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  1. Yes, you can. You will have to remove the caliper from the bracket that holds the pads, secure it so you don't break the flex hose, and then get the bracket out. Those clips you're referring to are to aid in positioning the pads within the bracket. Install is the reverse, super easy.
  2. I've had mine for a few years now, never unplugged it, no issues. The truck is a closed system in terms of software, why would the Range module need to be updated?
  3. With the factory shocks, I agree, the ride is better with weight in the bed or a trailer on the hitch. Try a set of Bilstein 4600s.
  4. 13k mileage on a 4 year old truck? That's more of the issue, I'd say. Drive it more. Damn. Seals and things dry up when not used.
  5. OH GOT DUMMIT IM GUNNA SELL THIS PIECE OF TRASH AND BUY A FÜRD! So an aftermarket thing got wiped. Take it up with them and they should be able to fix it. Sounds like an admin issue, they'll get it straight.
  6. Might need a top end cleaning, crud buildup on the valves maybe? Someone will be along shortly to suggest buying a Fürd.
  7. You might as well go turn it in. It's never gonna be right enough.
  8. Uhhh, really? Is this a real post?! A 6.6 Duramax of the vintage you speak of is extremely overpowered for a 1500. Will it drive? If you can shove it all under the hood, but good luck getting that to work. A 1500 is not a HD.
  9. That looks pretty good! It would necessitate a redesign of the center console for the ducts. My 05 Tahoe I had used vents in the ceiling and had a controller overhead for that zone of the AC and should have been implemented in the K2 trucks similarly. But, the cab volume is not that of an SUV, so if you run your fans at full speed and set it to blow from the floor vents and the forward vents, you enhance the cooling in the rear. But I've found that just blasting the front vents cools the whole truck pretty fast. Remote start before you get in via the Onstar app and by the time you get in, the entire interior is damn near 60 degrees.
  10. If you can hear it shift gears, and I don't mean just the noise made by moving the lever inside the cab, then I'm betting the transmission is shot. Hooray!
  11. Why? Just roll it up and drop it in the main compartment that's underneath that middle seat. No need to unbolt it. Those seatbelts are incredibly unsafe anyway. Nobody should be in the middle seat.
  12. Where did you have all of this work done? There was an old trick you could do, not sure if it does anything on this generation, but WITH THE BATTERY COMPLETELY REMOVED AND NOT CONNECTED, touch and hold the + and - cables together. Then re-install your battery.
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