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  1. could be the new front end's aerodynamic qualities are lacking? I noticed the old denali had seat belt adjusters and vertically adjustable lumbar which are no longer in the new model? but with lighter weight and the 10spd you would have thought......well i don't really know
  2. Good information, I would have thought the 10 speed helps improve efficiency especially while towing.
  3. Any update on whether the factory will start offering a larger tank?
  4. That is pretty good from any truck, especially with a 2" lift. I hope I can do as well. Happy Holidays, enjoy that truck.
  5. Great to hear, and the mileage is quite good. Really like the look of the AT4, ordering a Denali however with 20" tires, 6.2, technology and driver alert, kind of like yours but shorter......congrats.
  6. nothing in this area on the 19s, only specials on the 18s. I am starting to look in Denver.
  7. Thanks will ask again, GMC did not want to share their enthusiasm about employee pricing as Chevy, but worth asking.
  8. They should have used an f150 with ecob as a better comparison, however, the results would be the same anyway...….. It is a good video, what surprised me was the gas consumption, the Toyota's gas mileage was better than anyone would have expected.
  9. So far, the dealer wants to talk invoice (3500 off), I think it would be great to get 8% off since they are new on the lots, on a 64K truck that is $5120.
  10. ok, thanks for the info, that is a bit less, I expected 13-15. Wife's QX56 gets 14-15, borrowed a 13 f150 ecob and it got 13-14. I thought a 6.2 would have to work less and the 10 speed would help. Might have to carry fuel, unless a magical larger tank gets on the option list.
  11. You are right, but the premium you have to pay for the little diesel, plus the cost of after muffler fluid may negate most mpg gains depending how much you drive, it maybe 5 years or more before you break even.
  12. Will be runnung a 6.2, sAme elevation changes, but our favorite lake is 210 miles away, gas there is close to 5 bucks so it is not the most fresh. Trying to figure out the small fuel tank range. Almost went with another brand because of the GM 24gal tank.
  13. We will be towing about 35-3600 lbs of fishing boat, and were. Urious about real life towing consumption(in some remote areas the small full tank may require pre-planning to kerp fuel in otherwise have to buy old fuel at marinas for 5 $/gal)
  14. This is pretty good info, thank you. It will be helpful. Just returned from the only dealer in our area and i may expand my area. Went in to order the 19 denali, driver alert and technology packages, and i got “we will work on invoice 3300 less than msrp”, no one there to order, have to go back next week...? So yes the more info the better, maybe look at a HC , but wife like magnetic suspension ?
  15. beautiful truck, was wondering (I know it is not the same set up) but how does the ride compare to the denali with the magnetic shocks? do the extra 2" absorb imperfections well?
  16. that is a fantastic deal, so far the best I can do where we live is $3500 off
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