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  1. I don't think I have ever relied on traction control for anything. It wasn't until after that I started to think about it. It may just be the difference in the way my last truck handled compared to this one. This one is leaf springs. That one was coil.
  2. You make a lot of sense though. That's exactly what it did. I got rid of the Dodge because the frame was rusting so bad. The fuel tank almost fell out of it because the strap holding it pulled through the frame.
  3. That's a lot better! That's the same thing I didn't understand. I don't think staying in it to see if it was going to work was an option. The rear end was starting to come around and I backed off of it to correct it. I don't think it's a POS truck. I was really questioning whether the traction control was working like it should. I think you're probably right. Had I stayed in it it probably would have kicked in. The Dodge I last had wouldn't let it go nearly as far. But, it was a far different truck. It was a Hemi. 390hp as opposed to 355. It was 2 wd. It had 20 inch wheels (p275/60/R20 as I recall. This truck has 17 inch wheels (P255/70R17). The thing just caught me off guard. I apologize if I was rude.
  4. Yeah the differences between Chevy and Dodge are quite perplexing. I can handle the truck that's not a problem. If it had been nannied to death. the traction control would have kicked in. It did not.
  5. I was asking for help. You were just being an asshat.
  6. Is this something you need a tuner for? Or is there somewhere I can change the parameters in the user accessible settings of the truck?
  7. It seemed to me as though I had no traction control at all. Gonna have to pay attention to my right foot!
  8. It sure surprised me! Came around real quick! A more inexperienced driver might have lost it. Just gotta keep my head in the game!
  9. Yeah I get you there. But, I wasn't trying to play with it. I was merging onto an interstate. Chevys are much different than Dodges. I guess I'm still in that getting to know you stage. :-)
  10. Wow! This was helpful too! I've been driving 49 years. I know how to control a vehicle.
  11. The other day I was merging onto an interstate. I wanted to place myself between a semi and the car behind him. So I kicked it in the a$$ to get up to speed. This puppy just about went sideways on me! Granted the road was damp, but not wet. I thought I was gonna roll it! Certainly got my attention. Thing I don't understand is why didn't the traction control kick in? My last truck a 2009 Dodge Laramie 1500 2wd, would have been jumping all over me before I ever got to that point. I am beginning to question my purchase of this thing. Or is my traction control defective? I was in 2 wheel high. Ed
  12. What did you use for an auto-dimming rearview mirror?

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