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  1. Toyota doesn't have the sales volume to justify updating the Tundra as much as Ford/GM/Ram do with their trucks (well, typically do in the case of Ram. Chrysler's troubles ~8-10 years ago meant they took a long time to release a new Ram 1500). The Tundra is a product that really only works in North America, and shares very little with other global vehicles that Toyota uses other than the Sequoia, which again like the Tundra is really only suited for Norther America and gets creamed (like everyone) by the Tahoe/Suburban/Yukon/Escalade. Toyota still has a smaller but loyal customer base in the truck market though that is keeping the Tundra sales steady, and profits on the truck are probably now high because it is 10 years old and paid off.
  2. For comparison, $36,325 in 2007 is just under $44k in today's money. Inflation is a wonderful thing. If you actually paid $30,000 then you are also comparing out the door price with the new model's MSRP, because that window sticker gives an MSRP of $36,325. $6000 is not a rounding error. 2019+ Silverados will be discounted from MSRP, just like past models.
  3. Those are just standard blank switches because the truck isn't equip with the feature that would normally use those switches. Looking at High Country interior photos/videos from the Detroit auto show the leftmost blank switch is likely the switch for the lane keeping assist system. What the symbol on the rightmost switch means is not immediately jumping to me, it appears to be for deactivating or turning something off though.

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