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  1. My 19 LTZ extended cap a few months ago. Major repairs were front frame frame, front bumper, hood and passenger fender were replaced, total cost of repair was around $17k, which all paid for by the other vehicle's insurer since they were at fault. They finally got back at me with an offer of $3800 cash for the diminishing value claim, having never dealt with one I'm not sure if that's a good number. I'm hoping to get some consensus to see if I should settle for that or fight for more?
  2. No offense but you're bitching and moaning about something that very small niche of consumers actually want. Ask 20 truck owner out the in the real world and see how many actually want this specific feature. It is not stupid people that are killing themselves b/c they forget to turn the vehicle off, saying that is very condescending. My coworker and his wife were killed b/c they were out of their routine and left their vehicle running, we work in an engineering department and he's one of the smartest people I know.
  3. Your reasons are exact same as mine for getting a DC. I think it's the perfect compromise of both worlds.
  4. Even though It's been a month since I last drove it, I like my truck even more after this accident b/c I realized how safe it is. The crumble zone worked so great none of my airbags went off while the other vehicle spun 180degree and all air bags went off. Fortunately my kids weren't with me, but I speculate they would be fine if they were.
  5. It was driving me nut b/c if I had the hazard lights on, the troubled light would flash, but if I tried to use it as turn signal, it wouldn't flash. It really doesn't make sense, but in the end I decided to use my multi meter and check the for continuity between the ground mounting joint and a good known ground location.
  6. Any idea what they do to fix it? Also what did you tell them to get them to work on in? I'm at 14k on my 19 LTZ and I'm having the same issue with the screen being too bright when back up cam is on.
  7. I have 5 different trailers and they all have LED tail lights. I had an issue with only one, and it turned out to be bad grounding on trailer.
  8. Long story short, a kid coming the opposite direction took an left turn in front of me while I had the right of way, ended up t-boning him. Front end, hood, and both fenders are pretty much gone. I have this truck for only 15 months with less than 14k on the odometer and loved it. My question is how feasible it is to have the dealer ship do the repair? I want it to be back to the original shape or as close as possible. Would love to hear from those that had similar experience. Thanks.
  9. It’s funny I was just telling my coworker about this feature when he asked me about my truck as he’s in the market. Long time ago someone told me about this feature on their new truck and I rolled my eyes and thought, why would anyone want this, now that I have it I too had become a true believer. Being in the Midwest that means we will use it for half of the year as well.
  10. Thanks for the update, it’s a nice pace of change to read from all the “shitty interior, missing glasses holder, IShouldGetMoreForATruckThatCostsThisMuch” crying posts.
  11. Just to be sure we're talking about the same thing, when you said lane guidance you're talking about GMC Lane Keep Assist feature in which the car correct itself if you're crossing lanes? If so why do you think it's a waste? It's something I've wanted so I'd like to know.
  12. I want to keep it underneath the seat. I just ordered some big neodymium magnets, what i'm plan on doing is use my 3d printer to print a holder that fit my specific handgun in a specific location.
  13. I'd really like the Safety II package on my LTZ, I really like that lane assist feature.
  14. Is the leak coming from the box itself? there should be two drain hoses there. But sorry to hear bout your Switchblade, I love mine. It's almost completely waterproof for me, the only water I will see is from the two drain hoses since the ends are just sitting on top of the bed instead going through the bed.
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