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  1. Are you sure you just don’t need to add a catch can like a lot of us have had to do ?
  2. legacy cost of white collar workers made them go bankrupt. It seems to still be an issue today. They should of took the buyout offer in my opinion.
  3. Had it installed got it back today. I wish I would’ve done it 2 years ago. First I went with the top spacer on the rancho. Then the Fox 2” adjustable shock. Both Hit the stop block every pot hole I went in. Now I have the truck I bought with the ride and lift I was trying to achieve. But I was to cheep to buy ! Save your time and money. Level kits are a pain in the azz.
  4. Or adjust the coil over to 0 and use the spacer in the kit ?
  5. Ordered the zone 4.5 lift . He said he could use the Fox adjustable coil overs with the spacer in lew of the spacer that comes in the kit. I just don’t want to mess up again. Make sense ?
  6. Thanks for the information on the shocks still working.
  7. Thanks, I guess I buy the zone 4.5 lift and remove the 2 inch top spacer.
  8. The upper control arm hits the stop block with little downward travel. Can you just cut the block out is the question. If I do what is the worst case of not having it.
  9. Seems funny all the trucks I owned the Freon never just leaked out.
  10. The tires are 305 /75/18 BFG K2s stock rims 2” wheel spacers. It has cognito UCAs. I needed this much lift to keep it from rubbing at full lock. It all so has a 3” body lift. The problem now is there is only 1/4 gap from the stop block. Can I just cut it out is the question ? Thanks for any knowledgeable advice.
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