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  1. i agree - if fixed then problem solved. if leaking happening then replacement is necessary.
  2. i know someone who updated theirs recently. they enjoy the new changes and were not big fans of the previous updates until now. i also read reviews online that their Remote KeyFob page was missing or removed. so theres that....maybe still some issues they need to fix?
  3. wow really? that is incredibly insane......exactly they make you look away to push OK on a screen that basically says dont look at me....
  4. it is possible you might have to shell out the money. but if you use the search function for the forum some stuff like this pops up: they said that OnStar uses ATT cell towers? maybe its the same in your area? could be an issue with ATT towers and OnStar communicating - maybe that is an issue you can raise with them? it isnt right for you to shell out a lot to replace the comms module. that should be the very last thing. push the issue in my opinion about the towers and OnStar communicating with the module on your vehicle.
  5. i dont know if this place has a touch screen but i have used their site before: https://www.gmpartsprime.com/ what i would do if i were you would go enter your vin and try to see if that site gives you a diagram , exploded diagram or some sort of assembly map of the touchscreen area or its peripherals. the reason why i suggest this is you can find what parts go where and have a better idea of the issue maybe. it wont hurt to give it a shot to maybe just get a clearer picture of the issue. this has helped me when i tried to figure out some minor things like this - the exploded diagrams have really helped me in the past for installations with i had no instructions. also helps that their items are all genuine oem so if i need something i know i can get it and it will fit in my ride with no problems or hassle.
  6. to me it looks really nice - but i cant quite put my finger on what it is missing. personally i feel something needs to be added or moved and i cannot quite say what. its in the back of my head - but overall that interior looks nice
  7. definitely an electrical issue and if its 3rd party , there are going to be issues when it comes to the chimes, etc because like Sharpz said it isnt factory. if youre going to want those, youre going to figure out or have someone fix up those wirings for you. sorry i have no experience with that- maybe google your 3rd party radio and see what experiences other people have had?
  8. wow op - if i were you id raise a stink to others about that place. why dealerships do this but love to price gouge and nickel and dime us without issue will always boggle my mind. they would rather lose a customer over 3k than keep a loyal customer and stick to honoring some codes.
  9. i took think it would be very boring - but it looks like thats the way things are heading towards.....quite unfortunate in my opinion.
  10. also here to say similar: spring just failed on me. got it all fixed up by getting oem from this site: https://www.gmpartsprime.com i just had to enter my vin and find what i needed. i was glad it was just something simple and not some kind of huge overhaul... if anything you can use that website to get exploded diagrams and assembly designs to see what specific issues you have too op.
  11. geez. good to hear that you got reimbursed there. just seems like issue after issue. but sounds like things are all well now though so thats the good part.
  12. the part about the data capabilities makes sense...i think a lot of people have problems with onboard usb systems because they tend to be very finicky for the reasons you just listed (data/charging). thats something good to point out to people that not every usb is the same and there will be (and are) differences when it comes to technologies.
  13. welcome to the forums op. i too also love the color of your ride. i say if you dont need mods then no need to add any at all - if you like how it is then thats perfectly fine.
  14. congrats on the new car op. im sure if you peruse the forums more and more youll get the gist of what people get , both oem and aftermarket. there are some very knowledgeable folk here. have fun and be safe.
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