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  1. Where did you have all of this work done? There was an old trick you could do, not sure if it does anything on this generation, but WITH THE BATTERY COMPLETELY REMOVED AND NOT CONNECTED, touch and hold the + and - cables together. Then re-install your battery.
  2. It will not set the check engine light just for that.
  3. What's your battery voltage like?
  4. I was expecting something a lot more catastrophic given the way the post is written. Lol
  5. A friend of mine just had what you are describing. Had to have the fuel injectors removed, cleaned, and reinstalled. There may have also been a top top cleaning done. If you idle your truck a lot, stop doing that.
  6. The stamped arms are far bulkier than that. I've had both. One is not necessarily better than the other, just different.
  7. It's gonna be REALLY hard to get the front end back together like that, if not impossible. Your ball joints are going to have some really bad angles. 2" is all I would lift with factory control arms.
  8. Nope, here is why. I need my truck. If you maintain your own home, you will also. Don't be that guy constantly pestering someone if they'll help you move, pick this up, etc. If you sell, now what? You're going to lose anything you gained to buy another truck, and with the low stock of new out there, you're gambling on someone else's used truck. It makes no sense at all.
  9. LOL the auto ride stuff is ridiculously priced too. Several companies make autoride delete kits so you can use regular struts. Pretty hard to beat the ride of a Bilstein.
  10. Every GM V8 I have had idles at or about 500 and took some serious mileage. I'd leave it alone. Sent from my SM-A516U using Tapatalk
  11. Why in the hell did you take the door handle off, first of all? Sent from my SM-A516U using Tapatalk
  12. I had a 134A system in my 2014 and that AC system broke if you looked at it wrong. My yf system has been PERFECT. Sent from my SM-A516U using Tapatalk
  13. ..... They're all monotube. [emoji38] I don't think that's it. Also, the TB/AT4 Ranchos are not any different from the other Z71s. It's only a 2 inch factory lift. Sent from my SM-A516U using Tapatalk
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