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  1. GM started the returnless fuel system on pickups in 2004 on V8's and Tahoe & Suburban 2003 and continue up until current production, the returnless system was dictated by the Fed's vapor emission requirement.
  2. How many miles? GM started to use a returnless fuel system and thay have been known to last 180000 to 300000 miles, they are very robust systems.
  3. In my of 50 years as an ASE certified tech i have seen a fare share of bad oil filters and if the oil is the same viscosity regardless of mineral or synthetic oil the oil will not change the pressure its always the oil filter. Under normal operation the oil filter passes 100% of the oil through it but when the filter becomes plugged the bypass allow oil by the filter lowering the oil pressure. Change the filter its easy and cheap.
  4. Your engine has VVT and you should stick with Dexos1 check your owners manual or the oil fill cap for correct viscosity
  5. Actually the AC Delco fuel pumps are more reliable that the aftermarket Do some reading on this and other sites and people recommend OEM.
  6. Check battery voltage it must be 12.6v after driven and has sat for 15 minutes.
  7. Torque converters generate heat and while standing still or moving slowly until the lockup clutch engages you will see that its normal, if your not towing dont worry about it.
  8. GMT800 trucks had no chip in the key it is in the cylinder and after you change the lock tumbler assembly you will have to do a pass lock relearn.
  9. When i clean my throttle body's on my vehicles i have my wife turn on the ign and floor the throttle so the blade is wide open i then clean the bore and then have lift foot off the gas peddle and shutoff ign. Works for me every time.
  10. I have a rule on tires never change brand, size or tire load index. All three will have an affect on ride quality and overall handling.
  11. Yes always change both of any front end repair parts as it saves you money since you must get a front end alignment after the work is done and you will save the cost of a second alignment.
  12. This is why its bad to disconnect the battery in modern vehicles without a memory power supply, some vehicles will not even start or other equipment such as the radio no operate correctly. Always use a memory power supply, they are available on Amazon for around $18 and plug into the ALDL port and have several connectors to #1 clamp onto a car battery #2 plug into the lighter outlet of another vehicle.
  13. Lesson learned i hope. Always disconnect the negative battery cable before you do any electrical work just for this reason. Start by using a schematic and an Ohm meter and check where you have current and work your way to the dead spot.
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