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  1. So you don't need kids ehhh. I kid, I kid. Good Luck with sale!
  2. GLWS OP, I bought these and custom fit on my 06 Avalanche, night and day difference. I can almost get away driving on these alone instead of headlights.
  3. Looking for a passenger side LTZ style headlight for my high country. Anyone have one with all tabs in place in good condition? Thanks, Keagan
  4. What’s the part number on these? Nvm: Hangover got the best of me.
  5. As mentioned above, it’s not my daily. Space constraints will not allow an expansion to the garage. Thanks though.
  6. Thanks man, I’ll check it out. I saw some on Chevy mall but I always wonder what happens when moisture gets trapped under if it’s gonna leave any permanent residue?
  7. I am just quite the opposite from what you are use to bud. Thanks though!
  8. I have something similar size and setup like yours but we have 4 full-size trucks trying to fight for shade. Lol sometimes my high country gets kicked out in the elements where the heat, occasional dog scratches and bird poop bake in.
  9. There is a reason for it to be covered and it’s not used everyday. My avalanche is my workhorse.
  10. What outdoor cover do you guys use to protect against the elements?
  11. Are those covers for both passenger and driver side? That pewter is the color I have in my 06 avalanche, assuming you either had a 05 silverado, sierra or avalanche, those might fit mine.
  12. Trunkmonkey or GMpartsgiant. I personally use GMpartsdirect for my OEM needs.
  13. Update: Seller has since made contact and we are in the process of sorting shipping out.
  14. OP please confirm whether you have received payment. I sent payment as requested last week Wednesday and have not heard back since. If you cannot fulfill by the end of the week, I will take it up with paypal. I have tried as long as I could without posting here, giving you a chance via PM but no dice. Your cooperation is appreciated. Thanks,
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