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  1. i already check mine relatively often. i like to keep on top of these things - if i take care of the car, then itll take care of me. i usually get my air filters oem (https://www.gmpartsprime.com/, i got some good deals from there). i check every 6 months - if nothings wrong i dont do anything. quick checks dont hurt, like in OPs case , a quick check found something that needed attention.
  2. thanks for that tip op - i dont have mulch near me but i have had tree sap issues which meant having an annoying car cover i had to take on and off for awhile.
  3. THe best way to verify fitment is with the VIN. The bumper will fit specific Sierra/Silverado trim models but I would verify fitment with VIN or confirm with a dealer https://www.gmpartsprime.com/oem/gm-rear_bumper-23108142.html
  4. I was thinking about getting the MX4 but I went with the G2 Bakflip. Interesting set up with the rack and the bed cover. Not sure if it will bind up the seals.
  5. The front bumper for a 2016 Silverado is not a direct fit for a 2010 Silverado.
  6. PN 23200570 is coming back as discontinued without a replacement and no longer available as shown here https://www.gmpartsprime.com/oem/gm-harness-23200570.html . You may have look for an AM replacement or junk yard if this is the one you need.
  7. I got my all GM All weather floor mats from https://www.gmpartsprime.com/ . I'm really happy with my purchased. They look great and are perfect fit.
  8. Haven't seen anything around me sorry. Hope you find what you're looking for.
  9. Stick with OEM GM bumpers. Aftermarket bumpers may not fit right. https://www.gmpartsprime.com/ has everything genuine GM at cheaper than dealer prices. Check them out. They're legit!
  10. Check out https://https://www.gmpartsprime.com// . Their GM OEM catalog is extensive and their prices are cheap. Hope this helps
  11. Good thread. Thanks for the input. Been thinking about getting a club.
  12. https://www.gmpartsprime.com/ has a lot of hard to find, discontinued, vintage OEM GM parts at really good deals. Hope this helps
  13. Congrats! Post some pics when you have a chance,
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