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  1. Just replace the bad terminal because the fuse block will not have any terminals.
  2. You shouldn't block off the line due to the steam venting it does just join both sides with HD rubber hose to bypass.
  3. If you dont have a SES light your good to go because the test stations dont care about history codes but you can check the accessory fuse, most likely the fuse is blown.
  4. BTW I f the KS are looking bad get the pigtail and lookup on youtube the GM recommended fix with silicone.
  5. Intake leaks will set 0171 code. Doing the knock sensors while your in there will save you time and money.
  6. Looks like you have a vacuum leak at the plenum to cyl. head. https://www.yourmechanic.com/article/p0171-obd-ii-trouble-code-system-too-lean-bank-1-by-andrew-quinn
  7. Should be dimples at the right hand side of the brake booster.
  8. Might help is you give us more information M&Y etc.
  9. Why not put a load on each light much cheaper. https://store.ijdmtoy.com/products/wirng-harness-adapter-aa1037
  10. I would say that these items would have to be changed. Intake manifold, Carburetor, Distributer, timing chain cover, some wiring changes will need to be done and fuel regulator along with keeping the PCM to run truck gauges etc. Please give us more info on how & when it quits. Also HEI is electronic ign. I think your going in the wrong direction , have all grounds been cleaned (bright) and dielectric silicone put on joints? has the ign. switch been replaced? has the neutral safety switch been checked out or replaced? Do you have a service manual fo your particular truck? not a Hynes but a GM service manual and are there any codes?
  11. The change to HEI (electronic ign.) and carb. will cost more than to just fix the problem.
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