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  1. Been wanting to do this to my truck. Thanks alot guys!
  2. My 4.3 would shake constantly, never could get it figured out.
  3. I have the kicker soundstage upgrade for anyone who's interested! Comes with 4 channel amp/DSP that fits in a factory mounting location in the driver's footwell, and powered sub. Everything is plug and play and super easy to install. Having to get rid of my truck unfortunately. It's for the double cab, let me know if you're interested - need to sell it ASAP.
  4. I've been trying to get a second key for a long time now and places were asking $200+ this is a huge help!
  5. My carplay connects and disconnects constantly. Thought it was my phone for the longest time until I got into my buddy's truck and it worked just fine. Drives me crazy.
  6. Took mine to the dealer and they didn't even acknowledge that the TSB existed.
  7. I have the kicker system for the 14-18 double cab that amps your speakers as well as the sub. Sounds amazing and the added power really brings even the factory speakers to life. Was $1250 new, just trying to get rid of it since I sold the truck - let me know if any of y'all are interested!
  8. I have the full kicker system (sub and amp/dsp for all speakers) for 2014-2018 double cab. Model number is PSIEXT14 - was $1250 new, just need it gone. Let me know if anyone is interested!
  9. Damn man don't scare me like that! The guys at this place seemed somewhat competent so I don't think they'd be that stupid lol
  10. Went back to the oil change place - they were as nice as can be and the guy basically just said he thinks they didnt tighten it down enough. Of course while I was there, they had a new employee and could hear the manager saying "hey, go down to the pit and shadow him so you can learn...". Doesn't exactly give the warm and fuzzies that they've got people who have never worked on a car in their lives working there, but I guess that's how it goes...
  11. I tightened down the oil filter which made it stop. It was loose enough to where I could’ve unscrewed it by hand with no effort. I’m hoping that they didn’t tighten it down enough and it’s a non issue now that I tightened it. Whats weird is that it took 2 weeks and a 300 mile road trip for it to start leaking. If it starts leaking again then it’s fair to say it’s the o-ring or something I’d think...
  12. I have and it’s driven fine. No engine lights or anything. It was leaking from around the oil filter but it really wasn’t very much, looked like it was a really slow drip and I think I caught it before very much leaked out.
  13. Didn’t leak much... still showing full on the dipstick and hasn’t leaked since.
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