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  1. I had an affinity for the sun roof... until a rock land on top of mine and cracked it. This can always happen and when you least expect it.
  2. i will use 2-#2 on pos and neg. It is easier to bend than the big wire...
  3. Nothing wrong with isolating the second battery. My approach will be to add the second battery when my '18 gets a little weak. I will put two new AGMs in there. i will probably use #2 AWG wire to parallel them. It is very important to keep a low impedance between the batteries to avoid long term charging issues.. I won't use isolation.. if i have enough amp hours in the batteries, i will be okay. Two new batteries in parallel will last quite a while. The toughest duty they perform is cranking the engine.. you have two of them in there.. that amperage and impact on the battery is halved. A battery has only so many starts in it...
  4. i went from gas with turbos to the 5.3 as we do vacations in the high altitudes in northern new mexico. i miss the turbos. but that is more than offset by trouble free driving of the pushrod V8.
  5. great pick! i had a ford that was nothing but troubles (ecopoop) and i did angst over getting rid of it... until one Ford shop visit ended up with a new Sierra. Sometimes you can't wait.
  6. boy i am glad my '18 has a simple key.
  7. hammering pretty loud. sounds like it has a lot of rough miles on it...its too late to do anything about it now.
  8. i think that lifts and big tires were started by lunk heads like me... who grew up in the 70/80s with 55 mph and a country much more tolerant of 4wheeling.. you are way ahead handling and stopping staying stock... wear and and resale too.. air down the tires a bit and you will do fine at the beach..
  9. I have two freebies with my GMC... i think it makes sense to have it in the dealer a coule of times to show you maintain it... i always clean mine under the hood before i let them replace the oil and filter.. the worst thing they can do it get dirt in the fill..
  10. Back in the day... the old GMs.. ran A-6 compressors. they ran at high rpm, never overheated.. and when revved they were like 3 ton units.. cast iron and 6 pistons... fast forwarding... when i pass a vehicle.. i disengage my AC not to over-rev it or let it at high rpm for extended periods... once they let go... it is hard to get them back in shape without starting over with everything.. my experience...
  11. Mine rarely pushes 190. What altitude and how much weight?
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