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  1. Damn man don't scare me like that! The guys at this place seemed somewhat competent so I don't think they'd be that stupid lol
  2. Went back to the oil change place - they were as nice as can be and the guy basically just said he thinks they didnt tighten it down enough. Of course while I was there, they had a new employee and could hear the manager saying "hey, go down to the pit and shadow him so you can learn...". Doesn't exactly give the warm and fuzzies that they've got people who have never worked on a car in their lives working there, but I guess that's how it goes...
  3. I tightened down the oil filter which made it stop. It was loose enough to where I could’ve unscrewed it by hand with no effort. I’m hoping that they didn’t tighten it down enough and it’s a non issue now that I tightened it. Whats weird is that it took 2 weeks and a 300 mile road trip for it to start leaking. If it starts leaking again then it’s fair to say it’s the o-ring or something I’d think...
  4. I have and it’s driven fine. No engine lights or anything. It was leaking from around the oil filter but it really wasn’t very much, looked like it was a really slow drip and I think I caught it before very much leaked out.
  5. Didn’t leak much... still showing full on the dipstick and hasn’t leaked since.
  6. For sure, obviously if there was 3 quarts on the floor of my garage, I’d be angry but doesn’t seem like a big deal. Think I need to head back there ASAP or just keep an eye on it?
  7. Hey guys, recently went to one of those quick oil change places (probably a bad idea...) and about 2 weeks later I notice oil on the floor of my garage. I crawled underneath and it was leaking from around the oil filter which was loose. Tightened it down by hand and everything has been good for the past 2-3 days. Checked the dipstick and it still shows full, so don't think it leaked very much thankfully. Anyone ever experience this? I'm hoping it just wan't tightened down all the way or something and everything is good - but just wanted to see if anyone had any ideas.
  8. Interested - still available? How much are you looking to get?
  9. Man what a pain in the butt of an install. Getting up behind the junction box tore up my forearms, even with the cover off. Took me about 4 hours to get it installed, the grommet was the hardest part like everyone else said. The key is having a hole big enough to feed everything through. I used a metal fish tape, got the subwoofer wire through and then taped the amp power wire to it and pulled it through. Lots of working in cramped spaces with sharp metal around, my hands are all torn up with little cuts. Gotta say it sounds pretty damn good though! Not custom setup level but more than sufficient for 90% of people!
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