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Need help with 99 Yukon leaks!

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I've got a whole bunch of leaks underneath my Yukon and I took several pictures to show what's going on:


Driveshaft entering front diff, oil dropplet:

Pic 1.


Driveshaft entering transfer case, no oil dropplet in pic because I wiped it down, but notice the wet cross member. It's leaking right out of that black rubber cover over the driveshaft:

Pic 2.


Transfer case has several oil dropplet leaks, again wiped down before pic was taken but notice wet bottom bolts compared to the other ones:

Pic 3.


Hopefully someone can help me out here. Is it tough to replace these gaskets, seals? How much labor time are we looking at? And is it common for the front diff to leak like that, where the driveshaft enters? It looks as though the "main seals" around the front diff are okay, no wet bolts or leaks that I was able to see.


And the tcase leaks were red colored oil... but the front diff to driveshaft leak was engine oil colored leak, didnt' quite smell like normal motor oil though... not sure what it is.








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***I linked the pictures because they're so big, 56kers would be here for two days.***

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