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    2021 GMC Sierra Elevation 3.0 Duramax

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  1. The size isn't doing to be that much different unless you have the 8ft bed on the 2500.
  2. Clean! Looks great. I've always had caps on my trucks.
  3. Just picked up a 2021 GMC Sierra Elevation with the Duramax. Smooth truck, about to find out how it performs in an Alaska winter.
  4. Had one on my last F150. Good and bad. Strength is unreal, I had mounted a CVT RTT on a full length rack and traveled all over Alaska. Main issues- leaks at the window seals. RSI provided new seals that supposedly fix the issue, sold the truck and removed the cap so didn't test it. Latches also easily freeze with the slightest bit of moisture and are impossible to open. Overall I will buy another one for my Sierra when it arrives, not many caps on the market can handle that kind of weight and abuse.
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