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  1. Is that a Lomax tonneau cover? Can you open it with the rack in place? All the way?
  2. Really, Ken? Neither the OP's post nor the follow up post mention anything about being in gear while trouble shooting the issue. Quit trolling. @mjonesjr84 I have a Note 9 and 21 Trail Boss. Haven't experienced that issue. Sorry can't be of more help.
  3. Nice! What utility rack and tonneau cover is that? I'm looking for a similar setup.
  4. Passenger side part #19417391 Driver side part #19417390
  5. Installed driver/passenger swingcase toolboxes made by Undercover for Gm. They fit well under my Lomax trifold cover. Happy with the storage solution so far.
  6. If any 2021 owners are curious, yes it does fit no issues.
  7. Watch the S&B video they put out on YouTube and then when installing use the QR code directions. I did it just under 1.5 hrs taking my time and being thorough. Easy install, 2/10 difficulty. Love the sound!
  8. I canceled everything except on board wifi /data. Paying $15/month for unlimited.
  9. I ordered one yesterday and it shipped out that night. Their website shows the dry filter kit still in stock if you want to order one. May get lucky. Anyone put the 2019-2020 gas intake kit on a 2021? Any compatibility issues?
  10. Just FYI, s&b seems to have some stock right now. I ordered mine today and it has already been shipped out.
  11. Where's a good place to order the roto-fab? Tried their main site but it was cumbersome and couldn't find a local dealer.
  12. The power source I used is not always on. Wasn't concerned about parking mode. The info for how I did it and wire harness can be found in this thread.
  13. Tapped into the headliner wires for a clean install with my dashcam.
  14. Yeah, deaf want to see these. Post pics when you can!
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