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  1. I plan on hand washing biweekly/using air hose to spray off in between if needed. Not much snow here so i dont have to worry about that much at all!
  2. I used AvalonKing Ceramic coat. It worked out great. Application process is time consuming but worth it in the end. You can put it on basically all surfaces on the truck other then seats. Now water just repels off of it and dust/dirt blows off with an air hose from my compressor! I put it on my windshield and i dont even need windshield wipers hardly now. They recommend 3 bottles for a large truck, i bought 4 to be safe but only used about 2.5 total. I plan on using the rest on my tractor and boat. Heres a link to their site if your interested, https://avalonking.com/ref/ryanvaught/. I may start a new tread and include some before and after pics as well as video of how water repellent it is.
  3. Yea theres lots of options out online hard to dig through the shit products! I'll check and see what this is called. I have a buddy that does it and wanted 1600 to do the truck! It's a little work to do yourself but worth doing!
  4. Will do I'm in the process of ceramic coating this weekend then tint on wednesday.
  5. My dealer has connections supposedly at the railyard and is making sure it is expedited since its already sold. OYu may be able to talk to the gm of yuor dealership and he can make a phone call. I seen on the computer at the dealership they have a few cars sitting since 7/23 awaiting trans to the dealership, they may be able to pick and choose to an extent what comes in first once it hits the ground at railyard.
  6. My truck just hit 4800 status! it was produced on 7/24 in Silao and arrived at railyard on 8/2 then unloaded this AM! Fyi railyard is just west of Memphis Tenn and about 2.5 hour truck drive away from dealership! Talked to my salesman and they called the yard and it will be loaded by monday to arrive at dealership by tuesday am. Cant wait!
  7. Everett required me to finance with them for min 3 months, rate wasnt great 5.89% but if you amortize it out it cost an extra $345 to take that offer over what my credit union quoted. So if you didnt take the 2k for financing with them you would be paying roughly 1655 more for the truck. I'll refi or payoff in 2 months and have saved $1655 extra. Other then that they wanted me to own a gm vehicle (wife srx and my vette) and trade in a vehicle however since my subaru was a lemon and being repurchased by subbie they let me out of that "requirement", i'm sure they will low ball your trade to an extent to recoup some of the discount over other dealers.
  8. thats about same pricing as everett has online as well. Finance with GM and you should be able to get that price!
  9. My price and others is not including trade ins or anything it is strait discount off msrp. Dont settle for anything less then 15% off at min. Look out at other dealerships and use there pricing to your advantage or just take a drive or flight to go to an area with better pricing.
  10. I thought you blacked out the existing 4 on the existing badges.
  11. 19.68% I believe. I also had no trade as my outback is being repurchased due to lemon laws! Nothing down either. You do have to finance with them for 3 months to get 2500 off but that's the only catch.
  12. I would assume a very basic discount offering(sub 3k) at least for the next 6 months then depending on sales and competitors diesel options/sales you may see more
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