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  1. I've been on the Vette Forum since 2003.....
  2. Bring it to Moab; let's see how it does om Moab Rim, Hell's Gate to name a few. But to be fair the Raptor didn't do good without more lift.
  3. Common occurrence on Hummers (H2/H3) when off-roading, but usually took a steep angle to set them off. And I know of no one who ever had GM pay the bill for the problem. However, insurance covered the costs (minus deductible of course).
  4. Interesting article on possibly a new tailgate. http://www.foxnews.com/auto/2017/02/03/next-chevy-silverado-could-get-this-built-in-tailgate-step.html
  5. Headlight Comparison

    Nothing on the dash, however, I keep getting a notification from Onstar that I "might" have an exterior light out; just got another one the other day and only after night driving. I'm assuming it is the license plate LEDs. Since I only use the cargo bulbs when backing up into a campground (haven't done that for about three months), and the backup lamp bulbs come on every time I back up and the third high mount tail lamp is used all the time. Message from Onstar: One or more of the lights in your 2016 GMC Sierra Crew Cab may have malfunctioned. Please see your dealer for service. It also shows on my monthly Onstar maintenance/service history report. But no idiot light. When spring gets here, I might install 50W, 6-Ohm load resistors into the two separate license lamp circuits. I say "might" since the emails don't bother me, but I guess I should solve the problem in case an actual bulb goes out. Strange thing is I had these same bulbs installed in my '15 Silverado (also had a set of Anzo LED tail light assemblies installed) and never received a notice from Onstar about a bulb being out. So; I'm guessing the '16 might monitor more bulbs or the sensitivity is upped.
  6. Headlight Comparison

    Yea, there is a row of amber LEDs on the bottom of the assembly. Only external bulbs that are NOT LEDs are the backup, the cargo, the center mounted taillight and the license lamps. I took care of that the first day. Swapped them all out to LEDs.
  7. I have an Intellilink (same as the Mylink) that has gone completely blank about six times since I have owned the vehicle. It also disconnects BT, but the sound still plays. After a minute or two, it will automatically start up again and connect to BT. When it starts back up, sound goes away. Doesn't seem to be any reason for it to happen such as a hitting large bump, weather, etc. It just happens. Have not had the dealer look at it,yet. But have talked to the service adviser and he says never heard of it before.
  8. Headlight Comparison

    On '16 GMC SLT the LED headlamps were part of the SLT Crew Cap Premium package
  9. Filling with Gas

    Have not seen a pump that did not have a nozzle lock in years; However, I live in ID and primarily travel in ID, UT, WY, MT, NV. So maybe it has something to to with the state you live in? As for the fill; same as I had on my '15 Silverado. Put the nozzle is about half the length of the spout, and lock the fill at half-way. Full will turn it off immediately. As for cold...try it at -22 and the pump is going slower than a turtle.
  10. Looking more closely, the back window is covered up on the bottom to match the bottom line with the front door. The front window covering I bet is fake to make it look like Ford. That goes along with the rear cover that makes it look like Ford tail lights. Find it hard to believe GM designers would make a truck that looks like a Ford from the side. But I have NO Idea....
  11. It's so darn big can't miss it. My driver side assist is not that big.
  12. If it ends up looking like a Ford, if and when I replace my '16, it will be with a Ford. I hold no allegiance to GM. Only reason I drive a GM is cause it does not look like a Ford!
  13. There will never be a mini-van in my garage!
  14. Hummer H3s had IFS and front and rear Eaton electric lockers 2009 on and rear Eaton electroc lockers from day one (in adventure series and off-road packages). They did have problems with first year front non-locking diffs but that was fixed by the second year.

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