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  1. I'm in the same boat right now. I'm trying to order a `23 LT Trail Boss, and I'm at the top of the queue for my dealer because my '22 order never went through. They're checking allocations for me each week as they come in and they don't have any Trail Boss allocations at all right now. I'm not sure when that will change (neither are they).
  2. I'm wondering the same thing, so I'll report back if I find an answer. I was told that ordering would open up in July, with production beginning in August. I'm trying to reach my dealership this week, but not getting calls back from the right people, so I may head in tomorrow. I had an order for a 2022 but it got cancelled when they stopped building the Silver Ice color. So they're waiting to put in a 2023 order for the new Sterling Gray color and I'm trying to find out when they can officially place the order.
  3. I just got a happy surprise in my email, assuming there are no restrictions that will prevent me from using it. I had planned on ordering a 2022, but the order fell through when Chevy stopped building any more Silver Ice trucks. So I told the dealer to hold off and order a 2023 in the new gray color that's coming out. Well I got an email from Chevy saying that since my order couldn't be fulfilled, they're giving me a $3,000 coupon off of a 2023 order, which I was planning anyway. As long as I can take delivery by January. Hopefully there are no constraints that push me past that timeframe.
  4. 2023 is in their system. I don't know if they're accepting them yet, but I bet they'd let you build it out, and put the order in as soon as they can, if you're willing to wait. I know it's in their system, because my dealer was on 2023 by accident. I'm ordering a Silver Ice and he told me that color is discontinued, so he was building it out in the new Sterling Gray (coming out next year). Halfway through the build, he realized he was on 2023 and when he switched back to 2022 he was able to select the Silver Ice again. This wasn't the normal sales guy, but the guy who puts the orders in to GM.
  5. I've been a big fan of Truxedo in the past, specifically the Lo Pro. But I'm trying to save some money this time around, so I ordered the Gator ETX from Amazon based on some feedback I've seen on this forum (and the fact that it looks exactly like a Truxedo in pictures). Unfortunately, they sent me the wrong one, so I'm in the process of getting it replaced. It did lead to an interesting finding though. I called Gator support and they needed me to send them some info, and the email address they gave me was a Truxedo address. Based on that and the looks, build, etc, I'd say that Gator seems like it's just a re-branded Truxedo. The one I'm sending back looks good, and seems like the quality will be just fine when I get the right one installed.
  6. On the early changes, this is something I heard years ago. I don't know how valid it is still these days (the last time I really looked into it, and performed an early change, was on a motorcycle I bought 12 years ago). Early changes are usually done because when an engine is new you can have some very tight tolerances, leading to some metal shavings making their way into the oil. You want to run the engine long enough to get things seated, then change it to get those shavings out of there. I think I did my first oil change on that motorcycle at 500 miles. As for me, I plan on my first change at 5,000, and changing every 5,000 after that. I'll take the free oil change, then do the rest on my own using Mobil 1.
  7. I'm not sure if the feature is on the Custom or not, but it's off by default so you may just need to turn it on. In the Infotainment system. I don't have the exact steps in front of me, look for a Remote Window Down feature or something like that. I know it's available in my RST, I'm not sure which trim level it starts at.
  8. I've been reading through the manual and I saw the section about the filling your tires (page 370 for those that want to look it up). I kinda skimmed over it because I just assumed I don't have the feature, but mine is an RST so maybe I do.
  9. I'm interested in the results. I came across the same part in my search, because I noticed the design difference and I want the right one. I haven't pulled the trigger yet though, I have a couple other purchases that need to come first. But if it works out, it will definitely be on my list.
  10. I'm curious who here has the soft rollup from the GM accessories page (part# 19416979), and what you think of it. I've used Truxedo LoPro on previous trucks and I've loved it. But the GM one is $329 vs $499 for the LoPro. And I can use rewards points at GM (although if I don't use them for this, I'll use them for the all weather floor mats instead). From those who have either, do you think it's worth the savings to get the GM cover? From pictures it looks like the GM covers up the hand holes near the rear step, and sits a little higher. The Lo Pro look like it leaves the holes uncovered and sits a lot lower. Are the pictures accurate?
  11. After months of drooling over everyone's photos here, I finally pulled the trigger last Friday. Here's my Northsky Blue RST Z71.
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