mind was "what did they do during reprogram". it may just be a coincidence...
  5. my dealer used the factory cut piece which i was fine with. I actually took a hack job picture in and said don't do this...
  6. I am looking for 2 things. First the fuse that controls the 2 cigarette lighter type plugs in the front and the usb ports beside them? i also want a tap in the fuse block that stays powered all the time. I looked at the diagram on the panel cover and looked in the manual but could not find a clear answer. its become more of a "cant I rtfm"... now I have to have the answer of how the damn thing is wired. If i blew a fuse it would take me 4 days to figure out which one it was. it looks like its fuse 1, 10, 11, 12, or even 49 on page 10-48 of the manual 2014 slt z71
  7. 1. Staying (stuck) in 4X4 in cold weather. This one said expired with base warranty. anyway the service advisor said that it had expired since it was not a safety recall. The the service advisor said its just a reprogram of the transfer case module and they would do it. My question is i thought this recall required a module being replaced in the transfer case not just a reprogram and it was strange that the day before i went in for service the recall disappeared from owner center website and my mobile app poof like a candle in the wind. so was it really just a reprogram? 2. I had the seat belt recall fixed and I asked that they not cut the dust cover or what ever it is and they told me they had to many complaints and just swap it out it looks like they performed the better option of just swapping out the parts. 3. Air bag reprogram completed
  8. I need Center Cover part # 22947121 The truck came from a 2 license plate state if you have one let me know thanks
  9. Yea it it errks me a little bit to know that 15 days out of warranty and they wont fix it and I really have no idea if i need it fixed... cold weather could be any range of temperature my grandmother says 50 degrees is cold my uncle says -20 is cold. it gets down in the single digits sometimes but mostly just hit the teens a few times every winter where i am
  10. yea im not sure about if its a "recall" i talked to gm 2 weeks ago and they told me I had 3 to complete. I got to the dealer and they told me one had expired
  11. trying not hijack here the guy told me the dealer says the 2014 5.3 hold 8.5 quarts but to only use 8 quarts when changing the oil. I was going to look in the manual and then compare what i could find on the forum since im due an oil change soon. so what is the correct amount for an oil and filter change?
  12. I actually just talked to a dealer about this today. My 2014 slt has this recall but sadly the recall expired on mar 31 for me. I was trying to find out exactly what the recall was. the service advisor was out to lunch and the person i spoke with had no idea. they only told me i had to do it before the base warranty expired. i asked for good will on it and got no answer which was a "we are not going to fix it" guess ill ask advisor during my appointment. anyway does anyone have details on this recall? it just says truck will stay in 4x4 during cold weather. Which really doesn't give much detail
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