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  1. It's an accessory part. You can add it, I've added them to all of mine.
  2. 2021 Premiere here... nothing noticeable to me.
  3. It was driving me nuts too, and I actually had to read the manual to find out. Different than my previous 3 Chevy trucks....
  4. The mechanical LRD in the Tahoe's is a tried and true bulletproof one. I've had 3 with extensive offroad use in two tahoes and a silverado. The 21's is strong. But as mentioned, if you're looking for ground clearance, Z71 or not, the Tahoe is not your vehicle. While the air suspension can give you 2 inches in approach, it won't do anything with clearance of the suspension parts.
  5. I drove a tahoe z71 and premiere, the z71 and the premiere having mag ride only, and the z71 having both mag and air. I bought the premiere because the ride was definitely better than the z71
  6. Has anyone found any nice aftermarket fog lights for the 2021 Tahoes, specifically for the Primere trim?
  7. You're absolutely correct, it's a crappy situation. Diminished value will depend on the insurance company's decision. Sadly, yes, it will show on the Carfax.
  8. The value and the cost of repair are too far apart. You can try, but it's a long gap to close.
  9. 2wd, unless you want it in rain or snow, 4WD-HI after you're stuck... don't use 4WD-HI to get stuck, use it to get UNSTUCK
  10. I've always asked them for $1000 for the advertising or had them take it off. They've always taken them off.
  11. 60 and above in Auto is just fine.
  12. Auto 4WD is in no way related to All Wheel Drive.
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