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  1. Forgot to include that info - about +5C at the time.
  2. I had an interesting drive towing a trailer yesterday for the first time. I put a full jug of DEF in the tank 2 days ago and it read 3/4 full. After 450 km of driving my dash suddenly displayed the message below. I left it on the screen until the end of the trip and the remaining km went down very rapidly. I drove another 75 km and the remaining count went down 325 km. I was confused as to why this popped up at all, and then surprised as to the rate at which it went down. End of the trip the DEF level only went down to 1/2 showing on the level. Best thing I did find was that the truck towed a 4500 lb trailer magnificently. 1500rpm most of the time and 2100rpm on hills. Shifts were still smooth as ever even going uphill. Fuel consumption was 16L/100 km (15 mpg) which is far better than I ever saw with my 5.3L 2012 when towing. Any idea why the message popped up at a random time like that? I'm guessing the computer determined that the DEF usage rate was excessive and it displayed this as a warning.
  3. I wouldn't bother doing that, it's going to make zero difference. Snow will stick to Teflon in the right conditions. Here's a picture of a parking lot from this morning with big chunks of dirty snow that accumulated and fell off of random vehicles. I guarantee that some of them had no mud flaps / guards and it still clung to their wheel wells. Apparently the terms "car boogers" and "fenderbergs" are names that people have given these.
  4. Based on EXTENSIVE (lifetime) experience with snow / ice, there is not a single vehicle of any make / model that doesn't have buildup like this. My 2012 Sierra had it, our Toyota RAV4 has it, and every Tesla I saw was exactly the same thing. In Canada it's called Winter and under the right conditions there's not a darn thing you can do about it. Temps down to -34 here last week and my wheel wells were plugged with solid packed snow every day and so was everyone's. The parking lots get littered with big chunks that people kick off when they are stopped and I'm sure I saw some that weighed 15 pounds off of bigger trucks. They even hang below the mudflaps and build up behind that on the running boards. My 2012 would sometimes have so much buildup (no mud flaps) that opening the door was a problem with a dirty snow cone reaching the lower corner of the door. I don't think we can blame GM for any of this is my point. Blame Al Gore for being wrong about snow not existing after 2010.
  5. On a somewhat coldly related note, I could not get my tailgate release button to work today. I guess it didn't like the -30 weather any more than my hands and feet did. The remote and cab release worked thank goodness but it was a bit annoying for it to not cooperate. I hope it perks up with less cold temps coming this weekend.
  6. On another thread one user stated that 2020 forward do not have the thermostat in the cable so it doesn't disable current flow at warm temps. This was referring to the Duramax, not sure if the same for gas engines.
  7. Temp was -30 this morning, truck fired right up after bring plugged in 4 hours. Warmed up faster than my previous truck 2012 5.3L and once it was warm I had to turn off the seat heater to keep from sweating. Tires were down about 5psi due to cold. We don't get too many super cold days like this but good to know the diesel will handle it just fine.
  8. We now have a -30 forecast, going to have to break out the block heater cord and some long johns it looks like. I hoped we'd have some global warming and skip this crap this year.
  9. I'd like it if there were actual meaningful / timely updates available. There's a new road here that's been active for about 6 months that shows me driving in a field when looking at the nav screen. It doesn't seem to be difficult to automate a download to the map card on a weekly or even monthly basis to reflect large changes like this. Google is very current where my 2021 vehicle map.looks a year out of date.
  10. Adding heat to a seat is apparently pretty simple and likely around $500 to $800 depending on leather or cloth etc. There are lots of spare connections in the fuse box for this sort of add on. I've only looked into the heated side of things, not the power adjustment options so can't comment on that option. I was originally looking at a WT but ended up with a Denali. I must say I'm glad I'm paying the extra $150 a month (lease), especially with the diesel and 10 speed.
  11. Temps here (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) were -20C (-4 F) and truck started right away without being plugged in. I let it warm.ip for may 5 minutes before driving as I was in a bit of a hurry today. The frost on the windshield was already melting in that time. Steering wheel was warm, seats were cool but heated up quick. Within about 2 miles the cab was decently warm. It seems to warm up faster than my 2012 Sierra that I was driving before this one.
  12. Well it had to happen sooner or later. Today I'm driving south on Deerfoot Trail about 200 feet behind the closest car and out of nowhere a rock nails my windshield and dammit, it's a bad one. Less than a month old and it's got little nasty spider legs coming out of it. It was too late in the day to get it fixed so I just hope it doesn't spread and that it's actually fixable. I hate that the City of Calgary spreads suck large rocks on the road after a snowfall. Sigh. The first one hurts the most. Winter sucks! I'm sure many of you can relate to this.
