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  1. 7psi per 1000 rpms is adequate so anything over 14psi at 2000 is okay.
  2. I dont think you had a hot engine at 240F the SES would have set and at 250F PCM would have started to drop cylinders to protect the engine. My bet is on the coolant sensor or the yellow/black wire having coolant gotten through the sensor to the wiring. Inspect the plug/pigtail for coolant and when you change the thermostat only use 187 F only.
  3. Dont forget the head bolts must be replaced each time they are removed they are torque to yield.
  4. AC Delco or Delphi for longevity or any other brand if you like changing pumps.
  5. Go to Rockauto and select the one that fits your vehicles description.
  6. A code reader will only read powertrain codes a scanner (Tech 2) or equivalent will read all the vehicle modules, body, ABS, SDM etc. I suggest you get a scanner to integrate your vehicle.
  7. P0251 does not apply to a gas engine only a Diesel.
  8. 20 psi at idle is plenty actually at 1000 rpm's it should be around 7 psi.
  9. Fit won't be the problem for components from a Mexico only vehicle. I know that exhaust systems on Mexican only trucks did not have stainless exhaust just plain raw steel exhaust like our vehicles had in the 1970's.
  10. Mexico built and registered vehicles are different than U.S. registered vehicles and as far as the fender it probably wouldn't be galvanized where as the U.S. registered vehicle has galvanized body parts. I know that their vehicles are very cheap and lack safety equipment and other federal vehicle components.
  11. That's a Crew Cab extended cabs became available in the GMT400 in 1996 as a 3 door.
  12. 6.0L would need to be a #2500 or #3500 there were some 6.2L #1500 made
  13. MFR's recommend no larger than 7.5" on a 7.5" rim.
  14. LH 19186776 RH 19186777 these are AC Delco. Just make sure you put the torsion bars in with the label/tag to the control arm.
  15. Did you measure the angle of the hexagon on the old v/s the new arm? I am betting the arm is bad or wrong application, the P/N is not a guarantee that its correct. What was wrong with the old arm?
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