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  1. Hey guys, I have a19 Sierra Limited dblcab with the 5.3. Has about 11k on it. Lately I find that my fuel gauge is very very slow to read the proper level after starting. I know the tank is full or almost but it takes forever to get there. Does it need to be replaced?
  2. Hey. I’m pretty sure it’s the right kit. The only reason that I changed the a arms is because my truck now has stamped steel ones. My 15 had aluminum ones. I removed the bottom spacer this morning to bring the front end down 3/4” and next week I will put the factory a arms back on. They are smaller in diameter than the ready lift ones so I’m pretty sure that will solve my rubbing issues. Really don’t want to add 1/2” spacers.
  3. Lots of different opinions on here. Some rub, some do not. Here’s my story. My previous truck, before it got written off was a 15 Sierra all terrain dblcab. It had a 2.25 ready lift in the front and a 3” block in the rear, sitting on 275/65-20 ko2. No issues with rubbing but rode rough with the e rated tires. Present truck is a 19 limited dblcab. It came stock with a pretty good factory rake. I installed the ready lift 2.25 kit 66-3086 which included the new a arms and ran the same e rated and size ko2. Not only did it ride rough but now rubs the a arm at full lock. Sold the tires and installed p rated duratracs in a smaller 275/60-20 size. The ride improved significantly but it still rubs the a arm. How? Other guys are running a little wider tire with no issues or so they say. Note I’m running the factory wheels on both trucks. Contacted ready lift and they said to run spacers, 1/2”. Don’t really want to install spacers. I may remove the lift all together. Does this make sense to you guys?
  4. Well just had the duratracs installed and yes what a difference in the ride. P rated vs e rated. A lot smoother! But even these ones rub at full lock to the left. I don’t get why.
  5. On my 19 Sierra limited, I have a 2.25” ready lift level on the front only with their a-arms and running 275/65-20 ko2. They rub at full lock and it rides like a tank now. I guess due to the load range e. Just sold the tires and getting p rated duratracs on now in a 275/60-20 size. See how it rides after this. I still may remove the level.
  6. Well, here it is. My 19 limited. I installed the ready lift kit, 66-3086. Had my 275/65-20 ko2’s installed with a alignment done. The truck rides the same as stock, in my opinion. You do feel a little more of the road due to the e rated tires but it’s great. Feels more controlled than my 19 slt(new body style), which I didn’t like. I drove it home, cranked it full lock in either direction, over speed bumps and any other road imperfections that I could find. I can honestly say there was no rubbing anywhere whatsoever. I even have a set of husky mud flaps installed. It’s sits nice and level. I may ad the ready lift 2.25” rear block kit to give me back a little rake for towing and hauling. Overall... love it.
  7. On my 15 all terrain, I had 105k on it before it got written off. Otherwise I would still be driving it.
  8. The thing is I won’t be running a wider tire. Stock on there now is a 275/55-20 and I’m just going taller
  9. I have a new 19 Sierra dblcab 1500 limited. I plan on installing a 2.25 leveling kit with 3” rear block on it and run 275/65-20 ko2. I had this same setup on my 15 all terrain with zero issues for over a 100k. Now readylift’s kit includes upper control arms. They say on their website that I should replace the stamped steel ones with theirs. Anybody know why? Never changed them on my 15. Thx
  10. I ran 275/65-20 ko2s with a 2.25 readylift on my 15 Sierra dblcab with stock all terrain rims. No rub, no issues. Doing the exact same setup on my new 19 limited dblcab except I’m replacing the stamped steel ucas with the ready lift ones
  11. KO2’s! I’ve had them on all my trucks since 03. Never an issue. Great in snow, dry wet and last a long time. First set of the original KO’s went 130k before I sold them to a buddy!
  12. You would think after spending in excess of 50k on a new truck, you wouldn’t have tranny issues. My 15 Sierra shifted perfectly. No jerking or clunking.
  13. Mine does this always. Going in next week. They said they will do a software update.
  14. When I bought my truck, I test drove the managers demo slt with no lift( stock) and it had 285/60-20 duratracs. No issues
  15. My 19 Sierra does the exact same thing. Going from reverse to drive it hesitates then suddenly kicks in with a jerk. Even downshifting to a stop, it jerks. Almost feels like someone has rear ended me
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