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  1. I bought an led kit from www.f150leds.com. They were really white when off so I put some window tint on them. Now their almost invisible when off but still fairly bright when on. Wired them into drl's. They attach with 2 sided tape. The spacing is 6.5" center to center when centered in grill opening
  2. I just got new flush center caps for my Method Racing 304 double standard rims. Did not like the big nipple stick look Got them from here https://www.chiefmachining.com/ with engraved Chevy logo Stock nipple stick New Flush center cap
  3. I had a couple issues, I got my bezel w/switches off ebay and the pass switch did not work, My first power board from amazon had 1 channel ng. But after I got a new switch from gmparts-now and a new power board from a different vendor on amazon. It was all good. So cool to have heated seats this winter!!!
  4. I have successfully completed this mod using Harlech's parts list, although I'm using factory heating elements. It works great and is relatively easy, but I did need Harlech's programming wizardry assistance The only draw back is the pulse width modulation used to control the 3 heat (L-M-H) settings needs adjusted as all 3 settings are extremely hot. I'm sure this has to do with me using the factory heating elements as they are designed to utilize a thyristor feed back signal to the bcm or seat module to control element temp and there is no way of utilizing it. This is by far the best/easiest way to add heated seats utilizing the factory switches. I'm planning on adding heated seats to the back seats using this same method. Big thanks to Harlech for all the work in figuring this out
  5. Thanks for this!! I have hated the extreme brightness of the reverse camera since I bought the truck, even after the TSB 17-NA-269 update. Just completed the wire removal and it works great
  6. SS502, try this link https://www.ebay.com/itm/Custom-Printed-Vinyl-Decals-3M-Die-cut-Available-Outdoor-Sign-Sticker-Logo/323351416905?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=512412945522&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  7. Ha! not exclusive. sent an image of "Z71" to https://www.ebay.com/itm/Custom-Printed-Vinyl-Decals
  8. my Denali cluster did not come with the "Z71"logo. I got a decal on ebay, removed the lens and put the decal on the gauge face.
  9. I missed the Z71 on my stock cluster, its a decal I got on ebay
  10. Sorry to hear about your ankle.. So did you get your heated seat set up installed and working? I know you had concerns about the mosfet board being able to handle the current draw of the heating elements. As I said I have seats with the factory heat only elements and am kinda struggling with the canny7 programming. 700hp? nice!
  11. I asked WAMS if they could program your cluster to work in my truck and they said they could not. So it won't work for me
  12. Hi-does your cluster have the posted speed limit option?
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