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  1. I am thinking about doing it as well.. maybe because i am coming from a '17 f150.. this is what my quotes look like. I don't keep mine that long.. but with state sales tax on a truck $2500 in Oklahoma.. i am thinking its cheaper to keep it. $100 deduct at 60/60 is what i am thinking... interestingly you can see how warranty costs trend up at 6 years... Pete PLATINUM: GMEPP - by General Motors / AMT : Months & Miles from Today Deductible Your Tax Free $COST$ 48/48000 48/48000 48/60000 48/60000 60/60000 60/60000 60/75000 60/75000 72/75000 72/75000 72/100000 72/100000 84/100000 84/100000 0 100 0 100 0 100 0 100 0 100 0 100 0 100 830 780 990 890 1108 958 1319 1174 1503 1333 2145 1800 2318 1908
  2. My recommendation is to "table" the idea of riding a small enduro or other bike on city or highway streets. I just sold my 650 Honda.. The roads just are not safe for little machines anymore. Texting, talking, and other distracted drivers, uninsured are at record highs.. it is just too much risk. My 2 cents.
  3. ERO2 - I have had a tacoma, and a couple of toyotas before that: the 1990's toys were better.. box frames and much tougher front end, lower and upper control arms and a real gear driven transfer case, plus the 22R four. my tacoma had the 4.0 V6.. noisy engine.. cam phasor issues. i put 70k on with no big problems, other than a sore back due to the seating position. I have just gone to a 2019 '18 sierra from a '17 Lariat. I had trouble with the ecoboost 2.7 leaking oil and blowing the radiator at 36k. I had the oil pan replaced four times. I think.. that the engine had blowby and maybe the heads leaked combustion gas into the coolant too. On paper the F150 is the best. That is why i had it.. in practice i do not know why i thought i needed two turbos to make tiny motor act powerful. 37 days in the Ford warranty shop. Mondays at the Vance Auto group there were more F150 fords than bays by three or four times. Sierra - So far the trade - which in essence is a swap of two turbos for two additional pistons.. has worked out. i think the mpg is probably 1 or 2 mpg in favor of the sierra. The sierra has a die cast aluminum oil pan, where my F150 had four plastic oil pans. You can get a non turbo ford.. but you are still going to have lots of timing chains and cam phasors.. i think if you favor reliability the less complicated 16 valve V8 is the way to go. I think the ford handled better and was quicker. But for 37 days it would go nowhere, so that is my problem with Ford.
  4. i had a tacoma for 7 years... the best was the oil filter was up where you get at it and it was water cooled. Sweet on the 4.0 engine. the worst was a cam phasor... every week or so which sounded like Thor under the hood, and the nasty gas hog 5sp auto.. I think the tacoma is a shadow of the 1990 toyota with the gear drive transfer and 22R... Dollar for dollar you get a lot more with the GM and the 5.3 is a V8.
  5. A 2018 SLT made in 2019.... So far a good machine...
  6. Ford, with it's lower compression turbo engines... did not seem to get the mpg this 5.3 does.. You will be happy with the V8 and the dealer support GM has... i thought the Ford did well on mpg, but the GM beats it by 2 mpg.. on the highway... the other way around if you drive in town a lot. That is my experience...
  7. I was a Ford man... then a GM... then back to Ford via Toyota.... My Ford 2.7 Lariat drove me crazy with blown radiator and oil leaks... I have a 2019 ‘18 GMC 1500. I don’t see the downside of trading two turbos for two pistons. I think the fit and finish is better on my '18 GMC than my Lariat. Ride is not as good... but so far not in the shop. Very pleasing to me that GM has perfected the pushrod like it has. Sweet!
  8. I am not a big fan of using the AUTO setting... it takes a toll on the actuators as they continuously adjust the warm are mix.
  9. So Walmart has the QS Ultimate for $17.97 for 5 gallons. The eight quarts would then be $28.75 and i think about $12 for the filter. So $45 would cover the taxes on the filter and oil. I spent so much on the truck... i consider the oil change to be insignificant. I also changed the air filter to a 99% from the factory 98%. This helps with oil changes as you can keep the particles out of the engine in the first place. The mobil 1 filter has a 99% efficiency of removing 30 micron or larger. Someday i am going to install a two stage filter on the thing like it ought to have. I bought a drain plug with a real magnet on it. The factory on mine did not have one... https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07G8QDZK8/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I have rebuilt plenty engines.. with the magnet you can see the knock on the drain plug well before you can hear it.. ==pete
  10. 8 quarts... when i get around to it but less than 5,000 miles. The key is to have a large magnet on the drain plug.. so you can see what iron is captured and use the M1 filter as it is 5 microns tighter.. i think 20 versus 25 microns.
  11. 5W30 Quaker State Ultimate Durability... $19 bucks for 5 quarts... about $30 for the change.. Mobil 1 212A filter... about $12. It takes me about 20 minutes... So far very happy with my Sierra... I run the 5W30 and have the AFM disabled... i don't trust it.. i would rather have oil with a little body to it... 0W is probably just fine.. but my other engines don't use it... and i like keeping it simple... Comparing the 2018 aluminum block 5.3 to my earlier '05 iron 5.3.. i think GM has gotten the piston slap under control from the mid 2000s. i imagine that the iron inserts in the aluminum block result in improved clearance specs.. these 5.3s are really Y-block engines. they are nice and meaty with the block extending way past the crank centerline. My F150 had plastic valve covers and a plastic oil pan. GM has a more industrial engine with die cast aluminum covers on the heads and oil pan.. i think it will hold oil in a lot better than my Ford 2.7 did... here is to hoping.
  12. Toyota? My 2010 had cam phasors that sounded like thor under the hood.. The Tacoma was a pale ghost of my '90s boxed frame toyotas... and 22R... for reliability. Had a Ferd 2017 2.7 Lariat. 4 oil pans and one blown radiator. No more turbos for me thanks. Bought a leftover Sierra '18. It is heavier than the other two.. but it gets better mileage. My 05 Yukon (5.3) only needed a water pump to 100k. Ram, Ferd and GM are very competitive. My finding is that it is best to avoid turbo charged motors for daily drivers.
  13. I am thinking... take the belt off the pump.. but leave it on the block. Re-plumb as the author indicates.. the pump is there to use if you do sell or remove the AFM delete...
  14. I had the same thing happen to me on a Tacoma... on a free dealer oil change. Luckily the oil blew on the windshield and i caught it within a few days. Still a mess. The staff that changes the oil.. are not the trained techs.. that you pay a hundred bucks an hour for. I am not sure what the optimal solution is, as everyone has different capabilities, tools and time. I change my own oil... i would probably pull the engine if i needed to. I personally do not think it a dealer issue either. It is a generational issue at its core. Care and pride in the work is sorely missing in young people today.
  15. I have had trucks and jeeps a long time... i think there will be an election where the "in" party does fierce things to energy - like carbon taxing - and we have a couple dollar tax on each gallon to deter us pickup owners from having trucks.. and build out infrastructure for the cities, so they can have public transportation as they are transported under the ever watchful eye of millions of cameras... I am hopeful we can have cars in twenty years.. uber and the condition of the roads is also against us..
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