  13. Is the same update being sent out to the 2021 vehicles? I've noticed Android Auto is a bit buggy. I still can't understand why there is no built in text message functionality and would love to.have that added. Having to switch to AA just to have a text read is annoying, and AA has no Sirius XM app so then switch back to change channels is also annoying.
  14. If what I've read is correct the block heater cord has a thermostat built into it and it won't even allow the heat to kick in until -18C or lower. My reading included only the diesel engine, If you find out different let me know! I can't tell what you drive, might be good to add that info to your profile.
  15. I love my truck - only had it 5 days. The day that I picked it up it started to SNOW here, and in the morning by 530 AM when I got up it was over a foot! That much snow causes havoc no matter where you live and it was a lot for a city in lockdown due to the stupid virus thing going on. Not enough people to man the plows, too many accidents and stuck vehicles for the tow trucks, most cars with low clearance not even able to leave their driveway, buses stuck sideways across the roads all day etc. I put the truck in auto-4wd and got to my workshop in no time. Most side streets I was the first one making a track in the snow. It handled everything beautifully and I had warm hands / butt / back the whole way! Here's a couple of pics to give you an idea of what kind of dump it was. The next day I had to let my wife use it as our Toyota AWD Rav4 wouldn't make it out of the driveway. Because the snow was so deep it filled up the wheels and apparently the sensors don't like that. I got 2 text messages from the truck letting me know to service the ABS system and Stabilitrak system. I cleaned out the wheels and I'm sure they are working properly now as I put about 300 miles on it since. This vehicle was in the dealers "demo" program and their head mechanic was driving it for a few months and put about 3000 miles on it. I'm sure it's broken in well and any hiccups would seem to be taken care of. It was in perfect condition and was handed to me with a fresh oil change (early, but I thought it made sense start with a clean slate so asked them to do that) and no visible wear and tear at all. Worst thing I found was a dribble of coffee on the center console that the "lot boy" didn't manage to clean properly. This is the nicest vehicle I've ever owned and I'm thrilled with every feature it has. I didn't start out looking at anything this nice but I'm very glad I am able to afford this. Last item to attend to is a tonneau cover to keep the snow out and my tools dry.
  16. I'm looking for installation instructions or parts that I can access on the internet for Rev Industries. They sure seem to be hiding themselves from any direct links! Does anyone know the website for this company?
  17. I got mine as a dealer demo unit in white, not the colour I wanted but the discount made it possible for me to afford a Denali. I never even considered it before they suggested it and I'm extremely happy with it in spite of the colour. The same day I picked it up it started to snow and dumped over a foot over night. Turned out to be the best day ever to own a 4x4! No issues handling the snow and very comfortable with the heated seats and steering wheel. I've currently got the MyGMC app connected to look at diagnostics etc and at one point while my wife took it out for an errand (the RAV4 couldn't make it out of the driveway) it sent me text messages about ABS and Stabikitrak systems needing service. Turns out the snow was so deep that it filled up the wheels and got in the sensors which freaked them out. I cleaned out the wheels after she got back and it's back to normal. First time I've ever had a vehicle send me a text! The tailgate has been the best feature so far as it makes getting in and out of the bed so much easier. I've never had health issues but revelry I overdid it and my back isn't feeling good. That step makes life tolerable when I'm loading / unloading. One small item I would have left off if I was ordering is the under seat storage bin. It just gets in the way if you have anything sizeable to put on the floor in the back. I'm removing it today and trying life without it. It's nice to have something to look forward to. I hope you have a fantastic experience with your truck.
  18. I went with Simple Man - truck is fantastic and I hope to have it for many more years.
  19. Loving these suggestion - I found this one when I searched for songs about "Diesel": Red Simpson - Diesel smoke, - Bing video
  20. Picking up my first ever Denali on Saturday and can't think of what music should be played first. Back in 2004 when I picked up my Colorado I remember playing Collective Soul - Perfect Day which is pretty much what it was. This time, I can't think of anything quite as fitting. Suggestions? What music did you choose for such a significant event?
  21. I'm picking up a Denali with the 3.0 this weekend. An opportunity came up to get a much nicer truck than I thought I'd ever have for a great price (leasing for now). I hope to have it for many years and using less fuel per month will help pay for it. There will be a small amount of towing, mostly driving to jobsites to drop off material. If you like speed, get the 6.2, otherwise the diesel is calling your name.
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