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  1. Hey Erob, here's a link for a TSB on the Castech heads showing how to identify them and where they crack... http://ww2.justanswer.com/uploads/Bluegorilla/2008-12-05_142924_Coolant_loss_5.3.pdf
  2. I like my Actron CP9670, which is made by Bosch, and is the same as a Bosch OBD 1150, only orange instead of blue. Both have color screens which is one feature I like, and you can get software updates for them online. Currently you can get either one for as little as $65 to $70, brand new, on ebay. For more info on Bosch and Actron features and models check out… https://actron.com/products/field_category/diagnostics-53 https://www.boschdiagnostics.com/obd
  3. I believe they are called Instrument Panel Cluster Trim Plate Bezel Clips, GM #15042047... https://www.gmpartsgiant.com/parts/gm-clip-15042047.html?vin=&make=Chevrolet&model=Silverado&year=2002&submodel=1500 4WD&extra1=&extra2=&filter=() Here's a photo from an old ebay listing for this part number, looked up the seller but they did not have any listed.
  4. Here's a link for the TSB on the Castech head issue showing their symbol, where it is located, and where the heads crack. http://ww2.justanswer.com/uploads/Bluegorilla/2008-12-05_142924_Coolant_loss_5.3.pdf
  5. Vehicle: 2003 Sierra, automatic, column shift. Problem: When shift lever is shifted to Park and released, it does not go all the way forward (toward the dash). I have to push it away from myself (toward the dash) before the shift indicator bar appears indicating that it is in park. There is no resistance when pushing the lever into the park position and the lever moves freely. I assume that there is a spring that either pushes or pulls the lever into the park position and it no longer has the force (has weakened over time) to seat the lever fully in the park position. Q
  6. What generally happens is resistance builds up at the connector due to weakened contact force at the contact points of the terminals and/or corrosion at these points. As resistance goes up, so does heat. While you’re doing it, I would replace the resistor module and splice in the new connector pigtail for no more than they cost then you know you should have a good connection with minimal resistance.
  7. You can try whatever you want, but be aware that you are dealing with a possible fire hazard. Check this video out to see what can happen... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eeG9zxCo7A I opted to replace the connector and resistor module per the TSB for this reason on my '03 Sierra. Not saying that you will have a fire if you don't, just wanted you to be aware of what can happen.
  8. Long story made short... no. It would be very difficult to wire direct. The seven pin connector plugs into the resistor module and you would have to connect each wire to the terminals of the resistor module.
  9. DareDog, Here's a link to a TSB on what your problem probably is and how it is resolved... https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2012/SB-10038760-3962.pdf This TSB will give you a little insight on the history of this issue, however, warranty info will not apply due to age. Also, you can find these connector/pigtails and resistor modules on eBay. Do an eBay search for 15862656.
  10. Try these numbers, they are for a 2011 Silvy. You can see some photos of some of these by doing an eBay search on the part numbers. At least this is a starting point, hope this helps.
  11. There is a possibility that it is the fuel gauge. GM had problems with the stepper motors on the tach, speedo, and gauges resulting in false readings. Sorry I can't provide more info or assistance.
  12. From what I could find on the net, I believe the GM part number is 14074908. There are some listed on ebay and they look like the two in your photo. For placement, see number 019 in the list and number 19 in the diagram at this link... https://nemigaparts.com/cat_spares/epc/gmc/57c-k/06/tc06-907/ This is for a GMC Sierra, but same as a Silvy. Hope this helps.
  13. G80 (Eaton Locker) is an option and not standard on all truck trim levels. The following is from a 2015 Silverado sales brochure. It states which models it is standard or optional on as well as being included in both trailering packages.
  14. Glad it worked. Sorry, I'm not familiar with the rest of the diagnostics stuff.
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