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  1. 0-20 super tech and switching to the A/C delco gold oil filter UPF63R. I typically change when the oil monitor gets down to 40-30 % i had been using Mobil one filters but they have changed to a shorter design and I like using the longest filter I can find.
  2. Just had the heater control replaced under warranty for the same reason - backlights out.
  3. Just had my Heater controls replaced under warranty. Burned out backlights.
  4. 2018 mine just started doing this too, its the backlighting of the buttons for HVAC
  5. Thanks for posting these repairs tlaw91. I look forward to this type of insight.
  6. Sure would be nice if these transmissions came with a spin on filter like the Allison tran does ! Then even a drain plug in the pan. Bliss
  7. I'm not sure about the cross referencing. TF 922 matched the OE filter in my Transmission
  8. I wanted to add my experience changing the fluid on 2018 GMC 8L90 This is in no way to detrack from all the Great information posted by the OP, the information he proved is very good. This is only for additional experiences with changing fluid on our 8L90 transmissions. Removed the shield and pulled the fill plug. Then used a oil vacuum pump to pull out most of the fluid from the pan with a dip tube inserted in the fill port. Removed the pan bolts which allowed the pan to tip down at the end facing the front of the truck. There was enough clearence to remove t
  9. Transmissions rebuilds are very involved, so many seals and o rings. Bushings have special grooves for oil passages, there is so many chances for something to be miss aligned. And since you are having issues so soon after rebuild its very possible the rebuilder is to blame
  10. Just to follow up on your question to me. IMG_0268.HEIC IMG_0715.HEIC
  11. My 2018 Denali is stock and has the 4" rake also. This works fine for me when towing with a bumper hitch and 800 lbs of trailer tongue weigh the truck has a level ride. The one one thing that it does have from the factory was a tow rating of 9100 lb of towing capacity. Maybe the rake is spring related ?
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