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  1. i was just looking at the 12 Volt bus on top of the battery. I am thinking that i will add a 200 Amp switch in line with the starter. Hide it under the front somewhere.
  2. If i were guessing the GM sites show have reduced incentives to buy "straight" from them, but dealers still have last month's incentives to encourage sales for them
  3. Was it parked outside of the house? Well lit area or pitch black kind spot? No alarms on these trucks, i have one, but i don't if they alarms or not.
  4. My financial advice is to trade down to a cheaper truck and cut your debt. a six year old truck should be paid off... you will need financial flexibility if you keep it, to fix it. Vehicles are such a lousy use of capital. If you use it for work - and can expense it, that is one thing. but, please be careful with trading these $50k trucks, the taxes, the insurance and upkeep will ruin you, unless you really have the scratch to do it...
  5. I think once we get through this corona crisis in a year or so, probably after November... we will get some new taxes. Gasoline is cheap - $1.19 a gallon in Oklahoma, It won't be that way in a a couple of years. Electric will replace our combustion engines pretty quickly. Some kind of hybrid arrangement for the transition. I expect my 2018 Sierra will be my last 5.3 powered truck. 2030 will be the cutover.
  6. PPK

    Gas prices

    I have seen $1.59 (OKC) at a few 7/11s. Overall... I think gasoline prices are one economic indicator that can't be manipulated. We are either in a recession or heading into something worse. Brace for impact, although some good deals on autos should be imminent...
  7. leftover 2018 SLT... so far a former F150 owner happy to be back in a GM! And by the way.. the shadow of the prior wheels, the '17 Lariat.. is now gone, as i pressure washed all the oil on the concrete drive away...
  8. Nearly one year into my F150>SLT Sierra... the turbos on the F150 are rated for 150,000 miles, which means one conks out early and one lasts. No turbos on the GM 5.3 And really at two bucks a gallon gas mileage is secondary to reliability. I am not much a fan of the stop / start either. You are wearing out the $250 battery and $500 starter to save. Basically tripping over dollars to pick up pennies. good luck in whatever you decide!!
  9. i agree with the last post...clearances in the pump, cam and crank add up as you pile on the miles. Maybe move up to a higher weight, 10-30 at first. Get ready for a rebuild...
  10. Looks like it is parked in okarche... good deal. brace for impact when you go to register it and get your license plate... grey/silver is a great color on black. Good luck!
  11. Leather.. but REAL leather like a 90's lexus had. Everything is the F150 and GMs are pretty much Corinthian Leather...
  12. 2018 SLT 4x4 Z71 built in 2019... So far solid. great mpg for a small V8 and happy with interior and Bose system. Coming from F150, which if you get a good one is better.. but if you have a turbo with issues like i had.. watch out! 30 days a year in the shop. Notice on the driveway... oil leaks from Ford are pressured washed...
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