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  1. Hmmmm my 2018 Ram 395hp, my 2017 Silverado 355hp both 17mpg back and forth to work. I like them both, trans. shifts better in the Ram though. Both trucks are Quad cab style, 6ft beds, 3.21 gears in Ram 3.08 gears in Silverado.
  2. Kincer

    Chinese posts

    Yes I'm seeing them too, really annoying when you're trying to go through the new posts on Tapatalk.
  3. My wife got the 2018 1.5 turbo Premier, pretty nice ride, came with winter mats and they are really nice, complete carpet coverage and also carpet mats and a cargo liner. The only thing that annoys me is it shuts off at stop lights I forget what they call that, but other than that had it almost a year and no problems.
  4. I haven't talked to anyone yet that likes the new look.
  5. I mentioned in another thread how much better my 2018 Ram feels in comparison to my 2017 Silverado and hardcore GM guys went nuts lol, I was GM all my life til I got my first Hemi Ram in 04, since I've had a 16 and now a 18 I've had no issues with any of them however none were over 50k miles. Longevity wise I have no idea but I drive both the Ram and the Chevy at least three times a week and the Ram just feels better. The Silverado isn't going anywhere my dad left it to me so I'm keeping it. Don't get me wrong I love the Chevy it's a fantastic truck but the Ram just feels a hair better.
  6. Where can you get that? I have an older Craftsman similar to that but doesn't have a lithium battery I'd like to update.
  7. X4 hate that seat belt rattle! What a piss poor design!
  8. Wow LMAO didn't know I was gonna cause a controversy. I have both keeping the Chevy, Ram lease is up in 2.5 years then it's gone.
  9. Very true, all I tow is a garden tractor on a 5x8 so not really an issue for me, like I said pros and cons to all of them lol
  10. Have no experience with any of them at high miles to be honest, I just don't put the miles on them like I used to. Those are just my observations on two fairly new trucks. I love the Silverado and there things about it that I like over the Ram as well. There isn't one perfect truck out there, they all have their own faults and quirks.
  11. I now have a 2017 Silverado LTZ, I inherited it from my dad that passed away recently and I can tell you first hand that my 2018 Ram feels like a better truck to drive. I've been driving both of them for the last two weeks. Is it a better truck who knows but it feels better to drive. I had a 2016 Ram before that and a 2004 Ram before that all with the Hemi had no trouble with any of them. I'm not putting down the Silvy at all it's a great truck and I'm definitely keeping it but the Ram has better throttle response, quieter more solid ride, factory dual exhaust, same gas mileage around 17mpg, more solid feel closing the doors, under back seat storage wells, crisper steering. None of these things are gonna keep me from not keeping the Silvy though, it was my dads and I'll adapt. I will be doing a few mods to it and making it mine as well as his. I was a GM guy all my life til my 04 Hemi Ram so I guess I'm back [emoji38]
  12. I don't wanna give up my LEDs for sure, just wanna get rid of that little bit of chrome under the lens. It's gonna be a bit of a project but it'll be worth it to me. The grille will be much easier.
  13. I can't remember where I seen them but there is a insert cover that you can get in chrome or black that uses 3m tape to cover your existing inserts but still looks stock. I'll send you a link when I remember [emoji38]
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