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  1. Mine was built in Mexico I don't know if that makes a difference. Build date of 06/24/2022 ordered was accepted on 05/04/2022 it was my dealers last allocation they had. Hopefully you get yours soon.
  2. I picked up my LTZ duramax today I special ordered in early May.
  3. I actually have been looking at the same color exterior and interior that you have. After seeing your interior pics. I called my salesman to start the process to order one. Thanks for the pics. Barry
  4. Here is mine bought on Mar. 11th not done yet have to add the soft tonneau cover and hood protector Thanks for looking Barry in MO.
  5. Trade in prices are bat ****** crazy right now the two vehicles I bought last year that I traded in for the first silverado they gave me more then I had in them. One was a 21 TRD off road 4x4 Tacoma they gave me the MSRP it listed for last year. which I didn't pay over MSRP for it. The second vehicle I bought in Dec. 2021 they gave me $500.00 more then I paid for it from a dealer. When I traded the 22 silverado in for this 22 Silverado they gave me in trade what I paid for the first one discount price not MSRP so I didn't loose anything. I'm telling you this is some crazy stuff on trade ins and used car prices since there is very little inventory. Thanks Barry in MO.
  6. I picked this up 22 Limited Ltz Z71 CC standard box on 03/11/22. TIA Barry in MO. https://imgur.com/ilJs5ER
  7. Wow I am lucky around here one of the largest dealers here is marking them down around $4500.00 average. I picked up a 22 LTD LTZ Z71 6.2L on Mar. 1st. I went back traded it in for another exact one different color yesterday it was $5000.00 off. Last year I bought a 21 tacoma for MSRP which is hard to do anywhere right now. Barry In MO.
  8. I had this happen today started truck while in wal mart with my chevy app. Got into truck started to drive and all of the reported warning lights came on. Of course my brakes where gone to the floor like a old manual system. I had the recall done early Dec. I have started he truck with the app several times since then. I had on star give me the codes drove slowly to the dealer told the service advisor everything that happened she asked a couple of questions and showed her the codes. They had this happen to another customer recently and everything was the same and the codes. She did state that GM is aware of this issue and is "working on it". They said they had fixed the other vehicle by test driving and computer programing and some other stuff wasn't paying a lot of attention since I had read about this on this forum. I was just glad she knew about it and admitted GM knows about it. I am in a Colorado for now they only had this one 4wd vehicle left on the lot and it was just turned in. Thanks Barry In MO.
  9. I took mine in today for the seatbelt recall and it was done.
  10. Damn mine is recalled also. Thanks for the heads up.
  11. Just picked this one up yesterday didn't plan on it just did it on a whim LT Z71. Accessories on order. Thanks Barry In MO.
  12. Just wanted to drop in and say hello. I purchased a 18 silverado Z71 CC short bed flex fuel at the beginning of Nov.. I wanted a standard bed double cab but the dealer didn't have one in stock in my color choices. This is my second GM truck normally I'm a mopar man. My first was a 16 Canyon got rid of that one because of the 6 speed transmission shifting issues. I have to say this one shifts better only 800 miles on it so far. Thanks for reading Barry In MO.
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