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  1. I found this out a while ago that to actually turn off your radio, push and HOLD the power button, center button on volume knob. A simple press just mutes it, but a long press turns it off and I have a big clock that appears. also a quick mute of the radio, just push your steering wheel button to hang up a phone call and it mutes, as well as unmutes your radio.
  2. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    1) find level ground, i used my driveway and garage door and parked about 20 feet away 2) Aim truck at garage door and turn on lights, works best at night or dusk 3) with painters tape, mark the center of each headlight beam on your garage door 4) open hood and right around each headlight are a white plastic "screw", philips head 5) Turn them in the direction to lower the beam 6) I lowered my beam by about 2inch from the tape mark 7) Youre Done
  3. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Looks Great, I ended up having to lower my HID's just a bit. Was getting flashed very regularly. since I have lowered them, I have not once been flashed in over a year now. for reference, im running 55w 5,000k DDM's
  4. Mine keeps breaking too and looks just like yours. Given up on it but now mine makes an awful screeching sound like nails on a chalk board as it falls down.
  5. I know it's been a while but wanted to follow up on this and I solved the issue. SUPER easy fix. I was running DDM at the time, was pissed off at the light going out and switched to Innovative or something cheaper off Amazon. Had the same issue with new kit which forced me to think deeper. Our trucks run reverse polarity on the headlights and these kits are set up to run regular polarity, to fix this, we have to reverse the clips on the headlight. Well since the two kits I have are not meant for it, the clips dont "Clip" with the snap but just slide on, Well with all the shakes, driving, and life, they tend to back out and form a weak connection. I ended up just zip tying the clip together and 7,000 miles have gone by without an issue. of course my old DDM was probably just fine, luckily I still have it in a box in the back of the garage. Dumb mistake, easy fix!
  6. New Sierra Revealed

    This makes me love the look of my 14 that much more! I was wishing i had the 16 style when they came out, but find the new 19's to be hideous! Front end look like a Tundra, Side front fenders look like a Titan, side profile around the back of the cab looks like the honda pickup, and the rear is just too "toyish" looking. Not a fan of the front end of the tunda, HATE the Titans so right there I am turned off. Glad to see some people like them though, that's what make life cool is that we all appreciate different things. I am excited to see the new Yukon Denali though...
  7. Hey EFLine. I'm new on here and just stumbled on your post about "oil consumption." I have a 2014 Silverado LTZ and just had it serviced yesterday. I have about 60K miles on it and it's started using, (not burning or leaking) about 1.5 to 2.0 quarts between oil changes. I use synthetic oil but still get oil changed way before the 7500 mile recommendation when using synthetic. The dealer told me that oil usage like that was normal and provided me with some printed info from GM stating that. They recommend that I do a oil usage test between oil changes and gave me some forms to use and fill out documenting the oil usage. I told the that the truck does that on it's own by notifying me that it's low on oil. Then I check the oil and it's sure nuff it's low, then I add a quart or so depending on what is needed. What more test do they require than that? I'm 62 and have my share of vehicles. Back in the day when a vehicle began using oil, we never thought it was normal. I had a 1968 Z/28 Camaro, a 1967 SS Impala, a couple of pickups during the 80's and even sold Chevys for a good while in the late 70's and early 80's. I don't remember any of those using between 1.5 and 2 quarts of oil between oil changes. My how times have changed! I'm looking at a 2018 LTZ now and you can bet I will have this conversation with someone at the dealership before I stroke a check! (BTW my wife works for the dealer as their office manager and she asks me not to go back in service and make a fool of myself :rolleyes:)

  8. glad this topic came up because I also received this message the other day doing the exact same thing and immediately started the truck. Glad I didnt wait any longer. Seems to be a new battery is in store for me now...
  9. never blamed the electronics on whats not working and whats causing my issues. just miss the good ole days when i could work on cars a bit easier. Where did I blame the parts I dont understand for the issues I'm having? Never once did i blame electronics for causing oil consumption, or my shakes, or my ac going out, or my heated seats for not working, or my exhaust flapper valve...
  10. Well said, And with all these electronics, I find it bitter sweet as I love the technology, but find I can no longer work on them like I used to be able to do back in the day.
  11. The typical recalls of course, I got those too. but some others are: 1) AC Condenser went out on me 400 miles from home on a 102 degree day 2) AC/Vented seats have broken 4x I think, maybe 5, but they keep fixing it because it keeps re-breaking within the 1 year warranty of them fixing it. 3) Heated seats have broken 3x, same as above they keep fixing it 4) Navi screen stopped working, HMI cable 5) Radiator busted, think this was a recall but had issues before the recall came out 6) Exhaust squeak, from flapper valve, replaced 2x and keeps coming back, just gave up them fixing it thinking I'll either get a new truck or get an exhaust 7) burns 1.5 - 2 quarts of oil every 3,000 miles 8) Hood release cable broke 9) Rusting frame is the worst I've seen, posted Pics in the Rusting Frame thread 10) shocks are completely shot, currently at 63,000 miles but they were shot a while ago 11) Shakes from about 77-82mph and on long hauls its beyond annoying 12) had issues when on the highway just cruising the RPMS will scream near redline and then catch itself 13) every time it shifts between V8 and V4 it revs my RPMS by about 500. doesn't seem like much, but i feel I'm in tune with the car and feel pulsing With all that said, I love the looks of the truck, but disappointing how many times it's breaking. The major concern I have now is the amount of oil it drinks and wondering if I am in for something more serious down the road. I do Mobil 1 Full synthetic DEXOS every 6,000 miles, and around the 3,000 mile mark I'm adding approx 2qrts.
  12. This is identical to my issue and dealer said everything was fine. Dealer is over an hour away 1 way and i was tired of wasting time. I too have a 14 with the 5.3 and mine started at 40k miles. I now have 63,000 miles and mine burns about 1.5 - 2qrts every 3,000 miles. I add 2qrt every 3,000 and when 6,000 miles rolls around I have just gotton into the habit of doing oil changes every 6k. Dumb question but what is the warranty on the engine, i stopped going to dealer for oil checks cause i swear they added oil to it one time and sent me on my way. is it 100k? @BringTheRain403how long and what was your process to get them to rebuild it?
  13. I'm just thrilled the steering wheel is FINALLY centered!!!! However, I will never buy another first model year, did that with my 14 and regret it nearly every day with so many issues. I'll wait a few years for them to sort things out and see if these are shakers too...
  14. It would be definitely hard to pick 1) 88 wagoneer that I would drop a cummings into and do some fun suspension work 2) H1 hummer with a tricked out duramax 3) love what some people said, most expensive thing, sell it and invest money to retire - life goal to retire before I'm 45
  15. Failed Lifters

    I too have been seeing lots of posts about the faulty lifters. Can someone give me the low down on the symptoms to look for that might show you have faulty lifters? Just want to get educated as to what I can do to keep an eye out for. I have the obvious "DI clatter" but I also have this nifty feature that I burn about 1.5 to 2 quarts of oil every 3,000 miles. Truck has about 62,000 miles now, and I do oil changes only with Mobil 1 Full Synthetic DEXOS and Mobil 1 filters every 6,000 miles. I did buy it used at 27,000 miles so no clue what happened before me....

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