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  1. HUD in Silverado/Sierra

    Very cool, might have to do this myself. Nice work
  2. Threerun - A+ Seller

    Recently purchased a set of used AMP power steps from him at an incredible price; everything was as advertised and he shipped them promptly upon payment. Because they were a large item, the shipping cost went over what he had originally quoted, but he covered it out of his own pocket. Has also offered tips on the installation and has made himself available to answer questions for any issues that may come up. Excellent seller, would not hesitate to buy from again.
  3. For sale- Power Amp steps for double cab

    Pm sent
  4. For sale- Power Amp steps for double cab

    Couple of questions, why are you selling them? Were there any issues when you removed them?
  5. WTS: 14-15 Silvy headlight trim

    Pm sent
  6. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Did you add trailer brake controls and the 4x4 switch too?
  7. Yes I had removed it. The cap was rubbing against the sides of the projector base itself (the cast aluminum fan guard/cooling fins piece). It may be because the aftermarket caps are slightly narrower than stock, I'm not sure. Moving the whole mled projector forward should resolve that issue however. I could trim down the projector mounting pegs in the headlight itself, just don't have the nerve to break out the Dremel yet lol
  8. Attempting my own mled retrofit in a set of replica projectors. 3D printed my own brackets, but noticed that the overall mled length from the mounting plate to the end of the lens is about 1/2 inch shorter than the halogen projector. Because of this, the projector sits further back from the trim ring and absolutely kills the side visibility. I also had to modify the passenger side dust cap to fit with the projector in. My questions are: will your brackets work for this layout or is it strictly for the factory projectors? Do the brackets compensate for the overall length difference?
  9. GrumpyGhost Rusty 1999 GMC Sierra Z71 Ongoing build!

    This may be my favorite build thread. You sure are putting some effort into that truck
  10. Autocal for sale

    Pm sent
  11. Diamond Eye Performance Exhaust

    I've got the system on mine, swapped out the muffler for a magnaflow. I think I'm going to try a bola xr1 next, not too crazy about the time on it now. Only thing I don't like about the diamond eye is the exit: went with a single exit and would prefer it stuck out at a 45 rather than a 90. Either going to dump it after the axle or rework the tailpipe.

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