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  1. I have the 35” on my 17” spare wheel, it sticks out to the bottom more than the original spare but its down there and doesnt bother me seeing it
  2. Why dont you just carry the spare underneath? I have a 35” toyo underneath with stock bumper, all i did was gring off the protruding excess from the hitch receiver, i already had relocated the exhaust so didnt worry about that
  3. Check wilco tiregate, they have an offset tire carrier that goes into the hitch, frees you pick any rear bumper with sensors
  4. Regear for 37’s

    Oh im already following you haha
  5. Regear for 37’s

    Nice! Whats your IG to follow your build
  6. Regear for 37’s

    Thats good to know! How did you get yukon sponsorship?
  7. Regear for 37’s

    Biggest you can go is 4.10 on stock diff also recommend you buy AAM gears
  8. Ill try those when i get a chance thanks
  9. Can it be sprayed over the factory wax? Im tired of the brown finish of the wax
  10. Just wondering what cleaners there are out there for sprayed-on bed liners. Ive thrown stuff in my bed over the past two years and it wont come off with regular soap and water. I have some drip stains that i cant get rid of, dont know how i got those.
  11. Youre comparing apples and oranges, ram is a whole different truck no need to explain that i have 35" on my 5.3l 6spd with exhaust cai and blackbear tune and get 13 OA mpg, if im easy on the pedal i see 15, and thats with 3.42 gears... if you do want better mpg (econ tune w/ BB) expect to not have the power to tow that trailer and get increased mpg haha
  12. I always smell the washer fluid when running the wipers and AC, it could be the washer fluid, same color? Could very well be the soap
  13. No parking sensor openings? What brand light bar?
  14. For the gears i would go AAM, same company that makes the gears for GM
  15. Im running 35s on my 5.3 6spd with black bear tune and im getting overall avg of 14mpg im wanting to go 4.10 and get a little mpg back, id be happy with 15

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