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  1. hold out for the low range... it is indispensable.. for backing up to a trailer or any number of crawling or pulling activities... i have a grand cherokee with no high range... its ok.. but a lot of capability and low speed control is lost...
  2. Oh well... when a canyon starts looking as good as this sierra.. i will trade. It will be a while..
  3. Agreed. My since new mpg is 23.8 at 11,000 + miles. I am always on the open road - no city. That is 1 mpg better than my f150 - and it read 2 mpg high on the dash... Ferds!! That 2.7 Ferd is good motor, too if you don’t mind new oil pans every couple oil changes...
  4. I have hand tested two tanks - one was a half mpg low and one a quarter mpg high than the dash. I am no hot rod... but i think you need more than 25 mile distances to get a fair reading. 50 mile distance should always be lower... stock tires with 42 lbs in them. 6 sp.. bedcover, which helped mine a liitle too. Nobody should gripe about either motor. They are both great. I suppose if i wanted the next step up in mpg i would need a canyon with the duramax.... All that said... i do think that the 5.3 is doing 2 mpg better than my F150 with 2.7 did. The 2018 sierra is a little shorter than the ford... and maybe that is what we are measuring. Anyway.. this L83 is so much superior to my ‘05 yukon 5.3 i can’t believe it. Astounding.
  5. I want a 3.0 as well... but mpg seems weak to me... my 5.3 does close to what 3.0 does.. and fuel is cheaper... my 5.3 has a range so it is not the mpg best configuration for it either..
  6. This is where you see the origin data - window sticker..
  7. Question Denali HD66 - Is you engine New York sourced or Mexico?
  8. Detonation.. yes.. A Ford. broken ring lands - and rings. i think the piston broke first - and then the rings of course without support went. Detonation in a pre-90s Ford without the sensors and controls of fuel injected engines...
  9. It could have been detonation... and then a broken ring.If you catch it immediately - pull the piston and replace it - you can just have some marks in the cylinder. With a broken ring.. any period of time running it- that ring - the broken part that is a half circle sized or so - the ends will gouge the cyl wall. When you pull the piston and see the ring - and the top ring - you can speculate detonation caused ring land / broken ring failure was the result.... i know this the hard way....
  10. Probably true. Not due to how good battery power will be, but due to gasoline being taxed into oblivion. Gleefully, with one party rule looking ahead.....
  11. I did take a look at a ‘20 and realized that it was a single speed... transfer case. There is no room in my garage for a single sp transfer case... Agreed only needed once in a blue moon - i used mine last may to help guide a large tree to the ground.. i think usually when i use it is for control - like backing up to my trailer to creeping a tight turn with it. My 2108 SLT is just fine... i think the de-content on the new trucks is there... you just have to study so you know what features you might miss.. i mean we all can’t afford a Denali...
  12. I also had a Yukon a ways back... it had a 5.3 and was decently powerful, but a bit of a gas hog. Mine was a 2005, I recommend to get the 5.3 as i get 5 mpg more than the Yukon with the same driving style. Its a fine motor - and still simple enough to be reliable. Now i would not dream of modding the truck - lifting or doing anymore than going up a size on tires on stock rims. It comes down to blowing a lot of money and shortening the life of the ball joints, spindles and brakes... daily driver is best kept as GM builds it... imo.
  13. This 5.3 is pretty new - 11,000 miles. Not much iron on the magnet. My other vehicle - JGC has a pentastar 3.6 and 3 or 4 times the shiny accusation of iron with 9000 miles on it with a similar magnetic drain plug. i am thinking the design difference is in the chains. The v8 has one chain and the jeep has 6 i think. The jeep also has a lot of rollers in the valve train. Hardening is a big factor in how much iron ends up in the oil.. but so is the design. I don’t really like the tiny filter on the 5.3 but GM might know what it is doing, too.
  14. Had a Yukon and now have a Sierra. I miss the Yukon... it is easier for parking lots. Always used a trailer when hauling with the Yukon, which is a pain, but it keeps the mess away from the vehicle. I would not go Yukon today though. They are just too pricey. Every man has to call it the way he sees it though.
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