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  1. The thing is I won’t be running a wider tire. Stock on there now is a 275/55-20 and I’m just going taller
  2. I have a new 19 Sierra dblcab 1500 limited. I plan on installing a 2.25 leveling kit with 3” rear block on it and run 275/65-20 ko2. I had this same setup on my 15 all terrain with zero issues for over a 100k. Now readylift’s kit includes upper control arms. They say on their website that I should replace the stamped steel ones with theirs. Anybody know why? Never changed them on my 15. Thx
  3. I ran 275/65-20 ko2s with a 2.25 readylift on my 15 Sierra dblcab with stock all terrain rims. No rub, no issues. Doing the exact same setup on my new 19 limited dblcab.
  4. KO2’s! I’ve had them on all my trucks since 03. Never an issue. Great in snow, dry wet and last a long time. First set of the original KO’s went 130k before I sold them to a buddy!
  5. You would think after spending in excess of 50k on a new truck, you wouldn’t have tranny issues. My 15 Sierra shifted perfectly. No jerking or clunking.
  6. Mine does this always. Going in next week. They said they will do a software update.
  7. When I bought my truck, I test drove the managers demo slt with no lift( stock) and it had 285/60-20 duratracs. No issues
  8. My 19 Sierra does the exact same thing. Going from reverse to drive it hesitates then suddenly kicks in with a jerk. Even downshifting to a stop, it jerks. Almost feels like someone has rear ended me
  9. I've got the 2.5" Ready Lift and run 275/65-20 BFG KO2's. No issues.
  10. Mine came off the day I brought it home.
  11. Cheapest I found so far on the RB10's is $798. plus the taxman.
  12. What tire pressure r u running? I have the exact setup but the tires stiffened the ride a bit.
  13. From the picture, they look like they stick out quite a bit. Can they be brought in more? Was really thinkin of gettin these. Canadian price is ridiculous though.
  14. I had to trim a tiny bit off my gator back mudflaps. There was a bit of rubbing at full lock. And I did zip tie that carpet crap back. Gained another inch there. I was gonna go with the 285/60-20 in a duratrac but they were much more expensive than the ko2's.
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