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  1. FLIP THE MAT OVER There are instructions on how to trim it molded into it. you can either take out storage and install that way pain in the ass or trim mat as manufacturer states for vehicles with storage
  2. I have also had three silverados in a row - all v8's here is the mileage 2016 lt double cab - leased turned in with 24k miles on it in 18 months - 14.2 MPG lifetime. I drive 30 miles round trip every day I work and I go fishing on the beach sometimes 5.3 - 14.2 2017 ltz cc z71 18"wheels duratrac tires - 6.2 - 14.3 mpg (35k miles) 2020 trailboss custom with 100 miles on it 5.3 v8 - 10.5 mpg all city so far..... My 2002 f350 5.7 liter (I think) regular cab with 39 gallon gas tank - 13.4 mpg (I used to track that with pen and paper religiously - had it when gas was $3--5 per gallon 1988 bronco custom with small v8 (not the 5.0) - 12.5 mpg if I can remember. On the beach you could watch the gas gauge drop it was funny..... I used to air that thing down to 12psi for the soft sand it wasnt a high torque engine.....Insert other media
  3. You can get a malibu for under 20k with discounts and with discounts maybe get a spark or sonic in that range. Very fuel efficient, very small. 1982 was almost 40 years ago too - so..... Thats like saying in the 80's my dad got a willys for $150 - give me the model with the tube radio i dont care.....
  4. Check your state law. It's as simple as that. Here in new york (I am a salesman for top 5 in tri state area dealership - I personally am top ten salesperson three years running - in tri state area) if I am asked, IF I AM ASKED, I will say that in NY State we have NO early pay penalty. But if you are going to do all that for a steak dinner why don't we just throw in the wheel well liners? Of course you want the best deal. And of course the dealership wants to make money. But hear this out. I am a salesman, I just want to sell a car. I don't care if you refinance after or beat up the place or throw a tantrum. I don't make a real piece of the financing part or not enough for me to care. I'm selling over 300 cars a year personally (dealership almost 4k), the $40 from the one guy bitching about $120 - as long as you drive it out of the lot do whatever the F**K you want brother!!!!! The finance guy sees a written deal where I work. He never sees a customer until they have already agreed to a complete lease term or selling price of vehicle and rough finance payments. They are not your friend, unless it's your sister or brother - and you are close - the finance guy is not your friend. Their only job is to tell you you qualified for a 3.99 rate when they really got you 3.19 and they are pocketing the difference. Now if my credit union is 3.09 and he tells me dude make 6 payments for me and we will throw in floormats and wheel liners etc - maybe I say cool. And FOLLOW THROUGH WITH THAT - refi after 6 payments. If I am slime I refinance immediately and stick them and laugh over my $92 win Finance wants you to buy wheel protection packages and key replacement warranty.... Please. The sales guy just wants you to pick a darn truck out and hammer it as low as it takes for you to say yes. How well we play our managers is how good of a deal you get . Of course - rebates, incentives, taking a car in stock - all play a part. After that they get the snake to start lying...... It is about ethics and morals. Yes _ I am a car salesman. The sales guy does not care as long as you are buying something. Just please - for our sake and my kids sake - buy something if you are gonna make a big show of things. Find a sales guy you want to buy from and lay it out. FIND A VOLUME DEALERSHIP....... Don't waste your time even visiting another....
  5. looking at the NFAB ones for my 2020 custom TB- had them on a 16 loved them - 17 ltz has the flat black ones -
  6. Andy, I work for GM on the sales side. This is par for the course. I also have a 17 ltz midnight crew cab and a 20 custom trail boss The trail boss I picked up yesterday, so far so good. The LTZ, inside of 35k miles has needed, tires, a battery, multiple adjustments to the leaf spring "area" because of a clunking and lots of gas (6.2). I also cut a turn too tight and hit someones f350 on the wheel well - ouch.... anyway I drive on the beach alot to go fishing here on Long Island, and I air down normally to 20 or 18 unless its really sugar sand hot summer situation. Last summer dead of night im rolling along and the truck starts spitting codes like you said above. I lose 4wd - luckily the locking rear diff and the aired down tires allow me to cruise for a bit to find a firm spot to stop - Almost every light was on but I was rolling - found a flat spot to stop on. I adjusted the gauge cluster to show me the 4wd screen and it showed I was in 4wd - so I tapped the gas a little and I was back in 4. Got off the beach - it wouldnt come out of 4wd. SO I turned down the closest block after beach exit and fiddled with the rotating dial - service 4wd - . I shut the truck off and started and all seemed normal. Guys at my shop couldnt see anything. Battery died on me at 30k miles for no apparent reason. Stuck me with my infant at home depot.
  7. it is NOT the same module a the 15 hmi - if you see the two next to each other you notice some subtle differences
  8. we had this situation with one of my customers and we put in the IO6 for him - we do the right thing here call me next time you buy a truck 631-334-1614
  9. how does 26x $0.40 = $5? I calculate a little over $10
  10. You are the kind of customer no dealer wants to deal with. Sure we CAN do this for you - but as always, you want it done but dont want to pay for it (or the labor) and then the warranty issues when something breaks..... CAN it be done - of course. Let me ask you this, if your job normally took 2 hours to do, and you now had to spend 12 or 14 hours for the same money - would you want that job? Any high volume dealer is just going to say MOVE ON BUD
  11. Exactly. Does it on my 16 anytime it is raining our or snow etc. It is getting splashed on something that steams it away. Not a worry for me.
  12. katskin wont fix the cushioning underneath that is being over compressed
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