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  1. They should concentrate on #1, since they apparently didn't when they came out with the 2014's. They can dangle all the incentives they want, but I'm not biting until they stop pushing out a bug-filled product.
  2. I think it was probably a good idea at this time. For some to say that all trucks have issues is completely preposterous. If that's the standard of quality we should expect then it's no wonder why we get these trucks laden with problems...because the manufacturer knows they can get away with it! No, it's not just internet "talk". If someone believes that then the members here must be the most unlucky vehicle owners in the country. As I said in the other thread, this forum is just a small sample but you can reasonably assume that if this sample size is having issues, so is the greater population of 2014 owners that aren't on this forum. It's basic statistics. All one has to do is look at the forum and read the same problems that more than just one or two are having with their trucks. There is a reoccurring theme here and it shouldn't be a flip of the coin if you get one that has these problems or not. OK, so you don't have the warped dash but you did get the bad seat, does that make it acceptable? No. How about the radio that almost everyone is complaining about? Bad wheel bearings, a rear window operator that is almost guaranteed to fail, rough running engines, poor shifting transmissions, trucks that shake at speed, leaking shocks, the list goes on. Even if some of those problems are easily correctable they are supposed to be acceptable issues and we should just bend over and take it? Not in my book. I was really looking forward to moving up to a 2014 this winter but these trucks were definitely not ready for prime time and I feel bad for those who unknowingly became GM's test rats.
  3. Radio Reception Issues

    The first FM car radio was introduced in 1952. 60 years later and GM can't figure it out. Unbelievable.
  4. should i get a 2014

    Yes, please do the math. The members here that own 2014's are a small sample size in the overall population of 2014's that have been purchased thus far. When you have that many issues in just this small sample you can extrapolate that out and determine that GM-Trucks.com members aren't just unlucky...these trucks have more bugs than a NYC hotel room. To the OP: No, I wouldn't buy a 2014. Why give GM your hard-earned money and reward them for pushing out garbage, hoping you get lucky and get one that doesn't require a call to the dealer for service when the nibs aren't even wore off the tires yet.
  5. should i get a 2014

    You're kidding, right? All you have to do is look down this forum at all the nickel and dime problems these 2014's are experiencing. Sure, they may not fit into the "major" category, but they most definitely fit into the "bugs" category that can only be addressed by taking it back to a dealer or just ignoring them and hoping they go away. I think we all should know by now that "hope" isn't a strategy.
  6. Just looking down the front page of this 2014 forum will give customers plenty of reasons to not buy one of these trucks, and non-functional button LED's are the least of GM's problems...
  7. With the number of issues these trucks are having I'm glad I wasn't an early adopter, i.e. guinea pig. It's pretty disappointing to read of all these nickel and dime problems that folks are having and hopefully GM gets them sorted out soon. It appears I'll be waiting a while before that happens. I would have to agree with the sales, or lack thereof, of these 2014's. I'm not seeing many on the road at all and the dealer in my town has a few of the trucks from their original shipment in July still sitting on the lot. The fact of the matter is that most people don't really see much of a difference in the 2014's compared to the previous model so it doesn't get them excited to trade up to something new and fresh. If word starts to get out that these trucks are lemons coupled with the lack of the perceived difference to previous models due to a lame re-design, GM may soon be staring at an upstream journey with a hole in the boat and one paddle.
  8. I'd like to get one of these too, but the Ram EcoDiesel has caught my attention with the recent reviews. If a programmer comes out for this engine it could be fantastic with the mileage and the power. Maybe if Dodge has success with this model it'll finally get GM off their arse and force them to put a diesel in the 1500's.
  9. The Chevy 2500 has the grill that the 1500 should have had. Still like the Sierra better (1500 and 2500).
  10. With the money you saved on the wheels you can get yourself a better camera!
  11. More like an infringement on common sense. DRL's are just nanny state stupidity.
  12. Swap 2014 SLE Headlights for SLT w/ LEDs?

    While you're hacking the LED lights, please find out how to disable the auto headlights. I hope it's as simple as my '06, but I have a feeling it won't be.
  13. Zero issues means just that, and is what the OP was asking about.
  14. OP asks if anyone is NOT having problems with their new truck and almost every response is someone saying they have an issue...but it's minor, or, I already got it fixed. LOL!

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