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  1. I have one for sale, OEM. Nothing wrong with it. I swapped mine out to a High Country Grille.
  2. The one thing I realized is that all the grilles have some play (horizontally) in them, this allows you to center it up. However, the piece that attaches to the back of the grille has a peg on in (the upper drivers side) that fits through a hole and really limits how much play you have. You can see it in the pictures I put up the area I'm talking about (drivers side of the hood latch). I'm thinking of shaving the peg down so I can properly center the grille more towards the passenger side. Before During After: ]
  3. Rosedog

    2016 Special Edition Silverado LTZ Exclusive Costco Package
  4. I got it the other day and installed it looks great. I'll have to get the photos up.
  5. Hello from WA

    Welcome! I bought my first truck from Clyde Revord (92 Sonoma GT). My wife and I take our vehicles there for service, even if we did not buy from them. Good choice.
  6. Thanks for posting! That is exactly what I'm looking for. You wouldn't happen to have any other angles would you? Any forward facing?
  7. I'm thinking about swapping my grill out to a High Country grill. I know the LTZ's how more chrome than any other trim level but I'm having a hard time picturing it. Maybe I'll have to bust out my mad MS Paint skills and make one to look at. If you have done it already please post a pic, I'd really love to see it.
  8. I don't have a level but this is EXACTLY like my truck
  9. I tried looking this up but from what I can tell it hasn't come up. I was wondering if Intellibeam could be added to a 2016 Silverado after the fact. For the bonus feature maybe even the lane departure warning (most likely without the auto-jerk back into your lane). I was thinking that it could possibly be plug and play with a need flash.

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