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  1. Trying to remember where I heard this GREAT phrase spoken at a recent political rally. Quote: "WE Choose Truth over Facts" I will have to google that I guess...... On a brighter note, Dodge has upped the competition on excess power and capabilities. Please be very careful with this info, if you expose a New Green Deal supporter, they may experience heart palpitations. Check it out https://www.ramtrucks.com/trx.html
  2. Was still good when I traded for my 2019 but the cover would not fit on the 19 since they changed the bed size from 18 to 19. I have not installed a bed cover on the 19 yet, it only has 1000 miles on it but i will be looking at a G4 for sure............
  3. Got it to vibrate the seat a couple of times, the system just is not as sensitive as the 2018 and back units that I had. i like this HUD display thing it is cool and lots of other gadgets to adjust and fiddle with. Like a kid with a new toy here, right at 900 miles now............... Oh man i need to change my little icon pic thing just noticed that it still has the black 18 on it.
  4. I would probably give the glass a good cleaning before I complained to the dealer. Any build up on the window glass can cause it to bind up and shudder. My drivers side rear was doing that and I had to use a paste window glass cleaner and plenty of elbow grease to get mine clean, it had something sticky on it. I figured the dealership had a tag or sign or something stuck on it at some point in time.
  5. Mine rattles noticeably at low speeds on rough pavement. Going to check this out tomorrow I had hit all the parts back there with my hand and could not duplicate the rattle. Thought it was the headrest at the time. Dang GM 70k rattle TRAPS. Great QC GM Hahahaha
  6. I have a mysterious rattle in the back drivers side corner that I cannot figure out what it is. Bumped the headliner / back panels and rear headrest etc around and cannot duplicate it. Only hear it on rough roads and seems to be more noticeable at slow speeds. Coming up on 900 miles LOL not supposed to sound like an old rattle trap vehicle with only 900 miles is it? My purchasing dealership has one of the worst service teams I have ever seen so it is up to me to find the issue and then CONVINCE them to do something about it. If you guys figure it out please post what it is.
  7. I have worked in auto plants for all my life as a construction worker, specifically the paint shops. Everyone here would absolutely freak out if they knew how many brand new cars and trucks are repaired/repainted before leaving the General Assembly building. Highly likely that your "baby" that you think is perfect and never abused was smacked around a bit before being released to the world. It is called the Paint Hospital and believe me that area is busier than a regular hospital during a pandemic. LOL. I understand the OP's feeling and I would probably walk if it was a no cost option on this deal too. Kind of like when you are in the restaurant and can see back in the kitchen area when they drop the pan of steak on the floor BAM but the cook picks it up real quick and keep cooking like nothing happened. (3 second rule) You simply cannot un-see that..........
  8. I really appreciate everyone's input. I will probably end up just ordering a set of Michelin's and moving on. Right now I am dealing with Hail damage from a recent storm, adjuster was out today and estimated it at $2,500.00. Looking for the best PDR outfit in town right now...............sometimes it just feels like a new vehicle is more trouble than it is worth. Might be best to just "DRIVE A BEATER" Haha
  9. Long periods of idle. Jack rabbit starts. Racing the neighbor in his Camaro LOL. Low tire pressure. Or as swath says pulling a trailer. Maybe a brake drag problem what is your brake wear percentage and is it dropping fast? Oh and what exhaust did you install my new Denali is pretty quiet and I am thinking about adding some rumble...............
  10. Saw a weird thread earlier where it was put forth that certain devices (USB phone chargers etc) plugged into the charging ports can cause some strange electrical problems. It seemed to suggest that the most problems were with the cheaper versions of the plugin adapters. So I guess if this were mine I would unplug all charging cords etc and see if the issue goes away? Who knows with these rolling computers nowadays what can affect the electronics.....
  11. Yep a good drive should wake it up if not then 100% it is bad.
  12. Appreciate the update. Now my challenge is to get it to vibrate the seat just to make sure that it actually works DO NOT BE DRIVING UP TOO CLOSELY BESIDE ME Hahaha Just kidding I will make sure no one is around when I do the wild maneuver.
  13. That is less sensitive than the 18 and back systems then. If you drifted outside your lane to a certain degree it would vibrate the seat on the side that you were drifting out of lane on and of course it would be trying to nudge the steering wheel. . I guess i have not drifted quickly enough yet to get the seat to vibrate LOL
  14. LOL I just wasted but enjoyed 40 mins of watching videos. Good job Mod - X2
  15. Guys this does not make any sense, how could the floor liner being on the gas pedal cause the engine to turn over but not start? I intentionally pulled the factory floor liner out and tossed it back in on top of the gas pedal and mine starts, there has to be more to this? Is it just a coincidence and people are being told that is what it is maybe? The scenario of the floor liner just does not make sense!
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