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  1. In 2004 GM introduced the returnless fuel system, it lowered vapor emissions mandated by the EPA. Returnless systems improved fuel pumps and eliminated return line and external fuel filter, this cooled down the fuel due to constant recycling of fuel. Its not unheard of for pumps to last 150000+ miles. AC Delco and Delphi are one in the same.
  2. Starting in 04 all 5.3 & 6.0 had a returnless fuel pump these systems are known to last at least 150000 mi without replacement so check your vehicle to see if it has a returnable system, one indicator is no fuel filter on the frame rail it in the tank.
  3. What M&Y is your truck? Overfilling wont damage internals but can damage seals.
  4. Removing the BCM will stop engine from running, power windows, cruise control,lights,windows,radio and much more will be dead.
  5. The evap test is random and will not go out if solenoid is replaced, you must clear with a scanner. If it comes back on later you most likely have a leak.
  6. All exhaust valves have sodium in them to cool.
  7. You need to go to a parts store and buy SS lines and you must have double flairs. Ask someone at NAPA or similar store.
  8. The copper brake lines are ILLEGAL and must be changed for SS or steel lines due to the brake pressure can exceed the burst strength of copper lines. Brake line pressure can exceed 3200 psi. Brake failure can and will occur and towing certainly accelerate the failure. Replace immediately your life is worth it.
  9. Check NSS and relay plus grounds. Might want to put info on your vehicle to help us out.
  10. Best way to clean is to turn ign. but not start engine and have someone press throttle to floor while you clean throttle body.
  11. No a 2x4 and a 4x4 frame are entirely different. Keep looking.
  12. The PCM is programmed for RPO NJ9 for dual tanks and a different parameters for increased capacity on the vapor test.
  13. Diesels have no vapor emissions like the gas vehicles and have a sensor in the tank so that trick wont work on 1996 and later trucks.
  14. Yes even with a switch valve. If the valve is open when the vac test is done the PCM will set a code.
  15. Its because the PCM does a random vacuum test for fuel tank vapors and when it cant pull specific vacuum reading in a certain time it thinks tank has a vacuum leak.
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