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  1. Do to the OMG WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE virus... Get free onstar crisis assist and 3 months or 3gb in-behicle data (which ever comes first). For 2015 and up models. Need to enter your vin. number. https://www.gmc.com/here-to-help Tried to enter this on the news forum but didn't see where to enter it.
  2. I've been pretty fortunate with mine. Have easily paid for themselves and then some. It is really the labor where it comes out ahead for you. Sure parts can be generally cheap but stack that to your time and labor cost. The key to making them pay is to keep your service up on your vehicle and keep the records.
  3. I have one sitting in my garage doing nothing at all, great shape. I put the HC grille on my truck. If you are interested let me know.
  4. Before the policy change, I had two wheels (22") start peeling. They were replaced. After the policy change, I had one wheel peeling and they needed approval to "repair" the rim. Took it in to get repaired, got a call an hour later saying that the peeling was too close wall (spokes?) of the rim and could not be repaired so GM replaced it.
  5. I just watched a video by @pgamboa this week where he had a custom BCM that takes care of this and works with the intellabeam as well. Start @ 6:58 mark
  6. I don't even know what to say or how to put that into any context that makes sense but I hope you enjoy the time you have left carefree and that it is painless.
  7. Just happened to me! Scariest thing I've been through lately. https://m.facebook.com/groups/1511758879066581?view=permalink&id=2273435646232230&comment_id=2273494006226394¬if_t=group_comment¬if_id=1548516280543979&ref
  8. THIS IS THE SOLUTION I FOUND TO FIX MY ISSUE I tried deleting the contacts from my phone and reimporting them: DID NOT WORK I tried unpairing and repairing my BT: DID NOT WORK Went into settings (in the truck radio) and drilled down until I could reset favorites. This involved me selecting the reset button, power the truck off, open and keep the door closed for a minute (THE TRUCK TELLS YOU TO DO THIS ON THE SCREEN), power back on, then repaired my BT connection and SUCCESS! It works again.
  9. I will have to try this. My truck started doing this too! I have a Note 9 and it wasn't always like this.
  10. Got the truck back. They replaced the PCM and fuel pump. Now that its back to "stock" I can tell the difference. It doesn't have that low end umpf that it had before. Almost feels like you're in one gear higher than you should be when in automatic. I really do wish I knew what tune was done to it before but I'll have to wait to be out of warranty before going down that road again. As for SCA they said they only calibrated the speedo.
  11. So in the end I'm being told now that they can't reflash the PCM to stock so they have to replace it, and they're going to replace the fuel pump due to the code being thrown. Parts are on order, should have the truck back Monday. Being told that the used-car manager and dealership owner are covering everything...Personally don't care who is as I know I was not going to be.
  12. Well I got a call from the dealer while I was eating lunch. They're waiting for a call from GM tech engineers on how to get it flashed back (iircc). They said in about two days. What in the world does that mean? I don't know. I'll be calling them back later when I'm prepared to properly talk to them.
  13. Funny you should ask. I was just thinking of asking the dealer the same question.
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