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  1. I have 2019 T1 LT crewcab with a cracked high mount brake light. With all of the recent rain, it is holding water. The new style brake light is secured from inside the cab and it is apparent that I will have to drop the headliner. I was wondering though if I can just remove the "B" and "C" post covers and be able to drop the headliner enough without removing the overhead console and "A" post cover. And is there anything else I need to do? Has anyone had to do this yet? Thanks!
  2. Interesting, I guess it is possible to add rain sensing wipers?
  3. My 2008 Yukon Denali with 105K miles suddenly started running really bad this week. The traction control/stabilitrac light came on at the same time. I took it to a local shop which said I need to take it to a dealer. They felt possibly it was a bad fuel pump module (which has physical damage) and a new one would have to be programmed by the dealer. I drove it a few miles to Williamson Cadillac here in Miami. The service advisor called me the next day and said that diagnostics points to no compression in cylinders in 2 and 4. He said that he has seen this several times before with the 6.2 where it is a broken valve spring. However, it will be a week before they can fully check out the engine. I have always cared for my Yukon with regular maintenance and do not drive it hard. Obviously the engine is out of warranty but I was wondering how big of an issue is the broken valve and/or spring with the non-AFM 6.2 engine? I haven't seen much on the internet as everything seems to be related to the AFM engines. I am hoping it is just a simple valve spring replacement but I am aware that if a valve dropped and hit a piston, I am looking at a new engine. I'll keep you guys posted as I find out more. Thanks.
  4. Actually I guess I know the answer now but I was under the impression that all 2007/2008/2009 Denali were AWD. Anyway, I bought a 2008 Yukon XL Denali and just assumed it was AWD, the dealer even had the windshield marked AWD, but when I looked underneath it today, it is definitely RWD. It doesn't really bother me as I got a great deal on it and I live in Miami, although I do tow a 28' boat and it could have been useful a time or two at a slippery boat ramp. But does anyone have any idea of how many were RWD vs AWD? When I did the VIN search at compnine.com it said my Denali is one of one made that year. Just curious, thanks.
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