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  1. Start here. https://www.obd-codes.com/u0151
  2. Should still be a history code unless you deleted it. Clean the MAF. Have you got an oiled filter like K&N if so go back to a dry paper filter. Here is a reason why. http://nicoclub.com/archives/kn-vs-oem-filter.html
  3. Any GMT 800 trucks without cruise control only need the multi function switch (OEM) to make cruise work but only if you have drive by wire..
  4. You need to measure the frame at points from the Factory Service Manual. There is too much variation body panels and body cushions/mounts to accurately gauge height.
  5. You most likely have a misfire (Check codes) PCM will unlock TCC if there is a misfire.
  6. Composite spring on Corvette began in 1978. I was involved in the development of the Composite spring as early as 1974. Very durable and light.
  7. Never measure from the body too much variation. Correct measurement is the "Z" height look it up in your service manual for your truck model.
  8. List parts and part # also codes. This isn't hard to diagnose, its either sensors, wiring or SDM. Codes will send the Tech in right direction if he is capable of true diagnosis not a part changer.
  9. I have owned a 2011,2014 and now a 2017 Buick Enclave and the 2011 had OEM PF48 but my 2014 came with a PF63 along with my 2017. In 2013 GM changed the oiling system to improve the oiling of the timing chain and raised oil pressure and added the PF63.
  10. Dealer is wrong, a Tech 2 or similar scanner can diagnose whats going on and tell you where the problem is. Find a shop that can diagnose properly. Your mechanic should know that SIR system is included in with brake systems, steering systems and more are all safety systems. Get a better Tech.
  11. Fuel pump humming is normal dont worry about it.
  12. What engine do you have? That service manual should cover all 4.8L & 5.3L engines
  13. The trans must be a 4x4 for a 4 wd the output shaft is different and a 4x2 wont work or vice versa.

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