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  1. Got any pics of your AT4? How big did you go with tires?
  2. Could it also be that it was an old HUD system? You said it was way back when. I'm wondering because my tint has some bubbles and I was thinking about replacing with ceramic.
  3. I can still see the HUD with shades on but it is a bit dimmer with polarized shades. 2020 AT4 - 70% traditional tint on the windshield
  4. You’ve got a good point about Epstein. I highly doubt there’s any liability involved with 70% tint, although this is something to look into. I may be wrong, but I would assume that they would have to prove that you knew it wasn’t legal, and that it caused the accident. A huge part of that liability would fall on the tint shop as well. can you point me towards a similar lawsuit?
  5. So you don't trust yourself to drive safely in a vehicle with 70% tint on the windshield? You may want to get your eyes checked bud. Nobody cares how many tint jobs you've done. There's TONs of people that tint their windshields without issue.
  6. It's worth the risk of getting a fix it ticket. Besides, if you stick with 60%-80% it doesn't affect your ability to drive safely. At least not in my experience. It starts to get a little sketchy once you get down to about 50% int on the windshield.
  7. I have 70% traditional tint on my windshield and it didn’t affect HUD at all. If anything it made it brighter.
  8. Would like to know as well. I should have the kit in about a week from now.
  9. Has anyone installed these on the new T1? Looking for pictures of them in the retracted position. I've heard that they don't hide well on the new T1 body style.
  10. Any chance you can get a part number? Do you have 360 HD surround vision?
  11. Maybe you can elaborate? How can you get trailering mirrors from the factory with HD 360 camera view?
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