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  1. Thanks. I picked up the brake repair kit today and will attempt to retract it back in far enough to get orig pads and rotor installed If I can get it back in far enough I’ll reinstall rotor and go through the service mode steps again and let it retract fully .
  2. I was in the process of replacing rear pads and rotors and made the mistake of putting it in brake service mode after removing the rotor and the piston fully extended and is fully stuck out. The question I have is, am I screwed or will I be able to still retract it with the proper tool? I already replaced the other side and was aware of the service mode but made the mistake and attempted to do it without the rotor installed so the piston had no resistance and just fully extended all the way out. I'm hoping it's not damaged and will still retract. I'm hoping to get the tool today but unsure if it will work being the piston is fully extended. Any tips or advice would be appreciative as of right now I'm unable to move the truck.
  3. I removed the wide style on my '20 AT4 and installed the factory "high clearance" steps posted above with no issue. I picked them up for $300 locally removed from a brand new at4.
  4. My 2020 Tranny and torque converter were replaced and it's still not right but GM and dealer now push it off and say it's "normal". This is after the tranny pump bearing failed and tray was full of metal. It's only a matter of time before the new tranny does the same. I didn't have any noises, just shudder/slipping issues and still do.
  5. I have a 2020 AT4 and recently sat in a refresh AT4 and I can say with certainty they are improved/slightly softer. stitching is slightly different along with the cover and padding being softer but yet firm. They new seat was more comfortable brand new then my 2yr old seat. They might still be too firm for some but IMO they are improved over my '20 at4. Can't speak for other models but I'm assuming they changed all leather versions as they all seem to have slightly different stitch lines. They now use the same cover/padding design as the 21+ yukon. I am unable to locate a part # for the refresh but may end up ordering new cover and pad for a 22 refresh once available. 2022 refresh 2021
  6. My 2020(5.3) at4 10spd started acting up around 14k miles and was replaced 2wks ago at 38k miles. I have zero confidence in the new one.
  7. Well, I got the truck back and again no improvement. I am pretty much done...I've been dealing with this since the 14kmile mark. I talked to the tech and he doesn't understand as well and after changing the fluid twice and inspecting everything within the drivetrain, basically has no answer and thinks it's all due to he fuel mgmt system, which we ruled out months ago as it is still bad in trailer mode and L9. They are now saying the fuel mgmt system never really shuts off 100%. Two weeks ago the slipping 5-10 times the acceptable level is now considered "normal" by my dealer and GM engineers. I will most likely be trading truck within the next two weeks and GM will have to continue to deal with it as anyone that drives it for more than 10min will realize something is not right. There is a reason the transmission was destroyed after 25-30k miles and I know the new tranny is on a similar path as bad as it is shuddering and slipping. No improvement after the following: Software updates New motor mounts New torque converter New transmission New rear R&P New fluids (multiple times)
  8. I have wondered this as well but during the last test drive with mechanic while connected to computer, DFM was not engaged and everything engine related was all normal during the slipping/shuddering. IT also makes no difference when driving in L9. During the 15 mile drive, the tranny most of the time was showing additional slipping RPMs well over 5x the acceptable limit. He believe something was missed when installing the new tranny 2wks ago and is tearing into this week.
  9. Any update since taking it back to dealer? My apt got moved to this week due to not having a loaner available. It sounds like they'll be removing the tranny again and inspecting everything related to the drivetrain.
  10. Do you notice any changes with the seats with quality of leather and overall feel? I sat in a refresh AT4 this week and couldn't believe how much softer and better the driver's seat feels compared to my '20 AT4. However, I've read here a few times that there was no change with the refresh. When looking closely the seams of the base seat cover are different which tells me minor changes were made.
  11. not good to hear...I planned on mentioning the control valve to my dealer as I'm not sure if it part of the tranny replacement process or not. Was hoping maybe that was the underlying issue with mine but probably not given yours is now back. Are the issues exactly the same as before or there but not as severe? I also sent you a PM.
  12. Interesting...I will definitely be mentioning this to my dealer. I did a ride along with my dealer tech today while truck connected to his computer and it clearly is showing major slipping 5-10 times more than the acceptable level. Goes back next week as they plan to pull the tranny and inspect all again. We at least determined 100% that it's tranny/torque converter and not engine related. a little frustrating since all this has been replaced but will hope for the best next week.
  13. Well, after a new torque converter, new 10spd tranny, new motor mounts , shutter /misfire (almost like a tranny slipping feel with light throttle) still present. Not sure what else to do… dealer has no clue and agrees there’s something wrong. No codes and everything monitored seems within specs.
  14. Update: Dealer finally determine what was causing the shudder / misfire type feeling when maintaining a constant speed. They pulled the cover and filter and discovered shavings throughout the tranny most likely from a bearing. Additionally, one of the internal pumps is way of spec in terms of free play so either the bearing it was from that particular pump or somewhere else within the transmission. One year after initially taking it in we finally determined the problem. It started around 15k miles and now at 34k. Waiting on GM to give the approval to replace with new tranny vs rebuild. I will probably be moving on to something else once repaired.
  15. We are at day 8 at the dealer and they are telling me it's tranny related and it will need to be pulled apart to determine the issue. Really don't know what to think at this point...so much for thinking the 10spd was a solid option.
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