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  1. Service Air Bag light displays

    Have someone pull the codes you will need a Tech 2 or similar scanner.
  2. Might be for insurance companies tho.
  3. Police package

    Police car package 9C1 & 5W4 are configured for high endurance and hi speed operation minimum insulation and little options that will be comfortable to you. These vehicles are HD and are designed to run fast at minimum 144 mph ride quality, and comfort is midlevel. These trucks are a cross between a 2500 & 3500 series.
  4. Actuator

  5. I would have them copy/cut key from your original since they cant do it right from VIN.
  6. The air bag switch isn't keys to any specific key its generic, You simply got the wrong new key cut take it back. Buy some lock ease and squirt into the column lock cylinder to lubricate it.
  7. I would keep looking for a truck with tow pkg and the equipment to haul your trailer. The truck you are looking at will be marginal at best because its easy to overload with the margin you would have and safety and reliability will be compromised.
  8. Does your original key look the same (cuts) is not go back to the dealer and have them make it right.
  9. Service brake booster?

    Do you have a vacuum pump mounted on the booster and a hose going to the booster? If so the pump may be bad. Thats the only way the cluster would know the vacuum is low in booster.
  10. Before you throw parts at it do a compression check. Don't know how many miles but valve springs could be tired.
  11. I would say yes. I think your power issue is either low fuel pressure at high engine speed or maybe a partially plugged converter. The TB is mostly a air valve with a TPS for throttle opening data.
  12. Dont pull TB just have someone press gas peddle and see is throttle blade goes almost all the way open if so have person hold gas peddle and spray TB cleaner in inside housing. Wipe out with clean cloth, moving throttle blade manually will require a reset by dealer.
  13. Air bag light on

    Start here. https://www.obd-codes.com/u0151
  14. 06 Sierra P0101 code

    Should still be a history code unless you deleted it. Clean the MAF. Have you got an oiled filter like K&N if so go back to a dry paper filter. Here is a reason why. http://nicoclub.com/archives/kn-vs-oem-filter.html
  15. Adding cruise control?

    Any GMT 800 trucks without cruise control only need the multi function switch (OEM) to make cruise work but only if you have drive by wire..

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