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  1. Do a quick search, i believe ive uploaded pics before, no clearance issues
  2. Hi Dez, you sent me the photo of the Older blue Silverado with dual exhaust with the bumper (7hrs ago).  What year is this truck? Do you know what mfg makes this after market bumper and dual exhaust?




    1. Dezrado


      Thats a 2019 silverado bumper, not sure on the year of the truck but its old!

  3. I have 35x12.5R17 underneath and at first it looked weird, im now used to it, doesnt bother me and been offroading with it and never had it touch the ground
  4. I took the battery in for warranty and got it charged, drove the truck for 20 miles to work and no CEL
  5. Just got P0641, i have noticed a drop in cranking amps this past month
  6. Lookup the vin for the options or look up the codes in the glove box, it has to show the parking sensors option somewhere
  7. Just wondering if anyone has had this issue when driving into my single car garage the front sensors will detect the wall as being close because it is but then ill get the service park assist message i erase the message from the DIC and all sensors will work again, once in a while the seat will vibrate both sides depending on which side its sensing but i will get the loud sound as well
  8. I took that option off, if i remember it did drone
  9. What brand and where did you buy them?
  10. Do you have pics of the mounting locations for the rack
  11. Looks nice! Whats the total cost rtt and rack?
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