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  1. I can't tell in the pics but are there any dents in the metal part of the bumper? The rest should be able to rubbed out with different grades of compounds and polishes. I'm on my phone at the moment so I can't see too much.
  2. I know someone has to buy the newest model but I never do, first year of new model is almost always problematic, Chevy is having their share of issues with the newest generation as well, happens to them all. All I know is the 2016 and 2018 Rams I had were problem free other than the tailgate latch recall.
  3. My Silverado is an LTZ with the 5.3 and 6spd, extra cab 6ft bed 3.08 gears 4x4, my Rams were all Quad cabs 6ft beds and Hemis 8spd 3.21 gears 4x4, I inherited my Silverado and have had no problems with it so far but if I had my choice and didn't keep my Dad's truck for sentimental value I would still have the Ram, throttle response is crisp and smooth, steering is precise, shifting was flawless, it was like it knew what I wanted to do and reacted to it. The ride was solid and quiet. I've always been GM all my life til I bought first 2004 Ram, I still love Chevy's but when you've driven both many miles it's hard to deny what feels better. I've made improvements to driving feel with a tuner but it's still not as good as the Ram stock. Now I wouldn't give up my C4 Vette for anything.
  4. I've had three Hemi Rams, 2004,2016, and a 2018 and all of those trucks were all around better driving trucks than my 2017 Silverado, had my Dad had a Ram when he passed away I'd still be driving one. I don't have any problems with mine but I put a level on it and bigger tires just to get the same look, put a tuner on it just to make it run more like the Ram and shift better. I like the truck and really miss my Dad but it's not in the same class as the Ram.
  5. Thanks man! So far I really like this setup, rides really well and gives the truck just the look I was going for, and it gets rid of the stamped steel upper control arms.
  6. 2.25 Readylift level with Readylift upper control arms, 1.5 Readylift Add-A-Leafs 275/60/20 Nitto Terra Grapplers.
  7. I don't know whether it's the new tires or the Add-A-Leafs but it actually rides better than it did before. The reason I added them is I'm never taking the topper off as I have a nice trailer for large stuff and I didn't want ass end sitting lower than the front over time. I'm very happy with the results.
  8. Thanks! I'm really liking the look of it now! These trucks look so much better leveled out.
  9. Thought this pic turned out nice and shows off the level nice. 2.25 Readylift with their upper control arms and Readylift 1.5 Add-A-Leaf. 275/60/20 Nitto Terra Grapplers.
  10. Thank you! It's a little bit him and a bit mine now.
  11. I'm no expert on this topic, I know a lot of guys on here are gonna tell you to go custom tune from what I've read on here but I just installed a basic 87 octane tune with the Superchips F5 and I love it, I came from Rams with Hemi's and I loved the way they ran stock, when I got this Silverado it seemed so sluggish and mushy shifts, always hunting for the right gear and no throttle response at all. It is now a completely different truck. Mine is a 17 LTZ with 33's 2.25 level and 3.08 gears. Another bonus was to be able to turn off V4 mode. There is 6 different tunes with many options within those 6 tunes. Hope this helps, I know you're gonna get a lot of different opinions in this thread.
  12. So it's been a while since I've posted but I finally got my level done, I went with a Readylift 2.25 kit with their upper control arms and a 1.5 Readylift addaleaf in the rear. I put a new fiberglass cap on it that I'm never taking off since I have a trailer for larger things, I went with the addaleaf because I didn't want the truck to have an ass low appearance after a while. Also went with 275/60/20 Nitto Terra Grapplers. Very happy with it so far, ride is excellent, I haven't noticed any rubbing either.
  13. Looks great! I have the same truck in Red, it's going in on September 6th for 2.25 level and 1.5 in add a leaf, are you having any rubbing? I'm not sure what I want in tire size but those look great.
  14. Hmmmm my 2018 Ram 395hp, my 2017 Silverado 355hp both 17mpg back and forth to work. I like them both, trans. shifts better in the Ram though. Both trucks are Quad cab style, 6ft beds, 3.21 gears in Ram 3.08 gears in Silverado.
  15. Kincer

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    Yes I'm seeing them too, really annoying when you're trying to go through the new posts on Tapatalk.
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