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  1. The body lines, rounded wheel openings, tailgate, and headlights surround are very Fordesque. Hideous!
  2. Wow, just when you thought it couldn't get any worse. Ugggly! I just wonder what the Sierra is going to look like? https://amp.usatoday.com/amp/957609001
  3. Just went over 50,000 last week on my 2014 Sierra Z71 4x4 SLE 5.3L 3.42 Double Cab. In service on September 2013, 44 months. Went through all the recalls, tsb's, headlight upgrade (if you can call it that). The POS Vosla headlights burn out every year in March, so far. Installed in March 2015, burned out in March 2016, and again in March of 2017. Right now, the door lock actuator is bad on the rear passenger door. Sticks in the locked or unlocked position, and the dealer wants $100 just to look at it. I'm betting on this being another recall at some point. It could be a serious safety issue if you had small children riding in the back, and the door did not lock, or stay locked with the child lock function. They could open the door while the vehicle is moving down the road. Since it doesn't lock when putting the vehicle in gear, or with the key fob, or door lock controls on the front doors. You have to manually lock it or unlock it. They have had recalls on previous year vehicles as late as 2014 for the door lock actuators. I don't think they have a long term fix, at least on the 2014 model year vehicles that were produced in 2013. Now it is starting to show up on these vehicles. Other than that, and a few interior rattles, the truck mechanically has been fine. Knock on wood! Still have the original 265 65 18 W.O.L. Good Year Wrangler tires, and they have plenty of tread left. No shake or shimmy, ever. Overall, it's been a great truck. I'm going to stick with it, at least for now.
  4. My 2014 Double Cab rear passenger door started doing this a couple weeks ago. It will not work with the key fob, or with the door lock/unlock controls on the front doors. The first time I noticed it was when I needed to get in that door. It was stuck in the locked position. Once in awhile it will actually unlock with the other doors, then when you lock it up, it sticks in the up position. This is bad, thinking it's locked. So I have to look every time I lock it now. Just had an oil change at the dealer, and they want $100 just to look at it. I'm thinking this will be a safety recall down the road. If you were to have the child locks on the doors, thinking it was locked, they could actually open the door from the inside. That would not be good. I don't have any grandchildren yet, or anyone that rides back there. I think GM is going to have a lot of complaints on these door lock actuators. It's not like they haven't had this exact same problem on previous models that were recalled back in 2014. My 2014 has 50,000 on it and is 44 months old. Looks like history is repeating itself, and GM doesn't really have a fix for it? I think I'm going to make a formal complaint, for what it's worth.
  5. Mice or rats building a nest someplace. They got my Camaro liner real bad one fall/winter. Built a nest on the intake and both shock towers in less than 2 weeks. My liner looked like the Tasmanian Devil was in there. Bounce dryer sheets will help deter them on stored vehicles. You might be able to secure some in strategic places under your hood on a daily driver.
  6. You cannot go beyond 7,500 miles and maintain your bumper to bumper or powertrain warranty. Full synthetic or not.
  7. Probably a snowballs chance in hell, but they didn't design the 2016 lights to be able to fit the 2014/2015 front clips by accident. There is obviously a little factor of a possible class action going on in their world. The lights are pitiful and dangerous where I live, 2-1/2 miles off the pavement grid. Especially with the Kamikaze deer! My truck is within 120 miles of the B2B warranty expiring. Just a matter of time before one of those deer blind sides me. The POS Vosla Bulbs burn out in less than a year. The next time will be on my dime again.
  8. I've had it happen over last winter, driving in a snowstorm, with slushy road conditions. It would only flash for just a second, so it took a couple, before I could actually catch what it said. I let the service department know, and this was also close to the time I was experiencing both headlights (Vosla), both licence plate lights, and the upper right rear turn signal bulb failures. They checked it out, put some dielectric grease in the connectors, and no problems since. Fingers crossed.
  9. The grille number for the All Terrain grille with iridium painted surround was GM# 22910418, and the Z71 emblem was GM# 22432559 two years ago. Since you already have the chrome surround, you might be able to just buy the inner part of the grille now? Wouldn't hurt to check with a body shop to see if it can be ordered that way now, it was only available as the complete grille and painted surround two years ago. I have heard that the complete grilles come with an unpainted surround now, and would have to be painted to match. FYI, I have been running with the chrome surround, All Terrain inner grille with Z71 badge since May 2014. It has really grown on me, and is unique. Have not seen another one like it in two years. Good luck!
  10. Nope, found out they are all using the same exact filter. They do list them as a high capacity air filter on my window sticker for the Z71 package. Just marketing BS left over from previous packages in older series trucks. I checked with every place I could find, and there is only one part number. I ordered it from the GM Dealer parts department. All the same filter and part number. So either they are all high capacity, or none of them are. It does have pretty deep pleats, and a lot of them, so I'd say they are all high capacity. I get great gas mileage with mine, so I just went with OEM AC Delco to keep everything the same. They were. Unless he was talking about a 2500 HD? They could have more than one filter. The 1500 with 5.3 only have one per GM Parts.
  11. FYI, the SLE All Terrain model only have the same headlights with the LED accents as the SLT. They come with the package, as well as chrome molding and power folding mirrors among other things. The SLE Z71 and SLE 4x4 headlights do not have the LED accents. Just in case you look for another replacement.
  12. Truck Monkey actually shows 3 different part numbers and colors. There seems to be some confusion in the ad for the cocoa dune handle, if one even actually exists??? Read the fine print in the third one, it says cocoa dune, while it says shale in the heading. It also shows both the light gray and the shale ones above it? Just went back and read it again, and the third one is a PASSENGER side assist handle. The color in the pics is obviously deceiving. It does have a (4dp) code on it, so maybe the base trucks don't have the passenger side handle either? Do they maybe offer a darker charcoal one or a darker cocoa dune one for the 2016 model pillars??? http://www.trunkmonkeyparts.com/index.php?p=catalog&mode=scat&scatgrp=interior&scatsubgrp=assist-handle-package
  13. Metal clip under lower dash panel. Mine started rattling like mad at 30,000 miles. I stuck a folded over piece of cardboard between the two panels until I can find a better solution to tighten it back up. Haven't really got under there and even looked yet but, will take a closer look this weekend. You can feel the metal clip by putting your fingers under the dash panel. Just touch the clip and it will quiet it right down to nothing.
  14. That would be worth checking out. I'm hearing these Vosla bulbs are around $33 a piece. So $66 every 11-12 months or less is not what I would call a good solution for the consumer. Not to mention the inconvenient times that they can go out on you. Going to have to keep at least one spare bulb in the truck, and the tools to remove the air box for the passenger side. Another kick in the nutz gift that keeps on giving from GM.
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