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  1. Does not sound like anything to be too concerned with on the re-torque just stop back in the install shop when you get back from your trip and have them check everything. Lifts are cool. I just bought a beater vehicle to drive to work. 2009 Tahoe with a 3.5" lift. I get a Stabiltrac dash flashing light on hard turns due to the lift. But man, check out these Mayhem 8106 10 x 20 Hachets and Nitto Grapplers, aint it cool? Who cares about a little intermittent flashing yellow light anyway when it looks this good.... LOL Enjoy your lift but watch for that pesky StabilTrac flashing light on the dash, seems to be a pretty common thing.
  2. I have a guess, it is a long shot but a real easy check. Have the mechanic check for a bad Diode in the alternator. I have seen this happen where the spike can cause the electronic control system to keep rebooting causing mysterious intermittent issues.
  3. If these are the OEM tires that came on the truck then I would suspect the tires are your issue at 40k miles,. Spring for a set top quality Michelins and see if it goes away? It is easy for me to spend OPM (Other Peoples Money) Haha
  4. There are some deals on slightly used trucks out there heck I have one myself. 2018 GMC Denali Ultimate Black beauty 6000 miles barely broken in. I bought it brand new a few months back with 12 miles on odometer. $52,800.00 tons of extras 6.2/sunroof/sliding rear window/heated and cooled seats/driver alert/LED headlights with auto dim/TriMode steps/GM Borla exhaust/FoldaCover bed cover/BakBox tool box/bed mat/Huper Optic ceramic window tint/Cold Air inductions Intake/Husky Exact Contour floor liners/Husky Underseat storage . MSRP over 64k Plus all the extras. First free dealer oil change was done at 2k miles, still has one free oil change. Garage kept.. PM me if in the Nashville area and you want it. No accidents and it has been babied its entire life. Average of over 21 mpg over 6000 miles driven. I cannot drive it to work due to the the entrance road and our parking lot is just not suitable for a vehicle like this. I cannot stand for it to be exposed. I will buy myself a new truck when I retire in 3 years. Just driving an older beater Tahoe for now.
  5. https://troubleshootmyvehicle.com/gm/4.3L-5.0L-5.7L/blower-motor-resistor-test-1
  6. does it work on any speed at all? These trucks utilize a blower motor resistor that does tend to go bad.
  7. Is it possible that someone may have spilled their large bottle of acetone containing nail polish remover and failed to mention it to you? https://abc7chicago.com/health/video-shows-how-quickly-nail-polish-remover-can-start-flash-fire/658544/
  8. I would say take the time to compare your truck to other 2017's with the same engine. I have had a 2014 5.3 / 2016 6.2 /2017 6.2 and now a 2018 6.2 they all have a certain amount of click or tick or whatever. If yours is much louder than others then take it to the dealer for repair if not then go ahead with installing the GM Borla catback exhaust as it tends to mask a lot of the engine noise. Much prettier noise at least to my ears.....
  9. I know there have been a few threads with some people actually advertising the factory trimode steps for sale. I am think they were around 1000 bones used? I think a set new from GM Parts would be around 3 times that. Problem with getting them to work correctly is in the BCM programming from what I understand. Their was a fella that had a damaged set that he replaced by buying a used set online on this forum, so that might be your TYPE of customer if you can find someone that needs a replacement? From what I remember a repair shop had damaged his when they put the truck on a lift and the lift arms damaged the boards.
  10. I got some really nasty paint chips in my tailgate yesterday. Lawn care crew was weed-eating and apparently threw rocks/gravel directly at the truck. I see at least 4 really noticeable ones on the tailgate after I washed off the debris. I am of course reporting it when I get to work this morning. I had noticed some small gravel and grass clippings on top of the bed cover when I went to get something out of the truck at lunch time yesterday and actually snapped a cell phone pic of the tailgate and rear bumper with grass and gravel sitting on it. I washed it off on the way home yesterday afternoon and that is when I discovered the damage. Paint does not seem to be as strong as it should be but anything that is painted that you start shooting small rocks and gravel at in the +100mph range is going to suffer some damage. I will probably take this to a professional body shop to have repaired. Our laborer lawn care guy is just hours away from an old fashioned arse chewing.......
  11. when you replaced the ball joints did you replace the control arms too? If not you might have a bad bushing on one.
  12. Gol Darned right ole timer dem were da good ole days. I remember walking over 5 miles one way just to get to school and back home. Amazing part was that BOTH ways were UPHILL.
  13. Dealer options complicate the deal. I would look at it this way. $71,690 MSRP before dealer options $71,690.00 - 20% = $57,352.00 sell price + what you calculate the dealer add ons are really worth. Might be more towards the end of the year to get the big discount 19's are just showing up on lots
  14. 4x4 broke ?

    start with a basic mechanical parts visual inspection. Has the front driveshaft fell off,gaping hole in transaxle housing,new puppy chewed wiring off etc. If everything looks to be in place and it is a floor manual 4whl shift then have a friend help and verify the cable is actually engaging the shift arm on transaxle. If electronic go ahead and replace the actuator at this point that is a common issue.
  15. Double check your battery post cable end. I am thinking the 2003's had the accessory wire married into that pressed connection. Probably has developed some corrosion inside where you cannot see over the years inside the pressed connection (IT WILL GET WORSE) If this were mine i would probably just go ahead and replace the entire cable with a new one. Other cheaper easier option is to just change the end at the battery.

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