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  1. last one I sold was 150 bones back in 2016 I decided to just let the dealership keep it this time since the value is so low. Might check at your local dealership they might have 1/2 a dozen out back of the service area.......
  2. These things are $1,150.00 bones at the stealership plus they want another 150 bones for the tips! You are smart to shop around and find a used setup and absolutely any good muffler shop can modify it and make it work. Your going to love the nice low key rumble (just right, not so loud that the neighbors complain!) I had the GM Borla catback put on this 2018 at the dealership before i picked it up and I am very happy with it. I actually just finished installing a Cold Air Inductions Intake on it this morning and man those two items together really make some pretty music together. My wife thinks all this is totally silly and says am like a kid with a new toy but I like it LOL.
  3. I bought one of the plastic locking covers for my 2017 and used it for a good 6 months the key is a PITA to use. When i moved it to this new 2018 the little plastic ear for the lock broke off and I now just drop it over the capless fill tube and use it as a non-lockable dust cover. I guess the 2017 version does not fit the 2018? Knowing what I know now, I would have simply taken a pair of pliers and broke the tab off to start with so I would not have had to ever fool with the key LOL.
  4. 6.2L Engine Tick

    Well if you had taken it to Beaman downtown Nashville you would be able to post a copy of their work order marked in bold letters "Operating as Designed" None of these guys are going to do an in depth investigation you are taking the right approach diagnose it yourself!
  5. If my key EVER rattles/makes noise or even pokes me in the leg when in my pocket, I will unleash the wrath on that son of a gun. No one should ever have to take such abuse a the hands of GM. I am pretty sure they have constant/secret/behind closed doors/corporate meetings trying to figure out ways to mess with truck owners.
  6. Since the truck is older I would just run over to my local exhaust shop and let them chop a section out and weld in a muffler that they recommend to quieten it down a bit. I personally prefer the GM Borla touring catback system, anything over that noise level irritates me after a driving a while. Most people are not willing to fork over that much cash. Sure sounds sweet though, considering putting my Cold Air Inductions intake from my 2016 on this 2018 it sang real pretty with the Borla on my 2016 and it is SOMEWHERE in my attic just have to find it.....................
  7. Yes that information is helpful. Take your truck to a dealer that has a better service department, you can use any GM dealer that you want to, you are NOT locked in at the sorry arse dealership service department where you bought your truck.
  8. Stock exhaust flapper

    No electric cutouts on the trucks the flapper is a simple spring loaded device
  9. If I had listened to the negatives on this thread then I would have missed out on a great bed cover. I bought the FAC G4 Elite from the factory website for my 2017 CC Std bed Denali Ultimate (about this time last year) and just moved it to my new 2018 CC Std bed Denali Ultimate. It is a great cover, still looks and functions just like the day that I installed it. I did not use the FAC tool box I incorporated a Bakbox into the front of the bed and it is perfect for me as it is smaller and I can open the front leaf of the FAC bed cover and still reach items laying on the truck bed at the front. This where the TriMode steps work out perfectly. I have NEVER deal-ed with customer service as I have never had a problem, that might be a legit item to research more on.
  10. Tell us about your trucks mods......Example: If you have added driving lights behind the grill and possibly damaged the grill shutters? You have added an oiled CAI? You have added a procharger? Is there a accident in this vehicles past (maybe a salvage title?) ? You see where I am going, just let us know if this is a stock unit as those symptoms would be very unusual for a stock truck. Maybe your dealer service department is incompetent too? That is very possible as I have had the unpleasant experience of finding an incompetent dealership service department here locally myself.
  11. Cylinder #5 (going by memory) is the third from front on drivers side. It is super easy to get the socket on a bit sideways and crack the plug ceramic (ceramic is glass) there is some stuff in the way of getting lined up straight on that side of the engine. Now put away all the fancy scan tool equipment go grab a ratchet and socket and go take the #5 plug out right now. If it has ANY signs of misfire replace it and be dang careful not to damage the brand new spark plug when reinstalling. BAM all your problems will disappear and you will drive off into the sunset with all your brand new expensive scan gear in the backseat never to be used again. Happy 4th of JULY
  12. I have a Theory on these mysterious engine problems. My 2017 developed a serious HPFP leak, it was pouring gasoline down into the oil crankcase. It was a least 2 quarts over full on the oil dipstick with pure gasoline. Dealer replaced the HPFP under warranty but it was a very noisy engine after this incident. Now combine this with the extended oil change intervals and we have a recipe for disaster. I think there is probably a percentage (hopefully a small percentage?) of these engines with a HPFP gasoline leak and after these engines run with gasoline diluted oil washing all the bearing and interior surfaces the engines are simply disintegrating from the inside out. The current HPFP is a flawed design and should not be mounted on top of the engine where this could happen! There is a thread on here somewhere named "Check Your Oil Level" or something similar, it has some good info. The dealership service department clams up after this happens and they have obviously received some coaching to mark on the repair ticket NO ENGINE DAMAGE caught in time, no matter what evidence is presented by the poor ole screwed customer. Huge liability for GM and the GM leadership will take this secret to their graves if they can get away with it. I NOW CHECK MY OIL LEVEL AT EVERY FILL UP ON THIS NEW 2018, IF I SEE THE OIL LEVEL EVEN SLIGHTLY CREEPING UP, IT WILL GO STRAIGHT TO THE DEALERSHIP IMMEDIATELY FOR A HPFP SWAP. Hopefully a redesign of the HPFP location came with the 2019 remodel?
  13. I have had several different covers even a Peragon. My favorite is this last one a FoldACover it is a 4 part hard panel cover and the front leaf folds back for access to the front of the bed. I have seen no water except right by the tailgate and I am sure that if I installed the tailgate seal that would probably go away. I actually just moved it from my old Blue 2017 to this brand new black 2018 . Love this cover.
  14. Mine seems to start the fuel pump by simply opening the drivers door and yes it stays on for a while after cutting it off. I can understand the fuel pump coming on prestart as that should pressurize/prime the system and make the DI easier to start but the staying on after it is cutoff does not make much sense to me?
  15. All of us old timers are Just "Dinosaur's waiting on the Meteor"..................GM Financial seems to still be a dinosaur they still use fax machines to communicate with customers and all their dealers in the network. Can you imagine the wasted man hours spent messing with this Obsolete technology? I guess they are concentrating their efforts on building vehicles (at least one would hope) Go DINOSAURS

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