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  1. It’s funny I was just telling my coworker about this feature when he asked me about my truck as he’s in the market. Long time ago someone told me about this feature on their new truck and I rolled my eyes and thought, why would anyone want this, now that I have it I too had become a true believer. Being in the Midwest that means we will use it for half of the year as well.
  2. Thanks for the update, it’s a nice pace of change to read from all the “shitty interior, missing glasses holder, IShouldGetMoreForATruckThatCostsThisMuch” crying posts.
  3. Just to be sure we're talking about the same thing, when you said lane guidance you're talking about GMC Lane Keep Assist feature in which the car correct itself if you're crossing lanes? If so why do you think it's a waste? It's something I've wanted so I'd like to know.
  4. I want to keep it underneath the seat. I just ordered some big neodymium magnets, what i'm plan on doing is use my 3d printer to print a holder that fit my specific handgun in a specific location.
  5. I'd really like the Safety II package on my LTZ, I really like that lane assist feature.
  6. Is the leak coming from the box itself? there should be two drain hoses there. But sorry to hear bout your Switchblade, I love mine. It's almost completely waterproof for me, the only water I will see is from the two drain hoses since the ends are just sitting on top of the bed instead going through the bed.
  7. Yeah, but if I have the options to pay $80 and never had to push that button again, I'll pay the money.
  8. Thanks, that makes me feel a bit better about it, and yes I do the Switchblade tonneau cover on it, going to install it tonight.
  9. keep in mind the product above will require you to remove the center console, this is the only thing that's stopping me from getting it.
  10. I wasn't aware of the fact the case requires drilling into the bed until I bought the thing, I'm very particular about my sprayed bed so I"m having some concerns about rust. Anybody with these currently or in the past had any concern or issue with corrosion where the self-tapping screws go into? This is the case i'm talking about.
  11. It's actually a decent size dual axle trailer, so I was expecting worse, so in hindsight it's not that bad but I hate to be reminded what a dumbass I was every time I see that ding, so i'm willing to spend some money to get it fixed. I called the wife and told her we're gonna have some STUPID expense.
  12. I've been hooking up hitches for years and this is the first time it happened. I got distracted while hooking up my utility trailer early this morning and it came off on the road, good things there chains were there, but the trailer went under the truck so the crank arm put a nice ding on the chrome rear bumper, truck has less than 3k miles on it. Anybody with any idea where I can get a rear bumper from? going to replace it myself to avoid the dealer ship and tainting the car report. It's a '19 LTZ Z71.
  13. Have you try hooking any camera to these ports yet? if so what kind of camera and where did you get them? So far i can't find any aftermarket camera with compatible connection.
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