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  1. Dang man those little driveshafts twist up like pretzels. looks like this 18 6.2 has a bit larger aluminum driveshaft, I am not sure if that is good or bad thing after reading this thread?
  2. That clown has no idea what a real truck looks like LMFAO Now here is a electric powered monster truck just for the whiney bleeding heart libs to look at....
  3. I actually traded in my 2014 SLT because of the headlights. Might be some better systems out there but IMHO the LED's on these Denali's are awesome. The auto headlight feature works very good I like that too.
  4. you might actually have a cracked ceramic on #3 spark plug. Go ahead and replace the plug and plug wire for 100% coverage and no wasted time.
  5. Well I can attest to small improvements through the years. i bought a new 2014 SLT / new 2016 Denali / new 2017 Denali ultimate and now just traded for a new 2018 Denali Ultimate. Got the 2018 for a killer deal and it has some further refinements that i like. The argument about the underhood lighting seems silly, the people that want this are probably still using a fax machine LOL it is absolutely an OBSOLETE feature.
  6. If you drive half way decent any modern truck will get 20+ mpg unless it has a mechanical problem. Most people are on the gas and then right back on the brake and then expect good MPG LOL it will never happen unless you pay attention to your driving and change your bad driving habits. Looks like around 21 mpg on this 18 after 1000 miles which is just what i would expect.
  7. Probably a damaged plug wire from all the underhood activity. Just replace the plug wire on #3 and you should be good to go. It happens man not a big deal, no need to beat up on the guys that installed the headers they probably did the best that they could.
  8. OP mentioned a FORD 250. We have a fleet of 17's and 18 at work and one of the 4X4 trucks with fairly low mileage develop the DEATH WOBBLE. Will scare the beejesus out of you when it does it LOL. Seems to be a shock absorber on the steering linakge that goes bad from what I hear. So GM is not the only one suffering front end problems on the HD trucks
  9. I don't know all the details of how it is supposed to work but I can tell you that this 2018 with the enhanced driver alert system versus the 2017 with the system are a bit different. 1. The lane keep assist on the 17 would almost snatch the steering wheel out of your hand to put you back in your lane where this 18 is much more gentle. 2. The red led warning light system seems a bit slower to react but only slightly. One thing to keep in mind is it WILL NOT COME ON if you touch the brakes at all. A lot of people are confused by that. 3. At slower speeds if the red led light pops on the it feels like it is actually braking on this 18? not just boosting the brake pressure? That surprised me a bit. I am only at 900 miles so not a lot of seat time yet in the 18 for a good comparison but that is what I noticed so far............
  10. Probably just the tires. Closely inspect your tires visually for cupping. Run your hand across the tires outside edges and if you feel any cupped areas go buy a nice set of michelins and BAM problem solved..............
  11. My first guess would have been a dry/bad u joint but you said that you replaced them? so my next best guess would be a microfracture in the driveshaft tube. Give it a good steel wool cleaning and look for a crack. i noticed on this 2018 6.2 that they have beefed up the driveshaft........................
  12. Found a great deal on the bakbox and it is a bit smaller than the personal caddy allowing you to reach down past it when the front cover is opened. It did take a bit of engineering to make it work but I had some extra brackets left over from a Peragon cover install on my 2016 plus I had to trim the end of the bak box a little to clear the cover latches. Probably not something that most people would want to tackle.
  13. I had the GM Borla exhaust (touring) on my 16 6.2 and liked it so i put it on this new 2018 6.2 It is a fairly subdued exhaust note, just right for me, and just right I think for my neighbors too. Note: If I had a neighbor with loud exhaust that woke me up early in the morning I would probably stuff some potatoes in his exhaust pipe Hahahahahaha
  14. Congrats on new truck. Denali cluster is different and cool as chit. YES YOU NEED TO DO THIS IMMEDIATELY (NOT LOL) the standard clusters in the SLT's are awesome. No way that I would rip my new truck's dash apart for this.
  15. 1997 skylark A/C pressure

    Quote by Steve5555 "Being an electronics engineer" I KNEW IT LOL Certainly nothing wrong with being an engineer and I am glad that your cars AC is working for you. I believe that the transducer is simply reading temperature rather than line pressure. If you delve deep into the properties of refrigerants you will find a Pressure/Temperature relationship for refrigerants that is used to calculate systems needs. Now if you want your mind completely blown and your world turned upside down, study the concepts of Superheat and Subcooling in regards to refrigerants. When I first delved into this many moons ago I found it hard to believe that their was actually such substance's with these properties on the planet earth. Just seemed like alien technology to me. Note: I am still leaning towards the AC compressor air gap as your "real" problem. the new relay may have allowed a bit more voltage through for the clutch magnet but eventually it will still fail to pull in due to the clutch pad wear. Just my guess. Next time you have an issue with it just take a long handled screw driver and carefully tap the AC clutch front face, if it immediately kicks in BAM, problem diagnosed and easily repairable.

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