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  1. SOLD!! Wood trim/ steering wheel trim

    PM me your paypal please.
  2. SOLD!! Wood trim/ steering wheel trim

    Would you do 90 shipped for all?
  3. 14-15 headlights, 14+ fogs and mirrors

    Would you do $45 shipping? Fogs?
  4. 14-15 headlights, 14+ fogs and mirrors

    Can you get pics showing the dings on the fogs?
  5. ***Alpine X110slv 10" Restyle Kit"

    Agreed! Most of the functionality minus the USB’s. Damn it GM!
  6. ***Alpine X110slv 10" Restyle Kit"

    Thanks for the clarification. I don't know if I can swallow losing 5 USB's especially the ones that read iPhones/iPods. Also, while it has a beautiful interface, I thought it would have CarPlay.
  7. ***Alpine X110slv 10" Restyle Kit"

    Thanks, so it’s only the provided USB port as shown in your pic that works with iPhones or iPods? The ones in the center storage currently charges and plays music. So now it only charges??
  8. ***Alpine X110slv 10" Restyle Kit"

    The top 3 port USB, do those charge after the swap? The center storage double USB next to the SD slot, are those the unknown? which one charges and which one reads the ipods?
  9. ***Alpine X110slv 10" Restyle Kit"

    Strongly considering this but there is too many unknowns. I really make use of the USBs inside the center storage. Sometimes my family use the 3 port bank under the switch bank. We use those for charging mainly, if the ones inside the center storage can still read/charge the iPod and the ones under the switch bank would charge only. I could live with that. Also, I noticed a lot of reviews are talking about extra modules especially for us with factory bose and Nav. I’m a 2015 Silverado High Country with Bose.
  10. ***Alpine X110slv 10" Restyle Kit"

    I also need that clarification, I hate having stuff in the truck that become inoperable. I guess you could always buy those Anker usb chargers that fit in the cigarette lighter. I have one for the back seat folks with 2 USB’s and the lid almost closes flush. My iPod lives in my center console storage compartment plugged into the USB next to the SD slot. I like it because it’s outta the way.
  11. ***Alpine X110slv 10" Restyle Kit"

    Wow that interface is gorgeous. That’s a win right there. I noticed you don’t have a center console. What happens to the slots that have the cooling/heating of the seats on both passenger and driver side? I noticed the kit has them blocked off.
  12. ***Alpine X110slv 10" Restyle Kit"

    I wonder what’s the reason for the USB in the console not to work? I actually use those USBs quite often. Especially on road trips. I don’t have the one in the glove box.
  13. ***Alpine X110slv 10" Restyle Kit"

    Dang, I didn't even know this existed. I need me some money to snag that from you! Very nice! Does it retain all factory functions? Chimes, RAP, etc?
  14. Grand Momiji Woodgrain Trim Crew Cab

    Are these the same that come in the 2014-15 High Country? I have a 2015 High Country and it looks pretty similar, is it a glossy finish? I can't tell from the pics.

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