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  1. muffler bearings getting grease ....fuel pump. my tb does it as well...
  2. I currently have a 19 trailboss with the 5.3 8 speed, shifts and runs great so far, just towed a 27.5 foot travel trailer and it worked very nice. only down shifted once climbing a larger hill. Doesn't sag at all with sway bar hitch unit.
  3. Boys here's my take on ride. I've own new since 2010., 12 , 14, 16, My last was a sixteen loaded gm slt with a level kit which I've done on all my trucks. My new to me TB loaded with eighteens is a very nice ride and not ridged at all. my first tank of gas hand calculated was 28 mph and I'm happy. Can only get better. 4 new rides and it gets better every time. But this is just my 2 cents...if your uncertain about rides, take them all out for test rides, if your going to buy the dealer will more than be happy to help you make the right chose.
  4. That's a nice improvement, good chose. Like it a lot.
  5. Very close to purchase but here is where I'm at but 2 dealers waging war. trail boss full load 68500 out the door with a few extras for 48200 Never pay asking price...
  6. Hey Denali'19 not to poke old wounds but with a park assist warning it may be just that one of your sensors outside of the truck is dirty, frosted over, etc. and if it is you will get this warning on the dic and not be able to activate with your buttons until it is cleaned off. Just checking.
  7. Sorry to hitch the topic but here in Canada some dealers are actually giving the steelies with the truck no extra cost on invoice as I looked for it closely. Would be a great option for winter use.
  8. Take the garbage plastic ones off and put a set of gaterback flaps on and now your talking...
  9. I'm in the same boat, having said that my dealer told me and I've read that premium is not a requirement but is suggested. Know guys that run regular octane in there 6.2 with no noticeable difference. ic; mileage, power. ???
  10. Seen this on a few hc, and ltz today, gatorbacks with those exact colour plugs!
  11. Try cost, plus 150 bucks admin. fees plus incentives….love it... Company incentive
  12. look who's judging someone's comment about the big picture? Really? Fast car fun times take it as you wish...
  13. boys if you want a drag car, go buy a drag car... where talkin about trucks. its called off roading, pulling shit and hauling stuff. Come on if you want to drag down a drag strip give me a vet l1 or such and then will talk.
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