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  1. 2009 Hybrid Tahoe 209k has averaged 18.5 over the last 2500 miles real world driving no hypermilling mix of city and highway driving. HOWEVER it has a 3.5" lift and oversize wheels and Tires (Nitto grapplers) Uses around 2 gts oil every 3k miles. My driving style is aggressive at times with WOT and some tire chirping LOL that seems to bring the mpg down and make for some oil blow through. The Old beast runs and drives dang good....
  2. Most likely oil filter thread shavings. If that is the case then oil analysis would show nothing. If you had a stack of 100 boxes of brand new oil filters and opened them all you would probably find at least one with some metal shavings left inside from the thread cutting tooling. typically it is hanging from the newly cut threads and highly visible if you are looking. To bad that most oil change monkeys only have eyes for the time clock not what they are doing. I will say that If this were my truck I would probably trade it in tomorrow as this would be the perfect EXCUSE to trade LOL.
  3. I have probably contributed to the GMC Sierra being ranked so highly on the "chit list" by trading up every year 2016 - 2017 and 2018. I did Not trade because I did not like the product it was just the opposite, i traded because I really LIKE the product and the pricing was great. I am eyeballing a 2019 but I have not decided if the redesign can earn my business or not............................
  4. Tailgate lock

    Well shoot that is bad news i will start saving for a 2020 I guess with the fancy tailgate.
  5. Agreed a gasoline smell is inevitable, what I am referring to is a lot stronger than anything that you would normally encounter. You will recognize it if it happens it will literally burn your nose hairs LOL. .
  6. Oil Pressure Too High

    My 2009 6.0 with 205k miles runs 60 to 65 at cold start and after warm up at idle runs 40 and around 45 to 50 on road at around 1500 rpm at higher rpms highway speeds above 2000 rpms I do see 55 to 60 so i do not think that is unusual at all. The GM 6.0 engine is basically bulletproof if serviced regularly, we have a lot of 3/4 ton pickups at work (seriously abused units) that have run over 400k miles with very little problems but they do keep the oil changed and that is the life of any engine. Once they get past 300k most will show a low oil pressure around 20 25 at hot idle.......... death is usually around 400k.
  7. Try to increase your odds as much as you can. Only pay good money for a one owner vehicle with good full service records. If it is questionable unit low ball it till you are comfortable with paying for anything that may happen. If they do not want to sell it for that move on to the next one. There are literally millions of used vehicles out there to choose from....... I bought a "beater ride" a few months back, 2009 Tahoe 4x4 195k with all the bells and whistles Sunroof/Leather/DVD player etc plus it just had $3,300.00 worth of 3.5 lift kit/20x10 mayhem wheels and nitto grapplers installed. It was a 2nd owner (son in law bought from his father in law who bought it new) had full service records and it is doing well so far. I am pretty pleased at $6,600.00. It may blow a trans or engine in the near future but at that price I am not concerned I will just drop a used part in and move on. The deals are out there, just do not settle for a questionable unit unless the price is right. Good Luck man and Happy Hunting.
  8. Tailgate lock

    Quote " I wonder if tailgate locks from the K2 are the same size/shape as the T1?" I have seen a lot of advertising for the folding tailgate on the 2019 GMC trucks. Will a 2019 folding tailgate fit on my 2018?
  9. Wiggums, would you be willing to perform an experiment for the good of the forum data base? Maybe fill up a 5 gallon gas can with your favorite ethanol blend and roll out on a trip along a Non-Busy side road and monitor your vehicle until it dies from fuel starvation? Please be sure to list out the truck specs (cab configuration/4x4?/options/engine size/gas tank size etc) so the information is useful for comparisons. I doubt that a one time fuel starvation will damage the fuel pump significantly maybe it only goes 150k miles when it could have done 250k? Good Luck man, I look forward to seeing this very important data posted.
  10. Did you replace the oil sending unit filter screen when you replaced the oil sending unit?
  11. That looks like a quality material? If that is the flexible rubber materials like the Husky ExactContour liners, that is a bargain. It it is the hard slick plastic like the weathetechs I would pass at any price.
  12. I had a 2017 6.2 that had a a bad High Pressure Fuel Pump internal diaphragm leak and filled the oil crankcase with gasoline The oil level was at least an inch above the full mark and it had a strong gas smell to the oil and oil cap. Dealership replaced the HPFP but stated no engine damage. They might be correct but I did not wish to keep the truck and I traded it in for a 2018 6.2. To my way of thinking heavily fuel diluted oil is the kiss of death for engine longevity and I did not want to drive it long enough to prove my theory. The 2018 at 6,500 miles is doing well, although it does have several "miles" on the hood hinges and may suffer premature wear on that part Hahahahaha (I check engine oil level at every fuel up)
  13. Good point the previous owner could have fudged the records or the oil change place could have used a cheap recycled oil (maybe even poured in used oil from someone elses vehicle each time, the stuff probably looked like that super bowl commercial about the chunky milk) I can see that there would be a financial incentive for the oil change places to do that. I am with you on this man, there has got to be an anomaly causing this very strange issue.
  14. Cheyenne383 out on the open road I run the in the 4whl auto mode in the rain/snow/icy conditions which prevents the binding. Why would you not utilize the auto 4whl setting instead of 4whl high out on the road? It seems like someone had told me at one time that the 3/4 ton and up trucks did not have a 4whl auto setting, does yours happen to be a 3/4 ton?
  15. It did create some stress and your transfer case probably has a little less clutch pack life I would probably just go ahead and swap the fluid out in the transfers case to get rid on any clutch dust material and drive chain metal shavings that may have been shaved off. The transfer case holds very little fluid like less than 2 quarts of DEXRON Vl and is easy to change out if you have a transfer hand pump takes like 30 minutes in your driveway. Make sure and clean the magnetic plug. If you can post a pic of the fluid as it drains and a good pic of the drain plug magnet with debris on it. that will probably encourage a lot more people to do a early fluid change LOL

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