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  1. Has anyone successfully added a strobe module to their 2019? My understanding is that the bulb is LED but is in a sealed housing that must be accessed through the cab above the headliner. Maybe the module can be wired at the harness somewhere under the dash?
  2. I just double checked the manual and it does state that you must wait at least 30 seconds after initiating a remote start before you can extend.
  3. But what would be the point of that anyway? Instead of running for 15 minutes on one cycle, you'd only get 15 minutes plus something less than 30 seconds. Hardly worth the effort.
  4. Actually, you can do it any time during the first remote start cycle and it adds 15 minutes from when you complete the sequence for the 2nd time. For instance, if you remote start and after 10 minutes of run time you press lock and then start it will add 15 minutes for a total of 25 minutes.
  5. Your post just reminded me of a "feature" that I noticed the other day and it will save you 1 button press (16% increase in efficiency). You don't need to release the P brake with the button. Just put the truck in drive or reverse and the P brake will release as soon as you touch the accelerator.
  6. https://www.wcvb.com/article/on-camera-truck-crushes-car-in-bizarre-car-wash-crash/30358388 This happened just a few towns away from me. I think that your floor mat would have to be pretty far out of place to allow this to happen. The truck doesn't even look all that damaged compared to the car.
  7. Settings > Apps > Audio Can't remember the name of the actual setting but it's in there.
  8. Don't try to press them at the exact same time. Press one and then the other one about a half second later. Works for me every time.
  9. I knew that tapping the buttons behind the left side of the steering wheel scrolls through your presets but if you press and hold, it tunes to the next available station. That's how it works for XM radio anyway. I haven't tried it for FM or other inputs.
  10. I'm going from memory but I believe the setting can be found in Settings > Apps > Audio.
  11. The 8th character in your VIN is the engine code. J
  12. That's odd because mine toggles between the 2 views. I also don't have the surround view options so maybe that has something to do with it.
  13. Did you try tapping on the icon that is already selected in that picture to see if it switches to the normal rear view?
  14. If you're seeing the hitch view while driving forward, tap the hitch mode icon again and it will switch to the regular reverse view but without the gridlines. Tap again to toggle back. JP
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