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  1. My 21 does the same. If it's a steep enough hill I turn on the trailer mode to make it more aggressive.
  2. I think it'd be 6610+500-1230 = 5880. Somehow you got the right last number, but got the + and - backwards. But you probably have to watch your individual axels as well, as the weight of your configuration could be a lot different than stock.
  3. Definitely not the fanciest truck in this group, but it should serve me well.
  4. Glad you posted this. I heard the noise but wasn't sure what it was. Good to know, and it doesn't really bother me now.
  5. I ordered a Sierra 3500 on December 18th. The dealer called today and said it was sent back by GM as GM can't get something in the preferred package. So I could keep my order and delete the preferred package, or he would change the order to a stock truck and resubmit my build. I told them to resubmit mine as if I'm ordering I want to get what I want, and I'm in no huge hurry for the new truck.
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