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  1. I was quoted $15 per month. 390 mbps is smoking fast!!!
  2. I just traded in a 2015 Yukon XL and the wifi was always sooooooo slow. It was fine for kids to stream a show, but not any real work. I always got 3 - 4 mbps. I just got a 2021 Sierra and the download speed was 92 mbps. Super fast. What is everyone getting?
  3. I'm going to do mine early. Just now at 700 miles. I will probably change at 2,000 miles and then go off the computer. Seems like cheap insurance.
  4. After almost 6 months, it finally arrived. Dealer priced at MSRP. Dealer honored supplier pricing & $2,750 in rebates. Absolutely a great deal in today's environment. Denali 3.0L Produced one week before the duramax got stopped. Has everything I ordered (Driver Alert II) except they deleted HD radio and read heated seats.
  5. The original dealer told me they were waiting on allocation. The GMC chat feature told me my order was placed, but not accepted by GM. It stayed that way for 10 weeks from 4/1 to 6/15. I dealt with a dealership in KY and they let me order on 6/15. They called me when they actually got allocation (late July) and then it started to process. GMC chat then says order accepted by GM for production. It was supposed to be actually produced last week. So hopefully will have it soon.
  6. I ordered a 2021 Denali 3.0 Duramax ơn 4/1 from Laura GMC, but never got the allocation. On 6/15, I placed an order for same truck in KY. It went to 3400 production last week. Hoping to see it in September.
  7. The kits is by Suspension MAXX and it was installed on the vehicle for 6 months and removed for a 7" lift kit. Front: 2.5" Leveling kit ARC suspension (SMX-GM925M) Suspension MAXX 2.5" front leveling kit with ARC relocation bracket Cast Aluminum lower strut spacer and Polyurethane Strut mount spacer shims provide for up to 2.5" of lift. Kit includes CNC'd Aluminum relocation bracket to maintain that smooth Sierra Denali Ride. All American Made and backed by the suspensionMAXX limited lifetime structural warranty., Rear: 1.5" rear lift for ARC suspension (SMX-159715) Solid Aluminum Blocks, precision CNC'd Machined Grade 8 U-bolts shock extensions to maintain proper shock travel 100% American Made
  8. Well..... my denali order was finally accepted today on allocation (3 months after first ordering), but they had to take off the Technology Package and tow mirrors. Driver Alert 1 & 2 were fine, but cannot do the Technology Package due to constraints.
  9. Like many others here, I’ve had a 2021 Denali on order for three months now with no movement. The order is still in preliminary status. Does anybody know when they will start taking orders for 2022? It seems like that is going to be the best option going forward. Thanks!
  10. When I was looking, the Sales Manager specifically told me that GM was no longer offering the Driver's Alert I package, Driver's Alert II package, or Technology package on anything other than a Denali. Those three packages are a requirement for me. Trying to order an SLT or AT-4 (I wanted the AT-4) with those packages meant you would stay in purgatory for a long time. He said the Denali 3.0L order would be accepted almost immediately since they are prioritizing the most expensive / profitable vehicles first. I put down a $2,000 deposit and they said it would hit allocation in a few days. I got an order number. We shall see. I'll update when I hear something else.
  11. I ordered a 2021 Denali last night from Laura GMC. It is a five hour drive, but worth it. They are about the only one around selling for below MSRP. I got it $3,960 off MSRP (plus any incentives) when it arrives in 8 - 12 weeks.
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