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  1. Frames are thinner and thinner each year. The integrity of the frame is key to safety.. while i can't vouch for the posted picture being dangerous, i would say ten years of Mass long winters might be plenty for a corroded thin lightweight frame... be careful. Get it inspected with a shop who can put it on a lift and look for cracks. That will tell you a lot of what you need to do...
  2. I bought an "18 manufactured in January 2019. Battery sits at 12.8 after it is driven an hour or so. Mine has occasion to sit through the week and i use it on weekends. Had some hiccups in the radio... which i figure is a flat battery. 12.0 after sitting a week... Typically an AGM battery will have 12.5 volts at 70 deg if it is half charged. My battery is probably sulfated... so it does not really take a full charge anymore. it is probably at 1.5 years or so...
  3. My 5.3 will do some pretty amazing feats... and that is V8 mode only... 27 mpg for 50 miles...
  4. i had an F150 ruby red... and now have an '18 slt. i had a lot more touch up spots on the ford than the gmc... i also have an E350 in the garage that has 70k miles and only a couple of marks - not chips up high... gmc probably better than ford in my experience but not close to the e350...
  5. Depending on your age and capability... consider moving. We are moving into a dog eat dog phase and you may as well not live in an urban area if you don't like young unemployed kids rummaging around your place.. Or be happy that they are only pests at this point. Very sad.
  6. When the first change occurs.. is really dependent on how you drive and what your level of comfort is. One thing i recommend is using a decent magnetic drain plug instead of OEM... That way if you have some issues with say hardening on lifter roller or cam.. you will get some evidence as the engine wears. If you want to be sophisticated.. weight it each change and track the iron from the engine deposited on the drain plug.
  7. Think out of the box: move to another state... I lived in Jersey for 20 years... it is the toughest state in the country to pound out a living...
  8. well.. not good news. at least its not knocking.. my '05 5.3 started using oil at 80k, a quart every 3500 miles. Mine stayed there until i got rid of it at 100k.. And i think the deal is they start to using oil a lot earlier.. but not enough for the owner to catch it. if the engine is not getting a lot worse mpg.. then it may not be healthy... but is not sick sick sick either. keep a close eye on it.
  9. i have gotten the best leftover deals on SLTs...
  10. i have a late 2018 SLT and had a '20 loaner... my observation is that the 20 seems a lot bigger... i like the smaller '18, seems easier to get into and i also really like a key. FOBs are too big to fit in your pocket... the '20 is still funny looking to me. chunky. the '18 has the more classic gm style. I still like a key on the doors, too. It just suites me.
  11. Well.. every man has to call it like he sees it. All three of my oil burners ended up with coked up intakes from EGR. It took me a weekend to do each one. cleaning was with pressure washers, grinders, flex drill bits and lots of scraping. i also had a turbo go. and that is hard to work on and buckeroos. i am at a point where i think the 5.3 is ok. I am from NJ.. although i live in the lower middle, now. It is tougher to find diesel stations.. in NJ in the rural areas. My RAM did 25 mpg all day long, so there is no doubt they get better mileage. Like they say... pay me now or pay me later.. ultimately there is not a lot of gain either way.
  12. i had a ram 2015 eco. think twice about an oil burner... DEF is a pain... and diesel is more money and harder to find when you are empty. had a couple of VW oil burners too. when gas is four bucks you can probably break even... the gm gas v8 is hard to beat on long term economics of fueling, maintaining and repairs... i have the z71 now... rough riding.. and not engaged low range once yet..
  13. this site has some malware on it... be careful!
  14. I feel your pain... however.. i was getting one of the two free oil changes on my '18.. and i was wandering around the showroom. One of the Ford techs (next door) was in regaling the GMC sales people about an F150 he just looked at.. He said oil was leaking all over so much you couldn't even tell where to start looking for the leak... on the other hand my F150 leaked from oil pan all the time.. 4 pans down the road... bottom line is these things break.. when you run out of tolerance for it ... get rid of it..
  15. Products The Silao plant currently produces the following vehicles and Propulsion Systems: Vehicles: Chevrolet Silverado and Cheyenne (Silverado in LTZ and High Country trim levels for Mexico) GMC Sierra Propulsion Systems Assembly V-8 engines, including: 4.8L 5.3L 6.0L 6.2L 6.2L supercharged Transmissions for rear-wheel drive vehicles, including: 6-speed 6L45 and 6L80 8-speed 8L45 and 8L90
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