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  1. 100K!

    Nice to see some fellow fbody guys around! '89 tta '98 formula '99 ta
  2. On older cars at least, that was a symptom of the motor going out.
  3. I tied into a switched source up there for my dash cam. Don't recall which wire off the top of my head now... might be in a thread here someplace.
  4. See post 2... is that what fell down? https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/applications/tapatalk/index.php?/topic/214513-BCM-Location
  5. Any time I update songs on my thumb drive, I delete it completely and re copy all the music back onto it. Seems to help with issues like that.
  6. Double Cab rear seat custom storage

    Very nice. Can you give more details on the build? How did you mount rear board? Bottom boxes 1 piece or all mounted together?
  7. Auto Door Lock Disable

    See my post above... I had it flashed on my 2010... but never have found gm offering it on 2014 and newer
  8. What’s your dash cam setup?

    Mini 801, hard wired to switched source in the overhead console.
  9. He said he still had 100 miles left when he scheduled the service. Although I'd have noted that with the dealer when scheduling and / or not driven the truck until I got it to the dealer if I was that worried about warranty miles.
  10. Steering Rack Replacement

    Replacement steering rack needs programed?
  11. Brake Controller Install locations

    Interesting. .. first I've seen this one. Looks much less obtrusive than the others.
  12. What is the point of sealing the tailgate where it meets the bed?
  13. Who Knew

    Although not very useful if you never noticed it was there.
  14. I had the auto door lock programed out on my '10.... could never get it done on my '14. Would love to save the wear and tear from the auto lock feature by having it turned off.
  15. I just cut a piece of rubberized drawer line and keep there. That way I can sit stuff there and things won't go rolling off into the foot wells.

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