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  1. Don’t you just love how they advertise all these cool features are available but forget to tell you that you will have to pay a monthly fee to use them! My 2014 truck had the app free for 5 years, and I mean 5 years to the day too! It was very handy once in a while but not nearly $15 a month handy. Luckily my salesman was very upfront about the cost from the start so I knew before purchasing my truck about the cost. Si I just ignored it from the start. Never even used the free trial of on star or the GMC app. Now the xm radio I had bargained for on my previous truck and wife’s car. I called XM to confirm I could still get the $4.99 a month deal through them. Like I do every year I had to threaten to cancel to get the deal but by standing firm I am good with it for another year.
  2. I just installed and learned sensors for 2 dual axel trailers today. Found a work around to the horn not honking but I think the tool on amazon would be cheaper. I had my wife sit in the truck and honk the horn when it learned each tire. I know desperate times call for desperate measures. Just a disclaimer here— I did make her sit in the passenger seat while doing the setup!
  3. Look up diamondback covers. Definitely water tight and the best part very secure! You may or may not like the styling, it is for me but not everyone. Very rugged looking. Not as easy to have an open bed like the trifold I had on my old truck but you could open it with a coat hanger and it leaked after a year.. the diamondback can be taken off in a few minutes with one wrench. Watch their videos.
  4. Love my satin steel! Stays cleaner looking even when a little dirty!
  5. I took my dad to the dr the other day and stopped on the way home at the pharmacy to pick up his meds. Left him in the truck but shut it off. When I got back dad said “your truck talked to me while you were gone!”. He was referring to what your talking about, clicks, whirring, humming type noises. Weird but you will get used to them.
  6. Never had a drop of water in my diamondback! The other plus for me is the security of it. No coat hanger is going to open this one. Even a crowbar would take a long time. The rugged looks and cost are not for everyone I understand.However for what I haul security and dry are the most important things.
  7. Very nice build! Yes I agree it is a lot more satisfying to build something on your own. Usually on my builds the quality is lower, the expense is higher and it doesn’t work as good as just buying it! However I love it more. You have no worries about any of that!!
  8. Would you mind sharing where you purchased the safe? I have been looking for one like that and cant find it anywhere. Maybe it is not available for the GMC? Thanks
  9. Thanks Dick Messerly for the advice, I went ahead and plasti dipped mine and couldn’t be happier! Was really an easy project too.
  10. My 2020 gmc AT4 does not have any kind of warning except I tried i in my garage and the outside lights flash just like they do when you hit the button on the tailgate. Will not help if outside and can’t see the lights!
  11. I am ordering my new electric truck with spoke wheels. That way I can put playing cards in them like on my bike when I was a kid!
  12. Installed my new bed cover plasti coated the emblems bed rug installed radar detector and dash cam installed and wired now to just enjoy the truck! Till I see something else on this stupid forum that I must have!
  13. Here is my experience about how negotiable the dealer can be. Did all my dickering on purchasing and trading in my old truck. Reached a deal on price. Then asked the salesman about extended warranty. He quoted $3400 for a 8 yr 100,000 mi. I basically told him no way and he went to the manager (whatever) and came back with a price of $2400. Told him Iwould think about it. Went to my credit union to get funds and had them quote me their price. Same coverage, same years and miles $1500! They said Icould let them know anytime I wanted about taking it out. Went back to dealer to sign paperwork and the paperwork guy brought up the warranty for $2400 and I told him no I was going with the credit unions. He asked how much I was paying and I told him $1500. He looked me in the eye and offered me the warranty for $1300. So yes they basically came down $2100 over the initial offer. Just make sure the warranty covers all electronics!!! Mine does.
  14. Batman, yes the price is out there for sure, however to really use my truck the way I wanted it was the best for me. Actually I found this lid years ago and had planned on getting it when I upgraded trucks so it was already in the budget! Carr a lot of expensive hunting and fishing items so being dry and secure was the most important things to me. They do offer a 10% military discount, helps a little bit. Good luck with your search!!
  15. I agree with www.blackboxmycar.com. Look around the website, they have great support also.!
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