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  1. My 2020 gmc AT4 does not have any kind of warning except I tried i in my garage and the outside lights flash just like they do when you hit the button on the tailgate. Will not help if outside and can’t see the lights!
  2. I am ordering my new electric truck with spoke wheels. That way I can put playing cards in them like on my bike when I was a kid!
  3. Installed my new bed cover plasti coated the emblems bed rug installed radar detector and dash cam installed and wired now to just enjoy the truck! Till I see something else on this stupid forum that I must have!
  4. Here is my experience about how negotiable the dealer can be. Did all my dickering on purchasing and trading in my old truck. Reached a deal on price. Then asked the salesman about extended warranty. He quoted $3400 for a 8 yr 100,000 mi. I basically told him no way and he went to the manager (whatever) and came back with a price of $2400. Told him Iwould think about it. Went to my credit union to get funds and had them quote me their price. Same coverage, same years and miles $1500! They said Icould let them know anytime I wanted about taking it out. Went back to dealer to sign paperwork and the paperwork guy brought up the warranty for $2400 and I told him no I was going with the credit unions. He asked how much I was paying and I told him $1500. He looked me in the eye and offered me the warranty for $1300. So yes they basically came down $2100 over the initial offer. Just make sure the warranty covers all electronics!!! Mine does.
  5. Batman, yes the price is out there for sure, however to really use my truck the way I wanted it was the best for me. Actually I found this lid years ago and had planned on getting it when I upgraded trucks so it was already in the budget! Carr a lot of expensive hunting and fishing items so being dry and secure was the most important things to me. They do offer a 10% military discount, helps a little bit. Good luck with your search!!
  6. I agree with www.blackboxmycar.com. Look around the website, they have great support also.!
  7. Diamondback covers are extremely waterproof and very secure for your camping gear! Plus with the covers you can load stuff on top of them.Mine is the HD version and can load up to 1600 lbs on top! They are one of those covers that you either hate or love. I really love the rugged look on the AT4.
  8. Look at the diamondback line. Pricey but heavy duty for sure. Weather tight and secure for our toys we carry! They do have options for ladder rack type add ons.
  9. I went with the diamond back. Not for everyone but I love the rugged design that matches the AT4. the 2 main reasons i went with it are 1) theft protection. I do a lot of fishing and hunting and can have a ton of money tied up into things stored in the bed of my truck. 2) water tight. Can’t get the things in my bed wet! Plus I can walk on top of it for a variety of reasons and even haul up to 1600 lbs on it. Like I said before,not for everyone but it fits my style. good luck with your search.
  10. My AT4 had 8 miles on it when I purchased it and it smelled terrible. Wife was really put off because of the smell, told her it was the new car smell! I have a bit over 500 miles now and it has gone away. Figured it was a combination of oil coatings and new muffler catalytic converter etc.
  11. Great Idea! Having an extra 7 gallons would sure help and when traveling with my boat would give me a little more comfort level to push the needle a little lower on the main tank!!
  12. I will definitely set that button, I saw that in the manual and actually forgot about it. I guess that will work but not the same as I am used too. Thanks
  13. 2020 GMC AT4 I can not figure out the memory seat at least the way my 2014 LTZ worked. The only way I have found to go from seat setting one to two is to hold down the button on the door until the seat starts moving or you get in the truck and start the engine. Starting the engine is really not an option for me if my wife drives (not expected often). She is 5’ 1”, I am 6’1” and can not get under the steering wheel with my leg to push the brake! The remotes do recognize the driver by the remote and change all the user preferences, just not the seat! On my 2014 when you unlocked the drivers door with the remote the seat would move into the position saved either setting one or two depending on which remote was used. I have searched this group and yes I have looked through the manual and think I have all the setting correct. It does say in the manual to push and HOLD the preselected button (one or two) to move the seat. Weird because my 2014 you would just quick push the button and the seat would move all the way to the selected spot. It takes a while for the seat to go from the closest setting for my wife clear back to make room for me. Only time this is a problem really is when launching our boat because I back it down and she parks it. Other than this very minor problem I am loving this truck!!!
  14. Finally had time to play with the phone and truck today. Mine seems to work fine! It does lower the volume on the phone while connected either by Bluetooth or the cable and in apple play. However once I disconnect it goes back to full volume. Iphone X, latest updates and in settings I have the change ringer with side buttons off, This is on a 2020 AT4 with the latest updates also. Not sure this will help anyone but my experience.
  15. A couple years ago there was a weird situation in town, there were about a dozen cars,all different brands that the key fob would not work on and the people could not even start their cars! It was one Day and one section of the local mall. A wrecker hauled a couple to repair shops and they started right up. The next few they actually hauled to a different location at the mall and they all worked. Per the news they never did figure out the problem and it never happened again. Maybe some kind of radio wave interference I am guessing. Either that or aliens or even big foot!!!
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