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  1. Mine used to do it on a regular basis also, had to turn it off, open the door to shut it down, then restart would typically do it. Sometimes it would take couple minutes to reset.
  2. First thing I picked up on is towing in the mountains, where are you located? Higher elevations work against a NA gas motor. I drive a '13 2500HD 6.0 as a daily driver, it is hard on fuel, but not as hard as I expected, averaging around 12-13mpg depending on how much idling time in traffic. On the highway (empty) is gets 15-16mpg. Towing would be another story, especially if you start pushing the tow weight up towards 10,000#. Really going to come down to your budget.
  3. Just make sure the truck you are looking at has 3.42 gears, not the 3.08's. 3.08's are manageable on the highway but cause too much hunting on rural roads where you are driving in that 45mph range and down.
  4. I drive a '13 2500HD 6.0 with 3.73 gears. It's a beast to drive daily. Best fuel mileage I gotten on the highway over distance is 15-16mpg at 65 with the cruise on. Around town it averages about 12 mpg. By comparison, I think the '15 1500 DC 5.3 3.08 gears was quicker (both trucks run same trans ratios), 2500HD 6.0 probably would beat it out of the hole, the 5.3 in the 1500 definitely better top end pull (cubic inches aside, you just can't beat positive effects of compression). Towed a utility trailer with both up to about 2900#, didn't know the trailer was back there on either rig. 250
  5. Mine had 3.08's, only towed over 2500# or so couple times. It's weird, there's a benefit to 3.08's as well as a drawback. Benefit is you can run it in 4th gear which is 1.15 trans ratios effectively running it in 3.55 equivalent which isn't all that much gear on the highway. With 3.42's 4th gear puts you at 3.93 equivalent, 5th gear drops it down to 2.90 which is too low. 8 speed trans has a 1/1 6th gear which is ideal for towing.
  6. Had the Ram couple weeks now, put just shy of 600 miles on it so far. I've always been a GM guy first, Dodge and Ford tied for 2nd or 3rd. The Ram just drives a lot nicer. Ride, trans, power delivery, handling is just better. Don't know about the testing, personally don't care about 0-60 differentials of a couple 10ths. Ride and handling has a lot to do with the 5 link rear suspension, coil springs and factory anti-roll bar. Trans is smooth, shifts are quick without being harsh. Considering the 8HP Trans was developed by a German company it's no surprise it shifts like what you would exp
  7. Never understood why GM insists on running 275/55-20 but only a smaller 265/65-18 when a 275/65-18 is the same size. Get 275/65-18's.
  8. spud68 (hell of a handle by the way), a lot of the driveability with the Chevy has to do with three things : dialed in torque management from the factory, gear ratios (I'm hoping your's came with the 3.42's?) and the change from AFM to V8. First mod I did to mine was tune out the AFM. Between the torque management , trans hunting and CPM validating the load to get the motor back into V8 mode, it often seemed like an eternity, in reality it may have been a second or two, but was definitely noticeable transitioning just as you described. I do think that can be tuned out. The '13 2500HD I dri
  9. Good luck on the back surgery. My father is dealing with that now, has for years, back pain is not pleasant. Question, what does the LT2 add to the package. My '15 DC had buckets and a console which I really miss in the '13 2500HD (company provided, all expenses paid, so can't complain). As I looked around for crew cabs , I couldn't find any that had the console except for LTZ's, guess my LT was an anomaly.
  10. Won't lie, the shift knob takes some getting used to, the turn to drive is ok, that's kinda natural, put your foot on the brake quick flick to the right, done. Drive to reverse simple as it should be takes concentration, throw back to reverse is short, I've already hit park several times doing 3 point turns. But we are creatures of habit. Took me a while to get used to the 1-4 skip shift pattern in TransAm we had, my Chevelle had a reverse pattern manual shift valve body for the T400 (if you don't know what that is, instead of D-R-N-3-2-1, shift pattern changes to D-R-N- 1-2-3). Can't tell
  11. I've got a '13 Silverado 2500HD Ext Cab LT here for a daily driver( yes, that's not a misprint) ready and waiting for any serious hauling/towing duties. Regarding the air bags, not sure why they didn't level out rear when loaded, I've been running AirLift 1000 (red bags) in every coil spring car and truck I've ever owned since the 70's. Probably will install a set in the Ram also.
  12. Notice, there's things I clearly said, I don't like about the Ram.
  13. Just telling you my driving impression. Ram 1500 feels more responsive. And for the record, I am a Chevy performance enthusiast at heart. Read my ID GRN69CHV. I've built and ran big block chevy's well into the 700+HP range (NA) for street use. Done LS swaps. Built and ran 7500+ rpm small blocks. Been there, done that. The Ram feels more responsive, if it didn't I'd be the first one to say so. Maybe it's the way the power curve hits, the Ram's tip-in and mid-throttle is much better than the 5.3/6 speed/3.08 from the '15 LT DC. Overall, the truck feels more nimble just driving around.
  14. I've been a Chevy, Ford, Mopar guy my entire life (61 years of it to be precise), so fully understand the plus and minuses of each brand. Wanted a crew cab, wanted something loaded, didn't want to spend over mid 30's. Friday, traded my leased '15 Silverado DC LT with 59,800 miles for a '16 Ram CC Laramie with 9200 miles. Truck was a one owner, bought in Nov 2016 by an older guy that kept it in a garage and drove it casually for one year. Had looked hard at a '16 Silverado High Country (5.3L) with 8,000 miles (wanted $40,000 for this) as well as several GMC SLT's ,Chevy LTZ's (5.3's or 6.2'
  15. Mine was consistently going non-functional. It either wouldn't connect to my IPhone or wouldn't have any sound. Had this issue with my '15 Silverado and the '12 Cadillac SRX that I had prior.
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