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  1. I would say take the time to compare your truck to other 2017's with the same engine. I have had a 2014 5.3 / 2016 6.2 /2017 6.2 and now a 2018 6.2 they all have a certain amount of click or tick or whatever. If yours is much louder than others then take it to the dealer for repair if not then go ahead with installing the GM Borla catback exhaust as it tends to mask a lot of the engine noise. Much prettier noise at least to my ears.....
  2. I know there have been a few threads with some people actually advertising the factory trimode steps for sale. I am think they were around 1000 bones used? I think a set new from GM Parts would be around 3 times that. Problem with getting them to work correctly is in the BCM programming from what I understand. Their was a fella that had a damaged set that he replaced by buying a used set online on this forum, so that might be your TYPE of customer if you can find someone that needs a replacement? From what I remember a repair shop had damaged his when they put the truck on a lift and the lift arms damaged the boards.
  3. I got some really nasty paint chips in my tailgate yesterday. Lawn care crew was weed-eating and apparently threw rocks/gravel directly at the truck. I see at least 4 really noticeable ones on the tailgate after I washed off the debris. I am of course reporting it when I get to work this morning. I had noticed some small gravel and grass clippings on top of the bed cover when I went to get something out of the truck at lunch time yesterday and actually snapped a cell phone pic of the tailgate and rear bumper with grass and gravel sitting on it. I washed it off on the way home yesterday afternoon and that is when I discovered the damage. Paint does not seem to be as strong as it should be but anything that is painted that you start shooting small rocks and gravel at in the +100mph range is going to suffer some damage. I will probably take this to a professional body shop to have repaired. Our laborer lawn care guy is just hours away from an old fashioned arse chewing.......
  4. when you replaced the ball joints did you replace the control arms too? If not you might have a bad bushing on one.
  5. Gol Darned right ole timer dem were da good ole days. I remember walking over 5 miles one way just to get to school and back home. Amazing part was that BOTH ways were UPHILL.
  6. Dealer options complicate the deal. I would look at it this way. $71,690 MSRP before dealer options $71,690.00 - 20% = $57,352.00 sell price + what you calculate the dealer add ons are really worth. Might be more towards the end of the year to get the big discount 19's are just showing up on lots
  7. 4x4 broke ?

    start with a basic mechanical parts visual inspection. Has the front driveshaft fell off,gaping hole in transaxle housing,new puppy chewed wiring off etc. If everything looks to be in place and it is a floor manual 4whl shift then have a friend help and verify the cable is actually engaging the shift arm on transaxle. If electronic go ahead and replace the actuator at this point that is a common issue.
  8. Double check your battery post cable end. I am thinking the 2003's had the accessory wire married into that pressed connection. Probably has developed some corrosion inside where you cannot see over the years inside the pressed connection (IT WILL GET WORSE) If this were mine i would probably just go ahead and replace the entire cable with a new one. Other cheaper easier option is to just change the end at the battery.
  9. Window tint

    If I am not mistaken the factory rear is 20%? so they matched the rear factory tint level on the front and then added some real light tint with the ceramic. To me the ceramic looked almost clear when they were working with the raw materials cutting it to size before installing it. So maybe 15% to 18% overall? It does take a bit of getting used to if you drive out in the country on a dark night, the visibility out the drivers and passenger windows is noticeably diminished. However worst case you can roll down the window if in a tight spot parking or something and need more visibility right? Most of my driving is daytime and parking outside in the hot sun so to me the tint and coating are well worth a small loss of visibility a few times a year under certain conditions. Besides I do like a bit of privacy in case i have a booger in my nose and want to pick it going down the road LOL
  10. People think that automotive paint shops always run smoothly but the fact is that there are constant problems with booth humidity conditions/silicone contamination/Paint or Primer cure issues with Ovens going down. It is a miracle that more vehicles do not have paint falling off and if you think GM is going to pull a entire shifts vehicles off and repaint them you have lost your mind LOL. Just the luck of the draw and no way to trace what the issue was when your truck was painted but something obviously happened that affected the paint quality. If some others out there are really seeing this same issue with this color paint they need to all get together and compare Build Dates you will probably see an exact match THEN GM might listen to your guys as a group and issue a repair order out to your dealer. Good Luck fellas.
  11. Sounds familiar I had a 97 that had a bad differential that got hot enough to smell the fluid. It was also making noise (bad center chunk bearings) I believe I was told that anything over 230f indicates problem with a differential if you are doing heavy towing. I saw those little IR thermometers on sale the other day for like 12 bones I bought one several years back and it is handy.
  12. Several youtube videos online where people have tested rotor temps using infrared cameras etc. They have easily hit 60 or 70C (140 to 158f) and more just revving the engine and allowing the rotor to freewheel turn without the brakes even applied. Any brake application causes the temp to escalate into the 150C plus range within seconds. The large mass of rotor on a PU truck takes a long while to dissipate it will carry the heat for a long time. Not sure how scientific this is but would the front wheels may be getting more airflow just due to the fact that the front wheels rotated in and out of the airstream when driving and steering therefore keeping them a few degrees cooler than the rear? Since you have the new thermometer lets test the axle tube/differential/rotor/wheel and tire temps. Can you get a spreadsheet filled out with all the data so the forum members can examine it? This is going to be awesome.
  13. Might not be a truck issue, might be a trailer issue?. Lets get this truck hooked up to another trailer and do some testing. We are constantly pulling trailers of every shape and size at work and believe me the guys know which ones they want to pull. Some will beat you and the truck to death out on the road for no apparent reason just something about the way they are built..
  14. Deals on 2018's?

    Your tradeIn must be a low value vehcile if they are squeezing you so hard on the new truck price? My motto is to never buy a new vehicle at any less than 20% off MSRP.. If you have a CarMax close just run by and get an appraisal from them for your tradein vehicle, that would be the wholesale cash out price. That gives you a good starting point. You will of course want to do all the online KBB / Edmunds etc calculators too for comparison. Anyway lets say you get a 15k cash offer from CarMax you will still have to check your sales Tax situation to see if the math comes out better selling straight out in a private sale (higher than the CarMax quote of course) or Trading in and taking the Trade In Tax deduction. On your posted deal it should look like this. MSRP 55,105 - 20% = sale price of new vehicle...... $44,084 Minus tradeIn value whatever that is lets just use $15,000 (if you sell yourself you will need to take taxes into consideration in my State it would be $1,050 so i would have to get $16,050 or more in a private sell to make this work of course anything more than $16,050 sell price is more money in my pocket) you simply write a check for the difference of....... $29,084 + any applicable taxes
  15. Could be that the breakin damaged a part that they did not replace? Maybe a sensor or the sensor wiring? All your problems seem to be centered around the door position sensor, possibly a part of the door lock cylinder that was not replaced?

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